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BuyAutoTruckAccessories.com offers the Best prices in Emergency Lights. Choose from our Large Selection of Emergency Lights including Wolo Beacon Lights, Wolo Hawkeye Lights, Warning lights, Emergency Lights, and Much More. Phoenix Traffic Baton and Safety Flare Kit can be used to direct traffic as a flashlight or a flashing marker cone Wolo Aurora Halogen Mini Bar Light has two powerful halogen rotating lights, each producing 125 flashes per minute Wolo Beacon Warning Lights - A super bright rotating warning light with a bulb that produces eight candle power which is magnified by a chrome fresnel reflector Wolo Brite Star Strobe Warning Lights - A powerful warning light of 2.5 joules (200,000 candle power) that flashes once each second Wolo Emergency 1 Series Warning Lights - An extremely bright, teardrop style rotating warning light Wolo,s Hawkeye Series Warning Lights are the next generation in warning lights Wolo Infinity 1 Halogen Roof Mount Light Bar is a true 360 Degrees of unobstructed warning light Wolo's Lightning Bright Warning Light is a multi-voltage, 12-110 DC, single flash strobe warning light.

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