The Story of the Big Green Monster: Who I Am Part II

Let’s bring Joey back in. The Little Red &%#@ ball had a huge impact on his truck life. He had to have one. Maybe two was the right answer. His ‘87 didn’t last long (thanks Michele), but the brand new ‘89 still has a home today. (Sorry Joey, you needed a new book.) I’ve tried to talk him into giving it away, crushing it, taking a video of it slowly rusting in a field, but he will not let it go. That truck is on its 3rd motor, 2nd bed, 2nd set of seats.

Ever had a Toyota? They just won’t die, no matter how hard you try. At this point, I won’t let him get rid of it. I have tools, knowledge and talent. It’s not dead, it’s just ready for the next step in its life. So many years of camping, hunting and just driving.

One year, it was just a quick last-minute trip to Vegas. It seems that the Little Red &%#@ was always there. So many trips, and watching all of the kids grow up with it. Dude, you can never get rid of it, ever.

Anyway, back to my trucks. Mine were better anyway. At one point, my kids and I had the Big Green Monster. Their name for it, not mine. I just called it the Blazer.

It was a 1974 Chevy K5, full convertible, 350 cid, 4-speed granny geared, slightly lifted (3 inches, a whole other story) Blazer. It was the original dark green, black top (when it was on) with cheap chrome wheels. I LOVED THIS TRUCK! We are talking about 20 years ago, and there are parts of the Blazer that still make it into new (or old) projects. I will never let it go… ever.

Next, did you know that if you weld an extra 12 inches into the stock roll bar of a ‘74 blazer, it will fit in the bed of a 1984 K10? Square body. SQUARE BODY! I kept the 4-speed and the 205 transfer case, but never got around to the conversion.

A 700r4 is really kind of cool. It was stolen - twice. Some things just were not meant to be. Really sucked. At 10,000 feet above sea level, snow all the way up to my butt, and there I am, changing out the hubs. That truck never left me stranded, until it left me for the last time.

Keep an eye out for a 1984 K10, 355 cid built roller motor, short bed with a 4-inch lift, brown with tan inserts. Feel free to call the Denver Police (I can give you the case number if it helps).

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