Plastic, Aluminum or Steel Toolboxes

The Best Truck Toolboxes

So, you got your new truck! It’s a happy day at your place, and now you get to start molding it to fit your personality and needs. One of the first things you are going to do is get a nice new truck toolbox. They are by far the best way to keep your tools and truck necessities clean, dry, secure and ready for service. With that, what is the best toolbox to go with? There are basically 3 types of boxes, Plastic, Aluminum, and Steel. And all 3 have their place.


First one we are going to look at is the Plastic box.  Don’t let the “Plastic” part scare you. We are not talking about light, flimsy plastic of old; we are talking about heavy duty ABS plastic. They are light weight, and very strong. Not as strong and durable as the aluminum or the steel options, but perfect for the weekend worrier in all of us. And then there is the price. These tend to be the least expensive of the 3. If this is not a full time work truck, this might be the right choice for you.


Next, let’s look at the aluminum box. This box might just be the most popular choice out there. They are light like the plastic box, and yet almost as strong as the steel boxes. Aluminum is very durable, and will likely outlast the plastic boxes. These boxes are more expensive then the plastic boxes, but are perfect for the part time work, part time play truck.

Truck tool box


Lastly, there is the steel option. This is the box for you if you’re looking for something very heavy duty that can handle the daily abuse that a full time work truck has to deal with. Large expensive job site tools that are in and out of your truck all day, every day.  These boxes are designed for exceptional durability, strength, and longevity. While steel can be a bit more expensive, they're also easier to care for and typically last much longer than the other options, making them a good choice for professional use.

Plastic for play, Aluminum for play and work, or Steel for work. Whatever your needs are in a toolbox, there is a box out there that is perfect for you. Get the right one, and enjoy that new truck.

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