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  • Classic Car Museums for Classic Car Lovers


    Classic cars are a staple of Americana. In just about every area, enthusiasts get together to show off their beauties and trade stories and tips. If you love these mini exhibitions, but want to see more, there are plenty of classic car museums where you can get your classic car fix.

    Classic Car Museums

    Possibly the greatest classic car museum is the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. What started as a simple hobby grew into quite the collection. The museum first opened in 1966 as a simple mom and pop operation. Over 45 years later, it now holds over 400 vehicles, as well as an old train station, old service station, and collection of hood ornaments.

    The Northeast Classic Car Museum is located in Norwich, New York. It is comprised of five building that holds over 160 classic cars. Though some of the cars are owned by the museum itself, many are loaned by local owners. One of the highlights of this museum is the 1928 Ford Model T, where you can sit and get your picture taken!

    The Museum of Automobiles in Petit Jean Mountain, Arkansas features some real antiques. The oldest car in its permanent collection is a 1904 Oldsmobile French Front. It also has a small collection of classic motorcycles, including a Harley Davidson model from 1913, as well as an antique license plate collection. The museum also holds numerous shows and swap meets throughout the year.

    A list of automobile museums in the US is compiled by the National Association of Automobile Museums. Check to see if there are any classic car museums close to you!

    Though all of these museums are enticing, they cannot completely replace the joy of watching the owners themselves talking about their prized vehicles. So, have you ever been to one of these classic ca museums? Do you have another museum to recommend? Let us know in the comments

    Do you have a classic car yourself? If so, be sure to check out these Cover King car covers, which will protect your classic car from dust and rain.

  • American Muscle Cars and American Music

    muscle cars


    With Summer time now here I can't wait to go to the car shows, American muscle cars, and some good old American music equals a good time. Over the years, American cars have often been celebrated in song. Music aficionados are familiar with “Mustang Sally,” but would “Celica Sally” produce the same nostalgia someday? It seems from the very beginning that muscle cars and music were tied together. An entire generation grew up with rock and roll on the radio, and a hot car in the driveway. For the first time, a hit song could help sell cars in the dealership and some manufacturers actually supported musicians that sang about their products. Here are just a few of the songs that helped define and popularize the muscle car.

    The Mustang has been a symbol of speed among American motorists for many years, helped along some by Steve McQueen’s car chase through the streets of San Francisco in a GT 390 Fastback in the 1968 film “Bullitt.” However ‘Mustang Sally’ is about a lady driving her car at fast speeds.

    Beach Boys paid tribute to drag racing with ‘Little Deuce Coupe’ which is an ode to a ’32 Ford with a big V8 that is custom made to blow the doors off gear-headed rivals.

    Prince wrote ‘Little Red Corvette’ A more modern twist on the classic muscle car which again compares a woman to a hot muscle car. Chevrolet put up a billboard in 2001 with a picture of a red 1963 Corvette Sting Ray and the caption, “They don’t write songs about Volvos.”

    In 1955, by a band called Charlie Ryan & the Timberline Riders. Ryan wrote the song about his own 12-cylinder hot rod Lincoln and a road race he embarked on in ‘Hot Rod Lincoln’

    Chevrolet 409, which contained a 409-cubic-inch engine that could be modified by racers to generate more than 400 horsepower had a song written for it. The Beach Boys recorded “409” in 1962

    Sometimes songs about muscle cars actually helped to sell the cars from the dealerships, and this is one of those songs.  “GTO” describes the thrill of speed that muscle cars promised, and like many muscle car songs, mentions drag racing.

    These are just a few of the famous songs that have immortalized the muscle car experience over the years.  What are your favorite muscle car songs?

  • Truck Farms Are Rolling Urban Gardens


    A crew in Tampa is taking urban farming to a whole new level. Technically, it could probably be considered a “container garden”, but rather than the traditional pots, it uses something new. This garden is planted in a truck bed! There is a similar truck farm in Chicago. The current Tampa owners saw the truck, and knew that they had to try it themselves. Not only does the truck make a cool container, but it also allows this garden to go mobile. The truck farm makes the rounds at various farmers markets and Chipotle residents. It also goes on field trips to elementary schools, and has been featured in various newspapers and TV spots around the Tampa area.

    As mentioned above, there is a truck farm in Chicago, and there is also one in New York City. The New York truck farm was part of a documentary aptly called Truck Farm. The documentary took the truck on tour to meet other “urban farmer pioneers”. The documentary and the publicity surrounding it started getting others from around the US interested in truck farms. There are now truck farms in over a dozen states across the US. To see if there is a truck farm near you, click here.

    The Tampa truck is owned by Fit Kids Playground, a group who works to combat childhood obesity. They teach about healthy eating in schools and hold events in area parks that encourages play and physical activity. The Tampa truck farm is also sponsored by Chipotle, which was originally started to revolutionize fast food into more healthy food.
    Truck Farm from Tampa

    Do these truck farms intrigue you? I don’t know about turning a nice new truck into a farm, but an old truck might be fun to use. Although, when you think about it, is soil and seeds any worse than some of the other stuff we cart around in our truck beds every day? I know if I ever did decide to start my own truck farm, I would definitely need a bedliner to protect my paint finish, and maybe even a truck toolbox to keep my gardening supplies in. After all, if you’re going to have a truck farm, you might as well have a truck farm in style!

  • Add Some Color With Painted Accessories

    Plast Dip


    Want your car to stand out, maybe add some color, painted accessories is a great fix. Are you looking for a big change? Plasti Dip it. It seems to be the new trend for adding or changing the color of your car. Obviously it's not going to be a replacement for a quality paint job but this may be a good option for people saving up for a paint job but still want their car to look decent in the meantime or for those who want to temporarily change the color of their car.  When people hear about a plasti dip car, it often confuses them. When most people think of painting their car, they think of using some sort of spray paint, but definitely not rubber. In fact, when you think of rubber, you wouldn’t think of a paintjob at all. Plasti dip allows you to give your car a sleek, unique looking color-change to your car without harming its original paint or messing it up. It is also more durable than paint when applied correctly, and if it peels off, it won’t hurt the original paint under it. Plasti dip is not actually made of rubber, it is simply made of a mix that has the same look and feel as paint, with the durable qualities of rubber. Even better is the fact that plasti dip comes in a wide spectrum of colors, so your creativity isn’t limited because of the product that you are using. Want your car to appear glossy? Plasti dip also comes in metallic silver and gold finishes. Pearl has started to make its way into the market and is becoming a very popular plasti dip finish.

    Maybe that might be a big step and you are just looking for a little color. For a little “street style” you can add on a hood scoop or maybe some side vents which can all be painted to match your ride. Want something sporty for your car add on a custom painted wing. Maybe you own a truck and want to add a little something to it for style and function you can get a sunvisor or match.

    No matter how big or how small, adding color to your ride is never a bad thing it just lets you stand out from the rest.



  • New Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra

    rearview mirror

    GM is upgrading its pickups this year! Are you ready for a new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra? These pickups have been redesigned both inside and outside. GM is advertising the pickups' fuel efficiency, with the EcoTec3 5.3L V8 engine being more fuel efficient that Ford's EcoBoost V6 (which Ford was mighty proud of when it first came out). The engine uses Direct Injection, Variable Valve Timing, and Active Fuel Management to provide fuel efficiency without sacrificing power.

    New Chevy Silverado

    Inside the cab, seats are more comfortable, there is more leg room in crew and double cabs, and the new MyLink system's 8-inch screen features large icons, bluetooth, and USB connections. The front console has also been redesigned and the steering wheel has integrated controls. To improve handling and provide a better ride, new higher lateral-rate body mounts were developed and coil-over-shock front suspension are used. Even the truck bed is redesigned, with available under-rail LED lamps and an integrated tailgate spoiler.

    Larger axles increase towing capacity, and vehicles with the Max Trailer Package will have a maximum towing capacity of 11,500 lbs. The Driver Alert package featured both Lane Departure Warnings and a Forward Collision Alert system to help prevent accidents and improve safety. The warranty is for 5 years / 100,000 miles.

    The 2014 new Chevrolet Silverado starts at $24,585, and the 2014 GMC Sierra starts at $25,085. Once you get your brand new 2014 truck, make sure you stock up on all new accessories, like the Duraliner Bed Liner.

    New GMC Sierra

    Click here for more info on the new GMC Sierra

  • Watch Your Step with Nerf Bars

    Nerf bars

    Over fifty years ago side bars made their debut on race tracks.  How did they get the name Nerf Bars?  Actually quite easy!  “Nerfing” is a racing term used to describe an inevitable, small collision that happens when one driver is trying to pass another driver.  Nerf Bars were installed on the race cars to deflect some of the damage caused by “nerfing”.  What the racing world didn’t know at the time was that they would catch on by the general public and be a staple on any pickup truck or SUV that wanted to look sharp.  Today Nerf Bars are also known as Step Bars, Tube Steps, Step Rails, Truck Steps, or Step Tubes.  Boy, that’s a lot of aliases for a vehicle accessory!

    Nerf Bars are attractive on a vehicle and absolutely make people take notice of your ride.  However, nerf bars are also functional.  Nerf bars allow you and your passengers easier access to your vehicle by giving you a step up.  Loading cargo on top of an SUV has never been easier or safer because most Nerf bars come with anti-slip pads that are made from a resilient rubber to provide stable, non-slippery support while stepping on them.  Now, imagine that they protect your vehicle.  That’s right.  They are stylish, functional, and now a protective measure.  Nerf Bars guard your paint finish and protect the vehicle from being dented and dinged.  If that’s not enough, Nerf bars also deflect street debris and slush which may cause damage and erosion to the sides of your truck.  The end result is that installing Nerf Bars will help your truck or SUV look cleaner and newer longer.

    Nerf bars have become one of the most popular truck accessories on the market, coming in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes – from round to oval wheel bars, to the more covert side step. Nerf bars come in a variety of finishes including chrome, black powdercoat and stainless steel to match the trim on any vehicle.  Now that you know a little more about nerf bars, get a leg up on the competition and define your ride with a set of your own.

  • New Patents Reveal Apple Car Technology

    rearview mirror

    If you want to speculate on what is on the horizon for tech companies, you can always look to recently registered patents, trademarks, and even websites. The latter two can often provide hints on what names and products are going to be released soon. Sometimes though multiple website names may be registered to give companies more options. Patents, on the other hand, often indicate products that are further from development, but the technology has definitely been created.

    So what does this have to do with autos? This past week Apple filed some patent applications for automobiles. No, this doesn't mean that Apple is creating their own car or truck (which I'm sure would be super innovative but not too affordable). Instead, the patents focus on new iPhone features that can be used with your vehicle. According to Digital Trends, the patents may be for the new iPhone 5S. It will use Bluetooth technology to link your specific vehicle to your iPhone. Once this is complete, you could use your iPhone just like a current car fob, using your phone to unlock your car doors either via PIN or proximity detection.

    This technology could also trace exactly where your vehicle is at any given time. This could help to easily locate your vehicle in a large parking lot, or even to track down your car or truck if it is stolen. Theoretically, the technology could also be used as parental control devices. Parents could set limits on when the vehicle can be accessed or track where their teenager’s car is located. It might even be used to set or track speed limits.

    Unfortunately, there may still be some roadblocks before this technology can actually be implemented. Apple would have to partner with various vehicle manufacturers to create an integrated vehicle-phone connection.

    What do you think? Does this Apple car technology seem useful to you?

  • Keep Cool With Vent Visors This Earth Day

    earth day


    Earth Day, observed on April 22, is a global annual celebration of the environmental movement. The day and its activities date back to 1970.Near the top of the list of products that are using energy more efficiently or using alternative energy are cars. In the U.S., about 20 percent of the nation’s emissions of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas that causes global warming comes from cars and light trucks like SUVs, contributing to climate change, air pollution, and disease. If you are truly trying to lighten your environmental footprint, the first thing to do is ask if you do in fact need a car. If the answer is yes, there are many things you can do to make your driving life greener. Drive a hybrid, There have been a number of versions of green cars. The Toyota Prius, the most successful gas-electric hybrid, went on sale in 1997. Drive green-avoid sudden starts and stops and go the speed limit, Turn off the air, park in the shade, use a reflective windshield shade can keep your car cooler when parked, use vent visors to help with the impact of the sun’s heat. Keep on top of tune-ups, and maintenance.

    So you don’t own a car or don’t drive and you want to help there are ways to do so. Plant a tree, planting a tree is perhaps the most common Earth Day activity. Recycle reusable materials, do your part by recycling glass, paper, plastic and other reusable materials at your local recycling centers. Donate or recycle used electronics, many electronics manufacturers and retailers also offer take-back programs or sponsor recycling events. Cut back on driving, use public transportation, ride a bike or walk whenever possible.  Reduce your energy use by taking advantage of natural daylight to reduce lighting; adjusting your thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer; using the dishwasher and washing machine only when they are full; washing clothes in cooler water; replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps; and investing in energy-efficient equipment. Help reduce plastic and paper bag waste by using reusable bags.  Buy locally, buying locally can save fuel and keep money in your community. Help keep the earth beautiful by participating in local cleanup events or organizing your own. Get to know your community better and explore the beauty of nature, go for a walk, run or hike with friends and family. Join or organize a walking or hiking group. From green expos to local farmers’ markets, a variety of eco-friendly activities take place during Earth Week and throughout the year.  Not everyone is going to be able to do it, and it will probably entail a shift in thinking and some time, but living carefree might be more within reach than you think.

  • Ice Cream Trucks Help Beat the Heat

    daily commute

    In some areas of the country, summer seems to be making an early appearance. That means it's time for some of the most colorful trucks to hit the road: ice cream trucks.

    Ice cream trucks come in many shapes and sizes, but they are often decorated brightly and playing cheerful music. All kinds of vehicles are used, from actual trucks to vans to RVs. One of the coolest ice cream trucks I’ve seen is one with a giant ice cream cone perched on the roof, though this melting ice cream cone from the Austin Ice Cream Festival is a close second.

    Austin Ice Cream Truck

    As I’m sure you know, ice cream trucks sell all different kinds of frozen treats. It can be very disappointing when you are craving an ice cream sandwich and you come upon an ice cream truck that only sells popsicles, or worse, Italian ice. I don’t know who is more disappointed, me or the kids. My favorite ice cream truck fare is the chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. I could eat one every day!

    Ice Cream Truck Selections
    If you have ever thought about making your own ice cream truck, eHow has an article explaining exactly how to do it. They list five easy steps, including getting a van, freezer, PA system, and a license. Each of these steps seems like a lot of work, except perhaps the musical PA system, which BuyAutoTruckAccessories sells. I think I’ll stick to buying the ice cream instead of selling.

    Ice cream trucks are not just an American thing. They are also commonly seen in Thailand, Cambodia, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, and Denmark. In these other countries the ice cream may be delivered by bicycle or motorcycle, rather than the standard truck that we think of here in America.

    So what’s your favorite ice cream truck treat? Do you know anyone who drives an ice cream truck? Let us know in the comments!

  • Protect Your Vehicles Interior With Liners and Mats

    van cargo mats

    Protect Your Vehicles Interior With Liners and Mats. Stains and wear and tear are bound to happen regardless of how clean you are and how lightly you tread inside your car. Floor liners and cargo mats are a great way to add extra protection while also adding attractive looks. They help protect your car's carpet from the effects of bad weather and any other dirty substance that you may track into your vehicle from your shoes. Floor protection is a must during nasty weather as getting your shoes wet and dirty is impossible during a storm. Most floor mats are custom designed for your car, truck or SUV and provide excellent coverage. Most all-weather floor mats are specially designed to keep dirt and water on the mat and off of your carpet and interior. Cleaning floor liners is a breeze. Simply pull the liner out of the vehicle, spray it off with a hose and let it dry. The trunk and or bed of your vehicle also needs to be protected as well and a cargo mat is the perfect addition. No need to every worry about a mess from shifting groceries or transporting nasty stuff, with an all-weather cargo mat clean up is a breeze. Remove the cargo mat, spray it off and let it dry.  For you van driver’s cargo liners and cargo mats for the back of the van is a great way to protect your investment. Tools, work materials and other potentially damaging equipment can prove to be detrimental to your interior. Over time, scrapes, scratches and dents can cause corrosion, but with a liner or mat the interior will be preserved and kept in great condition. These liners offer a nice cushion to your cargo, and also prevent load shifting.  This helps prevent damage to tools and material.  In addition, crawling into the back has never been so comfy.

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