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Browse our large selection of high-performance fuel flow meters for industrial, commercial, and municipal service. Our fuel transfer meters provide accurate measurements and can be used in batching, blending, process control, and dispensing of liquid products in many industries.  Check out our Fuel Pumps and Accessories to complement your new meter.  We also have a full line of Transfer Tanks that are worth checking out! GPI 01 Series Electronic Digital Fuel Meters are compact and light at just 12 ounces and are easy to use. GPI 01N Series Electronic Digital Water Meters feature a compact design with a large display that makes it handy and easy to read. GPI 03 Series Electronic Digital Fuel Meters are easy to use, lightweight and compact with 6 digit LCD readout. These Aluminum housing meters are available with factory and field calibration. GPI 03N Series Electronic Digital Water Meters are factory calibrated but offer field calibration too. More accurate and more features than the GPI 01N Series meters. GPI FM-100 Series Mechanical Fuel Meters have a built-in filter and creates a complete system when used with any pump in the 4 to 20 GPM (15 to 75 LPM) range. GPI FM-200 and LM-200 Series Mechanical Fuel Meters offer no-nonsense accuracy and adapt to any pump for a complete, affordable fuel-transfer system. GPI FM-530 Series Mechanical Fuel Meters fits virtually all mounting applications. GPI Model FM-100H Chemical Meters are designed for use with chemicals. Mechanical Herbicide Meter with strainer calibrated in gallons or liters. GPI Model FM-300H Chemical Meter is the most accurate and versatile agricultural chemical meter on the market. GPI Model LM50 Lube Meters are compact and perfect for metering oil and provide exceptional reliability. GPI TM Series Water Meters are an easy-to-install, economical alternative to traditional water meters.

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