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Article: Food Truck Facts


Food trucks, the next step up from the traditional sidewalk food cart, aren’t exactly new. Trucks serving pizza or falafel have fed office workers and hungry tourists for years. What is new is the popularity - with the help of social media and TV shows, food trucks are quickly becoming the next best thing in between fast food and restaurants.

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Food Truck Facts

  • MOST UNUSUAL DISH: Yatta! Truck in Los Angeles, CA offers a cheeseburger sushi roll: beef, pickles and cheese wrapped in seaweed and rice
  • MOST DECKED OUT TRUCK: Maximus/Minimus is a pig shaped truck that serves pulled-pork sandwiches in Seattle, Washington
  • Many food trucks use Twitter and Foursquare to inform fans of their next location
  • A parking ticket for a food truck can run up to $1,000

Food Truck Facts


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