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  • Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pumps For Bio-diesel

    Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pumps For Bio-diesel,Got E85 or Bio-diesel? No problem!

    Fill-Rite fuel transfer pumps and meters are currently designed to handle a maximum blend ratio of 20% bio-diesel oil to 80% petroleum-based diesel fuel. This mixture of fuels is known as B20. Conversion kits are available to make Fill-Rite pumps compatible with bio-diesel blend ratios from above 20% (B20) all the way up to the 100% concentrate (B100) and also for E85 fuel. These conversion kits are available at

    The conversion kit is only needed when pumping bio-diesel in a concentration over 20%. Concentrations of 20% (B20) or less do not require a conversion kit. CAUTION: pumping bio-diesel ratios above 20% or E85 fuel without a conversion kit will result in shortened pump and meter life and premature failure of seals for Fill-Rite products, thus voiding the product warranty. Always use the recommended conversion kit when pumping these fuels. 1200KTG9181 Conversion kit is for all Series 1200, 2400, 4200, 4400, 600, SD1200, and SD600 pumps less meters.

    Note: These kits make Fill-Rite pumps compatible only with vegetable based bio-diesel. These kits are not intended for use with bio-diesel derived from animal fat. Also, the kits can not ensure that bio-diesel can be pumped at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit as this is the point at which it begins to thicken.

    Meters: Series 800 and 900 meters on pumps like FR701, FR310, FR1211, FR4211, etc. will corrode when exposed to E85. You must use Fill-Rite nickel-plated meters for use with E85 and concentrations of bio-diesel greater than B20. Fill-Rite nickel-plated meters have compatible o-rings and seals.

    Filters: Remember there will be some reduction in flow rate when pumping bio-diesel due to the higher viscosity. To ensure maximum flow rate,use 30-micron filters whenever possible, especially in cooler weather when diesel fuel viscosity will be the highest.

    It is also important to note that a nickel-plated manual nozzle is also available (part number 6U075N). This nozzle is compatible with both E85 and bio-diesel.

    The only component of Fill-Rite pumps that is not compatible with E85 or bio-diesel is the hose. Use a Fluorocarbon (Viton) hose for use with these liquids.

  • Chrome Pillar Post Trim Kits

    The new Pillar Post trim kits at are really worth checking out. They carry two lines, MVS Chrome Pillar Posts and QMI Stainless Steel Pillar Posts. MVS Pillar Posts are part of the new line of MVS Chrome products. Made from chrome-plated ABS to resist the elements, they are designed for easy installation without drilling or trimming. MVS Pillar Posts are sold as kits, including pre-cut panels with double sided tape already attached.

    Made from highly polished stainless steel, QMI Pillar Posts add real flash to your truck, car, van or SUV. Designed for easy installation, they come as complete kits. Each of their kits contain pre-cut panels complete with double sided tape already attached for easy, quick installation. No drilling required. No trimming required.

  • Want A New Look Add Some Fender Trim

    Want A New Look? Add Some Fender Trim. QMI and MVS Fender Trim are now available at A cheap way to change your car, SUV or truck's look. Available in Chrome (the classic look), Black and in a Primed finish. This primed finish can be custom painted to match your vehicle or maybe enhance your vehicle's look with an extreme color.

    QMI Fender Trim is an affordable upgrade which can greatly improve the look of almost any car, truck, van or SUV. All their trim moldings are made from pure grade stainless steel, with a mirror finish polish. Specifically designed to fit a range of vehicles right out of the box, QMI Fender Trim installs quickly and easily using pre-drilled holes. They are sold as complete kits with all hardware, installation instructions and warranty.

    MVS Chrome Fender Trim is a new line of chrome-plated ABS trim products that look great, but the really great thing about them is they are also available in Black or Armor Painted ABS. MVS Fender Trim is made from tough ABS to resist the elements, and custom designed for each vehicle, so all trim mounts flush to the fender without gaps or spaces. MVS Fender Trim mounts securely without drilling, and comes with all necessary hardware.

  • Get Brighter With Hella Lighting offers an extensive line of Hella Lighting products, including emergency lights, fog and driving lights, and headlight replacement kits.

    Get Brighter With Hella Lighting. The quality of Hella Lighting is second to none and they look great too. has many different styles and shapes available and there prices are very reasonable.

    They also have many other quality products available including Towing and Cargo Accessories, Truck Bed Accessories, Floor Mats and Liners and more.

  • The Source for Toolboxes & Transfer Tanks

    The Source for Toolboxes & Transfer Tanks. is steadily becoming one of the premier sources for Contractor Accessories. They offer a large selection of tool boxes: aluminum, steel and plastic in black, white or diamond bright aluminum. These boxes are specifically built heavy-duty for contractor's tools but are also great for sports equipment, fishing (hobby) equipment and home Do-It-Yourselfers.

    If you are a contractor and need a Toolbox, then is the place to go. If you are interested in a tool box then be sure to check out their liquid fuel transfer tanks. They are designed to fit toolboxes and can be paired with a variety of available pumps.

    BuyAutoTruckAccessories carries Delta, Delta Pro and Jobox Tool Boxes as well as heavy-duty Job-Site Boxes. Perfect to keep your tools safe either on your truck or at the job site. They also carry Delta Steel and Aluminum Fuel Tanks with Tuthill & Gasboy Pumps and Accessories.

    While you are on the site, don't forget to check out their Cab Guards, Ladder & Truck Racks and Truck Bed Protection.

  • QMI Auto Customizing Accessories

    QMI Auto Customizing Accessories. QMI makes some of the hottest, most luxurious Custom Auto and Truck Accessories. Applications for both domestic and imported cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles.

    QMI Pillar Posts:
    Using pure grade, highly polished stainless steel, QMI Pillar Posts are very easy to install and come as complete kits. Each kit contains pre-cut panels with double sided tape already attached for easy, quick installation. No drilling or trimming is necessary and professional-looking results are easy to achieve.

    QMI Fender Trim:
    Add a classic customized appearance to your truck, car or sport utility vehicle with QMI Fender Trim. All trim moldings are made from pure grade stainless steel, and polished to a mirror finish. QMI Fender Trim is an easy, inexpensive upgrade which can greatly improve the look of almost any truck, van or SUV. Each kit comes boxed with end-to-end rubber seal guards, hardware installation instructions and warranty. Specifically designed to fit a range of vehicles without bending or trimming, QMI Fender Trim installs quickly and easily using pre-drilled holes.

    Go Get Your QMI Application at Now

  • Torza Tonneau Covers is now selling Torza Top and Hard Hat Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers by Advantage. Easily installed in only seconds, both the Hard Hat Hard Tonneau and the original Torza Top are manufactured of top quality materials, fit well and look great. The Torza Tonneau Covers and Hard Hat Tri-fold tonneaus are available to fit almost any pickup truck including many unique vehicles such as the Honda Ridgeline, Tundra Stepside and others.

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