Truck Bed Accessories

  • Deck Your Truck for Christmas

    Chances are, you’ve already decorated the tree for Christmas and started sipping eggnog.  Maybe you’ve even started wrapping presents if you’re lucky enough to have finished your holiday shopping already. But what about your car, truck or SUV? There’s no reason your mode of transportation should be without holiday spirit. Read on for some easy ideas to decorate your ride for the holidays.

    Christmas wreaths will always be in style. They are an easy way to show your festiveness, and they match any color car. Just make sure the wreath you choose is appropriate for the type of vehicle you drive. Hang it on the front bumper of your car, but make sure it's secure. Otherwise you might lose it on your way.

    Some people enjoy actually stringing lights on the outside of the car, you just have to hang them a little low as to not cause disturbance to passing traffic, and know how to properly hook them up to your car battery. Or, if you don’t want to spend that much effort, invest in some L.E.D. lights in festive colors like red or white and decorate away! Pilot Flexi L.E.D. light strips are flexible so you can mount them anywhere with 3m tape (included), and they have an easy two wire hook up. For a more noticeable look, an underbody light kit will add a red or blue glow to the underside of your vehicle.

    If you’re lucky enough to own a pickup truck (which comes in handy when it’s time to get that tree!), add some bed rails to each side and wrap those in Christmas lights. Investing in some tie down anchors is a smart investment for not only securing a tree during the holiday season, but holding down cargo any time of year.

  • Weekend Specials: Calling All Trucks!

    This weekend (starting today 7/6 and running through Sunday 7/8) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have special deals for your truck. Trucks have many extra accessories because their beds offer the perfect place to add on and enhance. How can you resist with all of that open space?

    An open truck bed has plenty of room for all kinds of stuff, but it can be difficult to keep that cargo from sliding around. Tie downs help with big boxes, equipment, or furniture, but how do you keep a couple bags of groceries or a pile of sports equipment secure? The answer is a Truck Bed Cargo Gate, which is designed specifically for truck beds. It is made with aluminum and stainless steel components, so it will not rust or corrode, and has unique brackets that allow the gate to be positioned anywhere along the bed. It divides from the bed floor to the top of the bed rails and has a center grid that keeps cargo in place while allowing air to flow through. It’s easy to install and remove with simple locking handles to secure the gate.

    Having a truck bed full of cargo can create certain complications. If you slam on the brakes or get hit by another vehicle, all that cargo can shift, slide, and crash, putting your rear window as well as your own head at risk. That’s why if you do any heavy hauling, you should invest in a Pickup Truck Headache Rack. These STK racks have a 2-inch thick steel frame and all their tubing meets or exceeds North American ASTM A-513 specifications. Their mounting system is custom designed and requires no drilling on most trucks. All necessary brackets and hardware are included, and hardware in zinc-plated for protection against corrosion. They can be installed with bedliners, rail caps, and toolboxes, and adaptors are available to install with certain tonneau covers. These racks use a nine-step powdercoat finish for flawless coverage and durability, and can be custom painted to match your truck.

    And if you don’t want to deal with all of that extra space, get a Tri Fold Tonneau Cover. These tonneaus have a versatile design that can be opened from front or back. They have an aircraft-grade aluminum frame with a honeycomb core, combining strength with a lightweight construction. The entire tonneau weighs only about 50 lbs., which makes it easy to open, fold, and maneuver. It also has numerous special features including SpeedKlamps with spring-action technology for easy opening, WeatherTuff seals to keep out moisture and dust, and nesting clamps that store within the rails. The tonneau installs and removes in seconds and has a black textured finish to guard against UV rays and fading, keeping your tonneau looking good for years to come.

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  • Bringing Home the Christmas Tree

    The tree lots in my area are still chock full of evergreens waiting for the right family. But we all know that picking out the perfect christmas tree is only the beginning. Once you’ve paid for your tree, you have to get it home, prepared, and decorated. Now I can’t offer advice on the decorating, but I can give some pointers on getting the tree home. With a truck, it’s fairly easy, just stow it in your truck bed and tie it down securely. In a car, SUV, or van, however, you’ll need to secure the tree to the top of your vehicle. This is where roof rails come in handy.

    Aventura Aftermarket Roof Rails are versatile and sturdy. They are available in standard lengths that can be easily cut down for a custom length without ruining the good looks of the rails. These rails have a durable, protective powdercoat finish with a choice between black and silver. Rails are easy to install, but do require drilling, so have your drill at the ready.

    DynaSport Low Profile Roof Rails have a low-profile and aerodynamic design. These rails are made of high-strength tempered aluminum extrusion with a black matte or anodized bright finish. These rugged rails are UV stabilized and pre-drilled for easy installation. They include self-sealing stainless steel tapping screws and self-adhesive roof slats.

    If you like the look and function of a roof rack, and want to convert your rails, be sure to check out Load Bars. They increase stability, support, and load capacity on your roof rails. They will fit both Aventura and DynaSport rails, as well as many other raised side rail style racks and rails. These load bars are adjustable along the length of the rails and have rubber-padded clamps to protect from damage. They are available in two styles, steel rectangular and aluminum aerowing, and have a 220 lb. load capacity for most vehicles. Make Christmas easier with a Roof Rack.


  • Weekend Specials: Odds and Ends

    This weekend (starting today 12/2 and running through Sunday 12/4) get special discounts on select accessories at  This week we’re dealing with the odds and ends, you know the little touches that make your car or truck a little cooler.

    First up are DynaSport Low Profile Truck Bed Rails by Perrycraft. The bed rails are designed to mimic the sleek lines of today’s pickups. They also provide the perfect complement to Perrycraft DynaSport Roof Racks and Rails. They have a low-profile design that maintains good visibility, while remaining solid, heavy-duty rails. Their concealed rail ends make cutting down even easier, so you will always have a perfect fit. Pre-drilled pieces and self-sealing stainless screws provide an easy installation and snap-in trim caps conceal the screws for a sleek, clean appearance.

    Next, check out these CCI Chrome Door Handles. CCI is a leading manufacturer of chrome auto accessories, and these door handles are guaranteed to get heads turning. They are constructed of durable ABS that is triple chrome-plated for longevity. Each handle is custom designed and there are hundreds of applications available. They are super easy to install using pre-applied double-sided tape. No drilling, cutting, or removal of factory handles is required.

    Finally, the JSP Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame, coolest of all plate frames. It is made of tough genuine carbon fiber for a stylish custom look. It serves as an accent to your other carbon fiber accessories, but looks good on its own as well. This plate frame will fit all standard US license plates.

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  • Brand New Perrycraft Bed Rails

    Bed rails are a great addition to any pickup truck. They serve a variety of uses: protecting truck bed tops, securing cargo with ratchets or tie downs, even giving you a place to grip when you are climbing into your truck bed. Even if you never need them for a practical purpose, which I highly doubt, they also look really cool. Bed rails are available in a variety of styles, and is now carrying all the new Perrycraft bed rails!

    The Aventura Aluminum Truck Rails are very sleek, with styling that complements modern pickups. Each rail is constructed of T6 tempered aluminum, and each support s injection molded from glass-filled nylon. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included and installation is quick and easy. These rails are available with a black or silver powdercoat finish and can be cut down for a custom length if needed. For a complete look, be sure to add Aventura roof racks or rails and Mont-Blanc gripper bars.

    Dynasport Truck Side Bed Rails have a low-profile design for a more inconspicuous bed rail. They have self sealing stainless screws and pre-drilled components for a quicker and easier installation. They also include snap-in trim caps (to hide the mounting screws) and concealed rail ends for a cleaner appearance. Like the Aventura, the Dynasport also has matching Dynasport roof rack and rails and can increase carrying capacity with Mont-Blanc gripper bars.

    Mini Bullet Truck Tube Rails are smaller and sleeker with a contemporary design. They are low-profile, with 2.5-inch tall supports and rail diameter of 7/8-inches. That may seem small, but the mirror-polished stainless steel tubing is definitely sturdy! Each tube rail tapers at the ends to a “bullet”, which looks cool but prevents custom cutting, so be sure to order the right length of rail for your truck!

    Universal Truck Mini Tube Rails are similar to the Min Bullets. They also have low-profile design and 7/8-inch diameter rails. However, their ends are covered, so they can be custom fit! The Express and Impact models are available in 68-inch and 88-inch lengths. Torpedo models use heavy-duty stanchions, have stake pocket mounting, and are available in 68 and 96-inch lengths.

    LPS Slotted Truck Bed Rails have a distinctive, yet low-profile design. Each rail is a single piece of anodized, tempered aluminum with a bright finish. Multiple slots line the length of the rail to use as anchor points for cargo securing. Each set of rails include stainless steel fasteners and can be drill-mounted or stake pocket mounted, depending on the design of your truck.


  • Weekend Specials: Small Accessories Make a Big Difference

    This weekend (starting today 7/15 and running through Sunday 7/17) get special discounts on select accessories at We have great specials on big accessories, like toolboxes and nerf bars, but don’t forget about the smaller accessories, which can sometimes be just as useful!

    CoverKing Triguard Car Covers can keep your car, truck, or SUV protected from dust, sunlight, and light rain storms. The triguard’s triple layers (meltblown polypropylene and spunbond polypropylene) offer UV protection, while maintaining breathability. The covers are easy to put on and take off, and are easily folded and stored when not in use.

    Pilot’s Phantom LED Strips offer higher visibility for your car or truck. You can use them both indoors and outdoors to fill in the gaps around headlights and taillights, between grilles, and on dashboards. Their flexibility allows them to bend around curves and twist into circles, so you can customize your lights however you want! The LEDs shine brightly and last much longer than standard bulbs. These light strips are also very easy to install – just peel and stick.

    The Loading Zone Truck Bed Cargo Gate helps secure loose cargo in truck beds and SUV cargo areas. Each gate is designed to fit specific truck and SUV models, instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, so you get a better fit. The gate is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel that will not corrode even when exposed to the elements in a truck bed. Its center gridding holds the cargo at multiple points to hold items more securely while also minimizing the pressure at each point, lessening the risk of damage to your cargo. It is easy to use, with a locking handle that holds the gate in place, and unique side brackets that allow better positioning. No assembly or mounting hardware is required

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  • Top Tailgate Protection

    Top Tailgate Protection. When many people think about truck bed protection, they think only of the bed itself, not realizing that tailgate protection is a key component in keeping a truck looking new. Tailgates take a lot of wear and tear. Your tailgate gets smacked by unsecured cargo during fast accelerations and is almost always your first and last step into and out of the truck bed. When carrying long cargo, it gets folded down and serves as an extension of the truck bed. So it needs to be treated as such.

    We are now stocking three solid tailgate liners that will protect your tailgate's surface from scratches, dings, and other unsightly damage. Each liner fits over the existing tailgate and offers the same high level of protection as plastic drop-in liners. They are made of molded and durable high-density polyethylene, and will absorb more shock than a spray-in liner. They are also designed specifically for each application for a better fit.

    The STK Truck Bed Tailgate Liner matches the popular line-a-bed series of bedliners. Many of the applications include a protective top lip that wraps around the top of the tailgate for increased protection.

    The Duraliner Classic Tailgate Liner also includes the top tailgate protector (usually). It also features deep ridges that aid in protection, provide a better gripping surface, and allow for easier drainage.

    The new Duraliner Truck Tailgate Protectors include all installation hardware for a quick and easy install. Many applications also include a top lip cover and convenient cupholder indentations for tailgating or just grabbing lunch.


  • Gearing Up For Camping Season

    When the temperature rises over 70 degrees, most people start day dreaming about flip flops, ocean waves and ice cream. They head to the beach in hopes of spending all day on the sand and in the surf. They pack up their car trunks or truck beds with beach chairs, umbrellas and sun tan lotion. At the end of their trip, they return sunburned, exhausted and happy. My warm weather fantasy takes a bit of a different turn. Although I also start the camping season by packing up my car or truck, it ends up getting filled with tents, food, flashlights, tarps, bug spray and sleeping bags.  At the end of my trip, I return with bug bites, awkward t shirt tans, and a huge smile. I am a camper.

    Every Memorial Day weekend, around 25 to 30 of us meet at a campsite in western Pennsylvania. Some travel from down the street, others (like me) end up driving 2-3 hours to make the trip. No one ever complains. Tents are set up and campfires lit. And what transpires over the next 48-72 hours ends up taking on a life of its own. There is something about sleeping under the stars with only the sound of crickets to distract you, and waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs on the campfire. And best of all, doing nothing with the people that matter most. (If you have the right company but are searching for the perfect destination, check out this list of America''s best campsites.)

    Since my first camping trip, I have encountered a ton of clever tips and tricks that make the experience as smooth and fun as possible. Each year someone introduces a new gadget or recipe to the mix and I add another item that just cannot be left behind.

    Here is a very basic list of my top ten camping essentials.
    1. Tent. Ranging from tiny pods to huge multi-room tents with front porches, there is plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. Just make sure it will keep the water out if it rains!
    2. Bottled water. When in the woods, water is used for everything. From boiling water for cooking, to cleaning dirty hands and feet to staying hydrated, this is probably the most versatile and important item on the list.
    3. Flashlights. A necessity once the sun goes down.
    4. Bug spray. Spray your tent, spray your friends, spray yourself. Bring extra bottles just in case you run out or your friends forget to bring some.
    5. Food. I have  seen everything from simple burgers and dogs to filet mignon and bananas foster. Whatever your appetite, make sure the cold food stays cold with plenty of ice.
    6. Hand wipes. Your hands will get dirty within the few minutes of your arrival and will stay that way unless you bring some hand sanitizer or wipes.
    7. Sleeping bag. If you are camping in the summer, buy for comfort. If camping in cooler temperatures, buy one that is heavily insulated.
    8. Rain gear. Unless you want to spend the entire trip in your car, be prepared for rain with hooded ponchos and tarps.
    9. Spare batteries. Very handy when your only flashlight batteries die in the middle of the night.
    10. Camera. Try not to bring your most expensive one with you to avoid having it ruined by rain or dropping it. Water proof disposables work best.


  • Weekend Specials Fit for any Vehicle

    This weekend (starting today 4/29 and running through Sunday 5/1) get special discounts on select accessories at No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you will find a great deal on a new accessory suitable for you!

    If you''re a truck owner, check out Amp Research's Truck Bed Extender. It allows you to travel safely with your tailgate fully extended, without having to worry about cargo falling or rolling off the bed. With its solid T6 aluminum tubing and rugged glass-reinforced nylon composite uprights, the bed extender''s design is sturdy enough to keep cargo in, yet lightweight for easier installation and use. Extenders are available with black or silver powedercoat finish and have a 3-Year/36,000 mile warranty.

    If you own a work truck, check out our great deal on Phoenix Quickliner Wheel Simulators. They are all constructed of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish to give your truck some extra shine. They are very easy to install, requiring no lugnut removal, and snap on securely so you do not need to worry once they are installed. They are available in both front and rear designs for multiple work truck models, so take a look and see if they are available for your year, make,and model.

    For all you sports car enthusiasts,have you taken a look at the Derale Dyno Cool Electric Fans? They are powerful, long-lasting, electric fans that help cool down your performance vehicle. They are all fully reversible, allowing you to use them as pusher or puller fans with equal air flow. They are available with three different blade designs and as separate parts or kits. Curved blade fans are designed for efficiency and quieter operation. Straight blade models have an ultra-low profile design. Electra-Flex fans have efficient flexible fan blades and a high-torque, 160 watt motor for high-tech cooling. All designs are available in multiple sizes, from as small as 7-inches all the way up to 18-inches!

    If your vehicle doesn''t fit in to any of the above categories, no worries, we still have a great deal just for you. U-Cut Chrome Rocker Panels can be applied to any sort of vehicle: vans, SUVs, trucks, cars, trailers, even motor homes! Each U-Cut kit includes five 54-inch long strips of ABS paneling with bright chrome finish and three pieces of clear styrene pattern material. The paneling pieces are scratch resistant and coated to protect against UV damage and fading. No drilling is required to install, simply peel & stick. Kits are available in 5, 6, 7, & 8-inch widths and multiple kits can be purchased to cover larger areas.

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  • TruXedo Truck Bed Accessories

    After the last blog about all the benefits of the new TruXedos, I'm sure everyone out there ordered themselves a brand new tonneau! Now it's time to learn about the great new tonneau accessories also available from TruXedo.

    The Tonneaumate Toolbox is a sturdy toolbox with an aluminum frame and composite design that will support up to 200 lbs. of tools. It mounts to the bed sides so the entire truck bed floor is still useable, and it stays under the tonneau (when rolled down) for extra protection. Its adjustable mounting allows for front, middle, or rear placement, adapting based on where you need extra bed room. This toolbox works great with the TruXedo Deuce, Lo Pro QT and many other tonneau covers. It fits most full size beds, though a clamp kit may be required (sold separately). Each box has an easy, no-drill installation and has a 2-year warranty.

    B-Light Truck Bed Cargo Lights have 8 lights with 6 high-intensity LEDs per light. The lights are mounted under the bed's rails for extra protection and illuminate the entire bed with a single switch. The switch is mounted in the truck cab for easy and safe access. These truck bed lights work with all TruXedo tonneaus and have a universal fit. They are easy to install and come with a 1-year warranty.

    TruXedo TruxSeal is a Truck Tailgate Seal that creates a tight seal between the tailgate and the truck bed. This seal keeps moisture and dust out to further protect any cargo you're carrying. The seal is very easy to install and uses 3M acrylic foam tape for a tight grip. It has a universal fit, and is available in single use length, as well as a 200 ft. spool for many uses.

    Stake pocket covers snap into a truck's stake pockets to keep dust, debris, and moisture out when they're not in use. They have a smooth sleek look and are very easy to install. Stake pocket coves are made for specific vehicles for a perfect fit.

    Cargo anchors from the TonneauTraX system are available separately in sets of 2. They can replace lost and broken anchors, so it's a good idea to have a spare set just in case!


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