What Women Really Want

Ok, this one took some research …  I spoke with some of my friends who drive, and love their trucks and asked them why. Funny, a few could not give a better answer then “I just do.”

Woman in old truck

What’s funnier is that I completely understand that reasoning. I did get lots of good reasons as well, and most of those came down to safety. The higher stance of a truck makes it easier to see over the traffic. This is still the case even though the newer F-150s have a lower overall stance than their predecessors.

Some said that they love the feeling of invincibility. Lots of metal, big and strong and never going to get stuck. We all know that any truck can get stuck if you try hard enough, but I learned a long time ago that you cannot argue feelings. Putting your truck into four wheel drive is a lot easier than it was 20 years ago, no hubs to lock, just push a button and go.

Trucks are a lot tougher then a BMW Z4 and are much more suited for hauling around kids and equipment. 3 kids in the back seat, throw their gear in the back and you are off to the next stop. Newer trucks have come a long way in the comfort department as well. Many have vanity mirrors, standard running boards, softer seats and even DVD players to occupy the passengers in the back seat. They also have pedals that adjust for smaller drivers. Sure a minivan would work, but who wants to be seen in a minivan? Most truck interiors are nice as or nicer than a lot of the new cars on the market today, so you do not have to give up any of the comfort you are accustomed to.

I was told that “I need one.” This I had to check on. I went to the obvious place for research: the Internet. It seems that in the USA, female equestrians represent over 80 percent of all those who are devoted to the field, a shift from a previously male-dominated sport that has taken place over the last 30 years or so. So, this also makes sense. The presence of women is continually growing in traditionally male dominated work areas, so again, I would have to agree.

Lastly, I heard things like “I like the ride,” “I’m an outdoorsy kind of woman” and my personal favorite, “I like surprising men that I’m a truck girl.” Trucks have a place in our past, our present and the future. Most truck manufacturers see this, and are really starting to build and market their trucks for this growing audience of truck buyer.

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