Tailgate Salt Spreaders

Don't let this winter slip on by without a professional quality salt spreader by SnowEx.  For walkways roadways, driveways or any ways covered with ice and snow, these salt spreaders are the most effective de-icing and snow melting equipment around.  Available in sizes big and small, the auger systems ensure you will save time and money. Our tailgate salt spreaders come in east to operate wired and wireless models, built with weather resistant enclosures to ensure smooth operate over and over again, regardless of bad weather. Plastic hopper ensures your spreader will remain rust proof throughout the year. Available in multiple capacities, the SnowEx salt spreader design enables you to spread bagged rock salt, calcium flakes, calcium chloride pellets and other bagged ice melters. Check your model for specifics, as some models can also accommodate sand and salt mixtures. Contact us for more information or if you need a size not listed.

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