Painted Accessories

Our painted truck and auto accessories are produced with great care to create a durable, consistent finish. We offer a color-matched painting service for running boards, truck visors, bugshields, vent visors, wings and spoilers, hood scoops, ground effects and more.
  • Add style with custom painted accessories

    Are you one of those people who want to stand out in a crowd because you are well dressed but don’t want to come off as flashy?  The same can be said for many car and truck owners.  Many people want their vehicle to stand out because it’s sharp, not because it’s chromed out and over the top.  The simple solution? Color matched painted accessories.  They complete the customized look of your vehicle and the end result is a classy, sleek look.

    One of the hottest accessories on the current market is truck visors.  A truck visor puts an end to sun in your eyes while adding style to your ride.  Want to up the ante?  Go from the “add-on” look to the custom ride look by having your visor painted to match the color of your truck. Painted truck visors take your vehicle from plain Jane to hot & happening in zero to sixty in the time it takes you to install it.

    When you want to protect the hood of your truck and keep your windshield clean, you can’t go wrong with a bug shield.  Most are custom molded to fit your vehicle aerodynamically which allows air to flow up and over your windshield.  Bug shields are easy to install and most require no drilling.  They are easy to clean and designed to give you years of pleasure and protection.  Take it to the next level and have your new bug shield painted to custom match your truck.  Now your truck is protected and well dressed.

    painted truck accessories

    Are you thinking about possibly adding a set of running boards to your truck but can’t convince yourself that they are a necessity?  They are.  Running boards are practical and give you and your passengers that extra step to get up into your vehicle.  They are especially helpful if you have children who have a difficult time getting in and out of your truck.  Running boards will enhance the appearance of your vehicle by giving it a sleek look in an otherwise empty space.  It adds depth and dimension that your truck or vehicle didn’t have before.  Want those boards to be sharp?  Purchase a pair of painted running boards.  It is those extra touches that take it from an “add-on” look to a ride that everyone will be talking about.

    You don’t have to paint the accessories that you buy to have them be functional on your vehicle.  However, if you want them to be stylish, painted is the way to go.  Unless you paint vehicles for a living, it is not recommended that you paint the accessories yourself.  Matching colors is not as easy as it seems.  There are many different factors in determining the actual color of your car – did you realize there are several dozen shades of white vehicles alone?  The last thing you want is your vehicle to have a mismatched color accessory –that’s certainly not the effect you are striving for.  Leave the painting to the experts who will accept nothing less than a perfect match.  Dress your vehicle for success because what you drive does say a lot about who you are.

  • Weekend Specials: Bring it to the Back

    This weekend (starting today 7/27 and running through Sunday 7/29) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have special deals on accessories that will bring a little attention to your vehicle’s back end. Shiny bumper guards protect, Dominator steps plug up that empty hitch, and rear spoilers draw the eye like no other.

    Nothing ruins the sleek lines on your vehicle’s rear like a dented bumper. Even though bumpers are meant to bear the brunt of an accident, they really look terrible dented in or crunched up, and even worse, they can cost a lot to repair. Avoid this look with Rear Bumper Guards. These sporty tubes run the length of your rear bumper, offering additional protection and adding visual interest. They are custom designed and have a highly polished finish so they will match any other chrome accessories you may already have.

    Go Rhino’s Dominator Hitch Step also provides visual interest to your truck or SUV’s rear. It fits all standard 2-inch receiver hitches and installs quickly and easily. With this step in place, you can better access truck beds and roof racks, for loading, unpacking, or cleaning. The steps have an extra thick tubular construction for strength and slip-resistant step pads for sure footing. They are available in black and polished stainless finishes, and each step includes an anti-rattle hitch pin and storage bag.

    As I’ve said, the previous two accessories add a little something to the back of your vehicle, but if you want to add a LOT of something, you need Rear Spoilers. This particular spoiler is on a blowout sale this week. It is over 10 inches high, 8.25-inches wide, 52-inches long from tip to tip, and 46-inches from post to post. That is one substantial wing! It is a universal part, so it will fit most domestic and import vehicles, and it can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle for only $100.

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  • Weekday Specials: Accessories for All Angles has accessories for your whole vehicle. Whether it’s a car, truck, van or SUV, we have you covered both inside and outside, up top and out back, and even beyond! Check out the great accessories that make up our Weekday Specials this week. Deals start today (9/20) and run through Thursday (9/22).

    For your insides, we have Hella Twin Tone Horns. For one low price, you get both a high and low tone horn with frequencies of 500 Hz. and 300 Hz., respectively. Housed in black and red coated metal with protective grilles, these 12V horns emit 118 decibels of sound with 5.5 Amp currents. In addition to the two units, each kit also includes a relay, mounting brackets, and mounting instructions for an easy installation.

    For the outside, how about Car Covers? CoverKing’s Coverguard is made of a single layer of spunbond polypropylene, which has high breathability and water repellency. It is soft and lightweight, so it won’t damage your vehicle and is easy to fold up and store when not in use. A definite deal!

    Up top we have Truck Sun Visors to keep the sun out of your eyes when driving. STK’s ProVisors have an aerodynamic design that is custom fit for each application. These visors can be pained to match the factory color of your vehicle for a seamless look without the add-on effect. All necessary mounting hardware is included, as well as paint-to-match caps to cover the screws.

    For the back of your truck we have brand new Tailgate Ladders. These ladders can be used on trucks with tailgates up to 38-inches tall. They are made of strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy and conveniently fold up compactly when not in use. They install right to your truck’s tailgate using self-tapping screws, and unfold easily when needed to give you an easy way to climb into your truck bed.

    And what can possibly go “beyond” your vehicle? A Hitch Rack Truck Bed Extender, of course! Lund’s model is made of steel for extra durability and features 4-way adjustability. The extender arms can widen from 30-inches to 50-inches so they can carry smaller wood planks or large pieces of plywood. The arms also extend vertically up to roof height, so they can be used to help support long items on your vehicle’s roof. This extender can support up to 750lbs. (when distributed evenly) and mounts to your vehicle’s hitch for convenience.

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  • Painted Vent Visors are Super Stylish

    Vent visors are a useful addition to any vehicle, and can especially fruitful in areas with hot and warm weather. By shielding the tops of your windows, the visors let you keep your windows cracked in the parking lot without potential thieves seeing the openings. This can greatly improve the comfort in your vehicle, especially in the first few minutes of travel when you are waiting for the AC to kick in. You can also keep windows open in rainy weather, since the visors will block out the rain. Again, this air circulation will keep your vehicle interior cooler and much more comfortable for passengers. Circulating air also can help reduce window fog that can accumulate and block your vision. If you like off-roading, visors can come in handy there too, as they provide extra protection from mud, sand, and dust. If you like the idea of vent visors, but don't like their generic coloring, keep in mind that Painted Vent Visors are available too.

    AVS manufactures an In Channel Ventvisor that is constructed of long-lasting reinforced acrylic. It is available in a dark smoke color or can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle. It is very easy to install, with no drilling required; each ventvisor installs inside the window channel using automotive-grade tape. This visor is designed with no leg to obstruct your side view mirrors, so you do not have to worry about visibility problems. These ventvisors are available in 2 piece and 4 piece sets and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

    Auto Ventshade Visors like the Aerovisor are a larger type of vent visor that are more prominent and rugged. Like the inchannel visors, they come in a dark smoke color that can be painted to match your vehicle's factory color. They also install with automotive-grade tape, with no drilling required. However, they install on the exterior of your car or truck, along the window frame. They are available in 2 piece sets for your vehicle's front doors and have a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Truck Visors are Functional and Stylish

    Truck visors can be an infinitely useful accessory for your truck or SUV because they keep the sun out of your eyes while you drive! Unless you've only ever driven at night, you know how annoying it can be to make a turn and be suddenly blinded by the sun, or to have it shining right in your eyes when you have a lot more miles to go on the same highway. A sun visor can alleviate this annoyance, while adding some style to your ride too.

    Since visors are mounted in a very prominent place on your truck, they will catch a lot of attention. If you want to avoid the "add-on" look and be sure that your new visor blends right in, you should order Painted Truck Visors, which are painted to match the factory color of your vehicle. Some unpainted accessories can complement the look of your vehicle, but a visor is so large that it will look mismatched. You may also be tempted to paint it yourself, but matching the color can take a lot of searching, and even a slight discoloration will clash with the rest of your vehicle.

    STK's ProVisor Truck Sun Visors have the same styling as the original Lund Sunvisor and Sunvisor II and offer a custom fit for each application. Their aerodynamic design is functional without looking clunky, and will keep the sun out of your eyes while maintaining the sleek lines of your vehicle. All necessary mounting hardware and paint-to-match caps are included. Each truck visor can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle and an LED light kit is also available to enhance your nighttime driving experience.

    Lund's L2R Visor is made from black, UV-resistant ABS and has black accent gridding to give a distinctive look. It has a low profile design to reduce the vibration and whistling noises that can sometimes occur with truck visors. These visors are very easy to install, with minimal drilling required. They make a great addition to any vehicle, and can be used in combination with other Lund L2R accessories for a complete integrated look.


  • Remarkable Running Boards!

    Why add a Running Board to your truck, SUV, or van? There are plenty of reasons! First of all, they are practical. They give you and your passengers an extra step up into the vehicle. Second, they look good and add an extra touch of style. In some cases they can even complete the look of your vehicle, as off-road or raised trucks can look bare without them. Third, they can differentiate your vehicle and make it stand out. There are so many varieties: paintable ABS, shiny chrome, powdercoated black steel, narrow and sleek, thick and rugged, boards, bars, drop step, full-length, cab-length, etc., that you are sure to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

    If you're looking for something sleek, that will enhance your truck or SUV without standing out, Painted Running Boards like Owens Side Effects are the right choice for you. They are constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic with a black matte finish, or, of course, they can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle. They have full-length steel reinforcements added along the length of each board and a UV protective coating that will keep boards looking new. Boards are available in eight lengths that will fit a variety of trucks, SUVs, and vans. They have custom fit body mount brackets for easy installation and come in pairs: one running board for each side.

    If you would like a running board that stands out, with a little shine and a more rugged look, Delta III Premium Extruded Running Boards are a good choice. They are constructed of heavy-gauge, ribbed aluminum and include large stone guards to prevent damage from road debris. Boards have a durable and corrosion-resistant clear or black anodized finish and have grit tape running along the length of the board for secure footing. These boards are sold in pairs and run from wheel well to wheel well on vans and SUVs and run the length of the cab on pickup trucks, with box boards also available to give a full length look if desired.

    Another way to achieve the rugged look is with nerf bars or Side Bars, like STK's 3-inch Round ProBars. They have a 3-inch diameter and are available with a high-quality mirror polished stainless steel or a 5-stage black powdercoat finish. Each application is custom designed to fit the specific model it is intended for and custom mounting brackets ensure a perfect fit. These STK ProBars have custom polyethylene step pads for maximum slip resistance and an easy, no-drill, bolt-on installation. They are sold in pairs.


  • Paintable Hood Products

    The front of your vehicle is often the first part that anyone sees, and thus it sets the tone for the rest of your vehicle. If you would like to spruce up car or truck's front end, there are many available paintable hood products to choose from. Some, like hood scoops, are mainly for decorative purposes, but others, like bug shields, are functional too. If you would like to add some new accessories to the front of your vehicle, but want to maintain its sleek OEM look, you should look for Painted Bug Shields and hood scoops. They can be painted to match the factory color of our vehicle, and thus will blend seamlessly and won't look out of place.

    MVS makes Painted Hood Scoops that are available in single and twin designs. They transform a plain hood into a high performance looking hood with a single accessory at an economical price. These scoops are constructed from high impact ABS plastic to be strong and long-lasting.

    EGR's Superguard is available in smoke or clear finish and can be painted to match the factory color of your car or truck. Each bugshield is computer deigned and custom molded to fit the contours of your vehicle's hood. It offers complete front end and fender protection, keeping the front of the hood splatter free. Each bugshield includes all needed mounting hardware, easy-to-read instructions, and a limited lifetime warranty.

    hood scoop


  • New STK Visors and Lights

    STK manufactures popular truck bed liners, bed mats, and cab guards, and has recently started producing Truck Visors. The ProVisor is STK's newest visor, and is custom designed for each application. It features an aerodynamic design and durable fiberglass construction. All necessary mounting hardware is included for an easy installation. These visors are available painted to match your vehicle's OEM paint color, and include paint-to-match caps to cover screws and give a complete painted finish.

    A great new add on accessory for the ProVisor or any other visor is the STK Sunvisor LED Light Kit. It has five sleek, low-profile, teardrop shaped, amber LEDs. The LEDs give a low amp draw and are very low maintenance in comparison to other kinds of bulbs. The lights will draw extra attention to your visor, and will help make your vehicle more visible at night, for a safer driving experience. This light kit will fit both the STK ProVisor and SkyVisor along with most other sun visor brands, and comes complete with all necessary mounting and wiring hardware.

    STK's SkyVisor was introduced earlier this year, and has become a popular visor choice. It is available for a wide variety of trucks, vans, and SUVs, and is custom designed for each application. It has a modern, aerodynamic design that promotes smooth air flow and reduces high speed wind noise. It is delivered ready to install with all mounting hardware included. The SkyVisor also arrives already painted to match your vehicle's factory paint color, for the same cost as many other brands' unpainted visors, a great deal for sure!


  • Add Excitement with Hood Scoops

    If you'd like to transform your vehicle's plain hood into a high performance looking hood, you should invest in Custom Hood Scoops. MVS Hood Scoops are made from high impact ABS plastic. They are available in three styles, a large single scoop, medium twin scoops, and large twin scoops. They can be painted to match your vehicle's factory color for a seamless OEM look.

    JSP Automotive Hood Scoops are constructed of high quality injection molded plastic. They have a double scoop design, called an e-scoop and fit most cars and trucks. They arrive primed and ready-to-paint and have a bolt-on installation.

    Lund's Cowl Induction Hood Scoop is a backwards facing simulated intake scoop that is designed specifically for trucks. It is constructed of durable heat-resistant ABS and can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle. No drilling is required for installation, which uses only concealed 3M automotive-grade tape.

    MVS Hood Scoops


  • 3 Steps to a Sporty New Look

    If you want to get noticed while cruising down the highway, it's time to upgrade your vehicle for a new, sportier look. So what makes a sporty car? Start with a little extra flash, add in a low aerodynamic body, and top it off with a killer Car Wing.

    First stop on your sporty revamp is Chrome Exhaust Tips to transform the look and sound of your exhaust pipe and add some flash and shine. They are made of stainless T-304 steel, and are guaranteed to keep their chrome shine and remain corrosion-free for life. No welding is required; a stainless steel clamp is used for a quick and easy installation. They are available in several different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle, and all tips have a lifetime warranty.

    Up next are Razzi Ground Effect Kits to make your vehicle appear to sit lower to the ground. Razzi is a leading manufacturer of ground effects, and all of their parts are made from specially formulated ABS. Most ground effect kits for cars have front and rear air dams and two side skirts. Truck ground effects kits usually have a front air dam and two each of cab skirts, bed skirts, and rear skirts. Additional pieces may be included. All air dams fit wheel-to-wheel, and they are designed to attach to your vehicle's existing bumpers. All parts can be painted to match your car or truck's factory color for a seamless look from top to bottom. Razzi ground effect kits have a limited lifetime warranty.

    JSP's Super Touring Wings are your last stop to give your vehicle the racing look you desire. They are constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass to be durable, yet lightweight, and have a smooth gelcoat finish. They are paintable, so you can match your vehicle's paint color, and are available with LED lights if desired. Wing height is about 8.25 inches and there are three lengths available. They are fully adjustable from 12° up to 26° down to add or reduce drag, and their innovative design allows easy access to the adjustment screws. These wings install by bolting directly to your vehicle's read deck, with some drilling required. So whether you upgrade with just one of these accessories, or add all three, you are sure to get heads turning in your newly remade sports car!

    JSP Apache Super Touring Wings


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