Drop In Bed Liner!

Drop In Bed Liner

Many pickup truck owners realize that their truck bed takes a lot of wear and tear. Moving cargo in and out of the bed, and the sliding around that cargo does in transit, tends to scratch and rub the paint. Once the paint is worn down to bare metal, the bed becomes exposed to moisture every time it rains or snows. As precipitation collects in the bed, rust can form, damaging your vehicle often beyond repair. A drop in bed liner can come in handy to avoid damage such as this.

A truck bed liner is the obvious solution, but many truck owners put off installing one, believing it to be too big an undertaking for them. In truth, though, a drop in bed liner such as the Line-A-Bed bed liner by STK is easy to install for most in a short amount of time.

The easiest drop in bed liners to install are the under-the-rail version by STK. These bed liners don't even require hardware to install them. Drop the liner into your truck bed, and then snap it into place underneath the rails. Even the over-the-rail models are easy to install, as they have only six clips that need to be snapped into pre-existing holes in order to anchor the liner into place. In addition, both under-the-rail and over-the-rail drop in bed liner models come with a separate cover for the inside of the tailgate, to ensure that your bed is fully protected, all the way around.

Taking a few moments to install an STK drop in bed liner can literally add years of life to your truck -- or hundreds if not thousands of dollars to its value. STK liners have a special design with high ribs that provide extra cushion between your cargo and the metal underneath the bed liner. In addition, this design feature helps to funnel water out of the bed, rather than allowing it to pool inside. By protecting your bed from scratches, dents, and rust, you are actually dramatically increasing how long it will last before you need to get a new truck. In addition, by maintaining your truck in good condition, you improve its resale value should you ever decide to sell it.

STK has so much faith in the durability and longevity of their drop in bed liners that they stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. If they have this much faith in their products' performance, then so should you. Protect your truck bed with an easy-to-install drop in bed liner today!

Drop In Bed Liner

Drop In Bed Liners are the smart choice when truck bed protection is the issue.

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