Hard Tonneau Covers - Pickup Truck Bed Cover

Hard tonneau covers are truck bed covers that are solid construction, some fiberglass, and some reinforced plastic. You may also hear them called solid tonneau covers.

You may see a hard tonneau cover painted to match the exterior style of the truck – sometimes from the factory. Some require gas struts to assist in opening and closing of the cover. Typically, a hard tonneau cover will open from the back of the truck bed, but there are some styles available that can be opened front to back or even side to side. There are styles that open with a vertical rise. Those are not common.

Hard tonneau covers benefits to truck owners:
• Security: Most hard tonneau covers can be locked. This can hide contents and offer increased security because the time it would take to open or remove a truck bed cover would discourage theft.
• Road Safety: Keep the contents from being blown around or blown out of the truck during travel.
• Protection from elements: Protect the bed and its contents from sun, rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, leaves, bugs, mice and other small animals.
• Aesthetics: Hard tonneau covers add a look many consider stylish and streamlined.
• Fuel Economy: A solid truck bed cover can reduce friction and increase gas mileage.

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Hard tonneau covers are a great investment. They protect your truck bed and cargo from bad weather and are lockable for security. Unlike soft truck bed covers, they can't be cut open, and the can even help increase your MPG.  Other ways to protect your truck bed is to use a Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock and to use Lund Truck Tailgate Seal. 

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