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We offer a large selection of air horns at great low prices for your car, suv or pickup truck. Shop our inventory of air horns including dual tone trumpets, motorcycle horns, musical horn, emergency horns, AirSplitter horns and much more from Wolo and Hella. If you are looking for a horn that is sure to be heard we have horns that range from loud to super loud. We also carry horns that play tunes or make sounds and include microphones to double as a P.A. system for outdoor and sporting events. 

Our easy to install air horns can be filtered and viewed by brand, by price or use our Choose My Vehicle tool on the left to view the options we have in stock for your vehicle. Each one is custom engineered for the perfect contoured fit of your vehicle. If you are looking for other great aftermarket products check out our driving lights and headlights. Add some extra shine to your drive with a custom look of Hella lights.

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Air horns all use air compression and trumpets to create their loud, broad sound. However, once you get past these characteristics, there are many different sizes, styles, and sounds that make up the air horn category. Each horn contains anywhere from one to six trumpets, with each trumpet having its own tone. Horns focusing solely on decibel strength may only have one or two trumpets, but musical or train horns generally have four or more trumpets to create the multi-tonal sound you would expect. Some of our musical horns can play various tunes that range from one to fourteen songs. Trumpets are usually available in a durable ABS plastic or chrome-plated metal. We also carry the Wolo Hand Held Horn for those times when you need a horn outside of your car, truck, suv or boat. It is ideal for marine, sporting events, camping and more. It comes with an environmentally safe canned gas.

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