Car, Truck, or SUV Pet Travel Protection Accessories and Barriers

Pet travel accessories keep your pets safe and comfortable while you are driving. Brands like Highland and Coverking have you, your pet, and your car, truck or suv covered. Pet barriers keep your dogs and other pets back in the cargo area of your vehicle. This keeps your seats fur and drool free. It also is safer in option in case of an accident; it prevents your pets from flying forward which is safer for them and all passengers in the vehicle. 

Then there are the pet seat covers we offer that protect your back seats and the back of your front seats from hair, slobber, and other pet messes. Protect your upholstery while giving your pet its own area/seat. Keep your car smelling fresh and hair free. We also carry dog boxes which are another convenient way to safely transport your pets. Owens manufactures many customizable options for dog boxes. There are boxes designed with vents and locks for the back of your truck or smaller sizes designed to fit in the back of your suv or van.

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Pet travel accessories make traveling with pets easier and safer. A pet barrier is a necessity for animals who try to climb into the front seats as this can interfere with your driving and create a safety hazard. With the barrier in place, pets will stay in their designated spot, and since the barrier has an open design, they won't feel caged in. We also carry pet seat covers which attach to the front and rear headrests and keep your pet contained in the back seat. This protective cover can be used on the whole back seat or folded in to leave room for extra cargo or passengers.

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