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Van storage racks and holders store specialized equipment neatly and securely for a more organized and safer work van. We have a complete selection of van storage with brands such as Vistas and Kargo Master. Clean up the disorganized mess in the back of your van or truck and secure items to avoid them sliding around causing costly damage and noise. Commercial tank holders, wire spool racks, van hooks, refrigerant tank towers, and hard hat holder storage systems are all available. If you carry larger equipment and parts in your van be sure to check out our van partitions to keep you separate and safe while driving. We have full and partial van partitions or bulkheads to meet your needs.

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Refrigerant Tank Tower Racks or Freon Tank Racks from Kargo Master come in multiple configurations and can securely store up to 4 tanks. The tank racks are made from a 14 gauge steel frame that cradles tanks with Nylon retention straps that provide a secure hold.
Commercial Tank Holders store various sizes and types of tanks in an upright position for extra safety. The holder prevents tanks from shifting while protecting the tanks, and their gauges and hoses from damage. These commercial tank holders are fully constructed from 1/8-inch thick (11-gauge) steel, making them some of the strongest available on the market. 

Wire Spool Racks are available in single and double models and keep cables spools accessible and easy to use. Spool racks store a variety of different size spools. They are designed to attach to the floors of trucks, vans or trailers.

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