Truck Cab: What's Your Style?

So you’re planning on getting a new truck, but still trying to figure out what style of cab you want. There are 3 choices to go with:

A regular (standard) cab normally has a 2 or 3 person seat in a single row. An extended cab will have a small back seating area. And the crew cab is the 4 door truck that seems to dominate the new truck world.

Standard Cab

The standard cab has been the staple of truck buyers for decades. For so many years, the pickup was used primarily as a work vehicle, so it was seen on farms and in rural areas. It was inexpressive, and served a single purpose. Today’s trucks are used more as a daily driver, and have many other purposes then they did in the past. Consumer demands as well as the more strict fuel economy regulations (has to do with the “footprint” of the standard cab) are bringing the end of the standard cab truck, and some of us will miss it. If you really want to go with the standard cab, you might want to get that order in while you still can.

Extended Cab

Let’s talk about the extended cab for a few. If you are looking for the most storage space, this might be the way to go. You can get the long bed that is so often needed for a work truck, and still have some extra room inside the cab. So, if you are only getting a larger cab for a little more enclosed space, this might just be the way to go. Extended cab pickups are often several thousand dollars less expensive than crew cab models, but remember that the crew cab will bring better money when you go to sell it late on.

Crew Cab

Now, if you are looking for a truck that will seat the whole family or the whole crew, you will want to go with a crew cab. Most crew cabs will seat 5-6 people comfortably, and for the parents out there, it’s so much easier to work with a car seat then the extended cab models. Keep in mind, the crew cab trucks normally have a smaller bed, and may not have the storage space needed in a work truck.

All in all, it comes down to style, functionality and cost. The standard cab tends to be the least expensive, but brings lower money when you are ready to pass it on to the new owner. This may not be an issue if you are not planning on ever getting rid of it. The extended cab falls right in the middle on the cost chart, and the crew cabs comes in as the most expensive option.

Take some time, and look at all the pros and cons of each style, and choose what works best for you.

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