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Electric fans are specially designed to cool the radiator and make your drive a pleasant one. They keep your engine cool and improve horsepower and torque at the wheels by eliminating the drag of the stock belt-driven fan. Whether you choose a high output, tornado or straight blade fan, you will be taking the first step in boosting the power of your vehicle's cooling system. BuyAutoTruckAccessories.com carries only the best names in the aftermarket industry - that's why were proud to bring you electric fans from Derale. Electric Fans help keep your vehicle properly cooled and ventilated. There is a wide variety in fan sizes and styles. Fans are available with straight, curved, and flexible blades, and many are fully reversible so they can be used to push or pull air with equal flows. High output and dual fan constructions are available for higher performance vehicles such as race cars. Tornado fans have a patented blade design for maximum efficiency and ultra quiet operation.

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