Truck Drop In Bed Liners!

Truck Drop In Bed Liners

Getting much use out of your truck? If you frequently use your pickup truck for hauling cargo, it is important to protect your bed from damage like: dents, worn paint, scratches and rust. Two common choices are truck drop in bed liners and spray-on bed liners. However, drop in bed liners have many more advantages than spray-on liners, including simple installation and improved protection.

For starters, pickup truck bed liners such as those offered by STK are easy to install in your truck. These drop in bed liners are custom molded to fit the curves of your pickup truck's bed exactly, so literally all you have to do is put the liner into the bed of your truck, line it up, and secure it using the hardware that is provided. When compared to the hours required to prep and apply a spray-on bed liner, it is obvious which type of bed protection is easier to install.

STK pickup truck bed liners also provide superior protection that spray liners just can't give you. Truck drop in bed liners are made of polyethylene, which provides a thick layer of tough plastic between your cargo and the bed of your truck. With this durable bed liner, sliding cargo can no longer scratch your bed, and the hard polyethylene even protects the metal bed from bumps and dents that could scar its surface. Finally, polyethylene creates a solid barrier between your bed and any rain or snow that might collect inside, preventing rust from getting into the metal and weakening the bed.

The STK line of bed liners come with a separate tailgate cover, custom molded to fit your tailgate. This provides additional protection from scratches and dents in the event that the cargo you are carrying breaks loose and slides into the tailgate. Customers can also choose from over-the-rail and under-the-rail styles, depending on their individual needs. All of the installation hardware is included, and the tailgate cover is just as easy to line up and install as the bed liner itself.

Because truck drop in bed liners sit on top of the surface of the bed, they actually protect the existing finish on the bed, whereas spray bed liners are permanent and can wear just as your paint would, so they will need to be redone periodically. For this reason, not only does a Bedrug bed liner provide superior protection, prolonging the life of your truck's bed, it also actually increases the resale value of your vehicle.

If you are serious about protection for your truck and want a simple way to provide it, then Bedrug truck drop in bed liners are the logical choice!

Truck Drop In Bed Liners

Truck Drop In Bed Liners are the smart choice when truck bed protection is the issue.

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