Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Nerf Bar, rocker bar, and step accessories for your truck from STK, Steelcraft, Lund, Phoenix, Bully, Go Rhino, CARR and ICI.
  • Nerf Bars vs. Truck steps

    What’s the real difference?

    So, in keeping with the theme of your “new truck”, let’s talk about nerf bars and truck steps (running boards). What are the differences, and which ones will work best for you? To answer this, you need to know what they both really are and then go with what fits your needs the best.


    The definition of a nerf bar is: “A tubular steel bumper on some racing cars to keep wheels from touching when cars bump during a race”. Keep in mind that a “nerf” is a small, sometimes intentional collision. In the late 60’s and 70’s as the off road world was coming into its own, it was a normal practice for off roaders to build these steel tubes and mount them on the sides of their trucks for body protection from these “nerfs”. As a side benefit, it made it easier to get into their lifted trucks, and the nerf bar was born. With the simple addition of step pads at the points of entry, Nerf Bars turned into one of the most popular truck and SUV accessories today.

    Running Boards

    Now that you know what a nerf bar is, and how it came to be, let’s look at running boards. Mr. Webster had this simple little bit to say about running boards: “a long, narrow board that is attached to the side of a vehicle to make it easier for people to get in and out of a vehicle”. So, they were used to get in and out of a vehicle, but they were also a fashion statement. Let’s face it, getting into a Duesenberg back in 1932 would have simple. The running board has faded away from the cars they once were on, just think Bonnie and Clyde, but are still a staple of today’s truck world.   The styles have changed a lot over the years, but the functionality has stayed the same, a safe and simple way to get in and out of your truck.


    As both have changed so much over the decades, it really comes down to style. Yes, nerf bars are stronger, but the main reason for either comes down getting in and out of your truck. They both get the job done, but does a 3’ steel tube look right on the side of a 2015 Cadillac Escalade? No, just like aluminum running boards don’t look correct on a 94 Chevy with a 6” lift.

    So please people, pick responsibly - you owe it to your kids, spouses and everyone who has to see your new truck.

  • Watch Your Step with Nerf Bars

    Nerf bars

    Over fifty years ago side bars made their debut on race tracks.  How did they get the name Nerf Bars?  Actually quite easy!  “Nerfing” is a racing term used to describe an inevitable, small collision that happens when one driver is trying to pass another driver.  Nerf Bars were installed on the race cars to deflect some of the damage caused by “nerfing”.  What the racing world didn’t know at the time was that they would catch on by the general public and be a staple on any pickup truck or SUV that wanted to look sharp.  Today Nerf Bars are also known as Step Bars, Tube Steps, Step Rails, Truck Steps, or Step Tubes.  Boy, that’s a lot of aliases for a vehicle accessory!

    Nerf Bars are attractive on a vehicle and absolutely make people take notice of your ride.  However, nerf bars are also functional.  Nerf bars allow you and your passengers easier access to your vehicle by giving you a step up.  Loading cargo on top of an SUV has never been easier or safer because most Nerf bars come with anti-slip pads that are made from a resilient rubber to provide stable, non-slippery support while stepping on them.  Now, imagine that they protect your vehicle.  That’s right.  They are stylish, functional, and now a protective measure.  Nerf Bars guard your paint finish and protect the vehicle from being dented and dinged.  If that’s not enough, Nerf bars also deflect street debris and slush which may cause damage and erosion to the sides of your truck.  The end result is that installing Nerf Bars will help your truck or SUV look cleaner and newer longer.

    Nerf bars have become one of the most popular truck accessories on the market, coming in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes – from round to oval wheel bars, to the more covert side step. Nerf bars come in a variety of finishes including chrome, black powdercoat and stainless steel to match the trim on any vehicle.  Now that you know a little more about nerf bars, get a leg up on the competition and define your ride with a set of your own.

  • Pimp My Ride

    You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in expensive rims or a custom paint job to pimp your ride and make it look hot. One inexpensive and effective way to do it is by using car accessories. Tons of great truck accessories are available in today's market at affordable prices to make your truck a statement on the streets, a mesmerizing beast, or a wild ride.

    Why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of alloy rims that you are just going to have to take off during the winter months to protect them from the winters salt and grime. Buy a nice set of stainless steel wheel skins. Stainless steel wheel skins install in minutes with no cutting or drilling they just snap on to the stock wheels.

    One of the most popular ways to pimp your trucks exterior is by adding on a chrome exhaust tip. All you have to do is bolt it on. So not only are they relatively easy to install, but exhaust tips are also very cheap.

    Another nice add on for your trucks exterior is a drop step nerf bar. The drop step nerf bar allows you a good solid stepping area to assist in climbing in to your truck. Think about it, how mom is going to get into your truck. They come in different finishes to go with the look you are aiming for. A nice chrome one really stands out.

    Little by little, you can accessorize your vehicle until you get the look you are going for and without having to spend a lot of money all at once. Many times these accessories are universal or specially made to fit your car model and brand. With a little bit of fun and effort you can make your car look great.

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  • Weekend Specials: Boards and Bars

    This weekend (starting today 6/29 and running through Sunday 7/1) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend, all of the specials we blogged about last week are on sale, as well as a couple more. These new specials are for boards and bars, but not necessarily the boards and bars you might be imagining.

    EGR’s Integrated Black Side Steps are similar to running boards, but with a unique styling and design. They are special integrated steps made specifically for SUVs. They blend right into your trim accents at both the fender and door bottoms, keeping your SUV looking cohesive and seek. Injection molded end caps keep the steps’ ends looking trim and finished, and a non-slip texture gives you and your passengers sure footing. These steps are OEM tested and approved, and have an aluminum finish with a durable black powdercoating.

    Mont Blanc’s load bars are not nerf bars for stepping, but support bars for your Mont Blanc Roof Rails. They have a 220 lb. capacity for most vehicles and attach to most OEM and aftermarket raised-side-rail-style roof rack and rails. They fit Perrycraft Aventura and Dynasport roof rack and rails, as well as their bed rails, which let you load cargo above your truck bed for extra storage space. These bars are available in two designs. The rectangular bars are made of galvanized steel with black vinyl covers to prevent scratching of your vehicle and any cargo you’re loading. The AeroWing bars are made of anodized aluminum extrusion with black vinyl inserts along the top. Both of these bar types have adjustable, theft-proof locking clamps that are rubber-padded to protect your existing rails and racks from damage.

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  • Weekend Specials: Promo Code

    This weekend (starting today 4/27 and running through Sunday 4/29) use Promo Code PROMO225 and get $15 off your purchase of $225. If you’re looking for a useful $225 purchase, running boards are definitely the way to go. In fact we have some brand new running boards in stock from EGR and ICI that meet the promo code requirements.

    EGR Integrated Side Steps are designed specifically for SUVs. They blend right into the trim accents at the fenders and door bottoms creating a seamless wheel-to-wheel integrated board. They also have injection molded end caps to complete the look. For extra gripping ability, a non-slip texture is embedded into the step. These boards have an aluminum finish with black powdercoating and are OEM tested and approved.

    If you want a unique look, ICI’s Nerf Bar Style Running Boards are the way to go. They feature a 3-inch stainless steel tube with a running board step set into the tube. This extra reinforcement provides for a sturdier step and a much wider stepping area than other nerf bars or running boards. These bars extend from wheel to wheel for a cohesive look, and have E-coated mounting brackets for durability. The running board surface is available in stainless steel or aluminum. The stainless steel models include non-slip rubber runners for a better grip. The aluminum models have incorporated extruded tops. All models have a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • Weekend Specials: Specialty Accessories

    This weekend (starting today 3/16 and running through Sunday 3/18) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring specialty accessories for emergency vehicles, Ford Transit Connects, and trucks with extended and crew cabs.

    Hella’s Deck Dash Light is a necessity for emergency vehicles. It is an SAE Class I LED light with ventilated housing and a glass-filled nylon base. Each unit features a full light visor that prevents back flash. This visor can be trimmed as needed for a perfect fit. Each unit includes a mounting bracket, removable suction cups, and a 10 ft. cord with switched lighter plug. DDL100 models have 16 flash patterns and are available with amber, red, or blue LEDs. DDL200 models have dual light panels, 20 flash patterns, and are available in various combinations of amber, red, white, and blue LEDs.

    Transit Connect Van Equipment Packages by Kargo Master are specially designed to give your Transit Connect the storage it needs to get you organized. Each package includes a 16-gauge steel partition with a perforated center and a grey powdercoat finish. Adjustable shelves with a contoured design are also included to hold tool, supplies, and other cargo. Additionally, packages may include a utility j-hook for hanging clothing, cords, or tools, shelf dividers for easier organization, and shelf drawers for keeping objects in place and out of sight. The Electric & Gas Appliance Repair package also includes a refrigerant tank unit, which can hold up to three 50 lb. tanks, and a wire reel holder, which stores up to five small spools.

    Finally Go Rhino’s Step Bars for Trucks are designed specifically for trucks with extended and crew cabs to give a full wheel-to-wheel look. These steps are made from 3-inch tubing and have three hoop steps to give you an extra boost up. The first two steps are positioned beneath the doors, and the last is in the back, providing access to the truck bed. These bars are available with a black powdercoat or polished stainless and both feature contrasting scruff and step pads. Black bars have paintable aluminum pads, and stainless bars have black pads.

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  • Go Platinum with Westin Side Bars

    Go Platinum with Westin Side Bars. You need an extra step up into your truck and you love the sleek look of side nerf bars, but there are so many different kinds out there. How do you know what is right for you? What's he answer’s again: go platinum with Westin!

    Westin Platinum Nerf Bars are manufactured from chrome-plated 3-inch stainless steel. They will not yellow or tarnish, guaranteed, and are protected from rust and corrosion. Their step pads are UV-resistant so they will not fade or crack and the entire bars are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Mounting kits are included with every nerf bar, and no drilling is required unless otherwise noted. These bars are available in various shapes, from completely rounded ends to entirely straight, depending on the specific make and model of your vehicle.

    You can also go platinum with Westin 4 inch Step Bars. These steel bars are 4.25-inches at their widest point and have 4-inch wide recessed step pads. They have 90-degree mandrel bends for a sleek look and required no drilling to install unless otherwise noted. They have a traditional mount design and include a mounting kit with each set of bars. Choose between a polished finish (with limited lifetime warranty) or a black powdercoat finish (with a 3-year warranty). They are also available in wheel-to-wheel length.

    If you need something more substantial, upgrade to premiere with a Westin Premiere 6 inch Oval Step Tube. These tube steps are made of 6-inch steel tubing and have 5-inch molded, UV-resistant step pads. These straight steps also feature molded plastic end caps for a finished look. They have a cradle mount design and require Step Tube Brackets to install, which are sold separately. They are available with either a polished or black powdercoat finish.


  • Winter Weather Will Be Here Soon

    Winter weather will be here soon, and in some places it's already here. It's time to take a good look at your truck and vehicle, and make sure it's fully prepared for the nasty weather ahead in the upcoming months. There are loads of auto and Truck Accessories that can make your life easier this winter.

    First up are lights, more specifically Driving Lights. You never want to be caught out in the middle of a snowstorm with burned out bulbs. That can make it hard to traverse the roads, as well as for other drivers to see your vehicle. Why not enhance your factory lights with Pilot Driving Lights. They improve visibility and distance viewing by casting a narrow, far-reaching beam. They are available in various shapes and sizes with differing lens and beam colors, and all necessary wiring and hardware is included in each kit.

    On to Nerf Bars. In many areas of the country, winter means snow, and melting snow is constantly refrozen to ice. Giant ice patches in parking lots, sidewalks, and even your own driveway can spell trouble, especially when trying to enter or exit your SUV, van, or truck. That's why it can be helpful to add an extra step via a nerf bar. These bars give you somewhere steady to plant your feet when getting into or out of your truck. STK's 5-inch Oval Bars are a great option because they provide one of the widest stepping areas available. These bars also have custom polyethylene step pads for maximum slip resistance even in icy weather.

    Finally, the all important Truck Bed Rail. This may seem like a strange choice for a winter accessory, but it's definitely when you are bringing home a Christmas tree. Bed rails give you something to secure your cargo to while adding some visual interest to your truck bed. Even after your Christmas tree is safely home, bed rails can come in handy for securing big ticket items for the ride home, luggage for the trip to grandma's house, and sleds and snowboards for a trip to the slopes. ICI's custom bedrails are constructed of high quality 1.9-inch stainless steel tubing with a chrome-like finish. These rails mount in the truck's stake pockets for a quick and easy installation.


  • Brand New Westin Running Boards! has been updating its store selection. We’ve heard your feedback wanting more accessories and more options. We’re pleased to announce that we are now carrying Westin running boards!

    Westin Molded Running Boards have an extruded aluminum base with a UV-resistant black molded polymer exterior. They have an OEM design including a channel step area that runs along the boards to prevent slipping. These boards are available with built-in lights if desired, which activate when doors open to provide extra visibility. They look pretty cool too! Most applications have a bolt-on installation, and some may require an extra gap strip for a more finished look. These molded boards have a 5-year Westin warranty.

    Another option is the Westin Sure Grip Aluminum Running Board. These boards are made of durable extruded aluminum, and come in one of three finishes: brite, brushed, and black. Brite boards are sure to grab attention, black boards are more subtle (especially on darker vehicles), and brushed are a happy medium, more noticeable than black boards, but with a more muted finish. All three board finishes include molded endcaps for a finished style, and rubber step areas for a slip-resistant step. If you’d like your boards to light up, an optional Running Board Light Kit can be purchased and installed. This light kit is exclusively made for Sure-Grip boards, and includes 4 LEDs and a wiring harness.  Like the molded running boards, these Sure-Grips have a bolt-on installation and a 5-year Westin warranty.

    No matter which running board you decided to buy, don’t forget to add a Westin Custom Bracket Kit to your shopping cart. These brackets are custom designed to offer a perfect fit for your specific year, make, and model of vehicle. They are REQUIRED for installing both Sure-Grip and Molded running boards from Westin, and include brackets and necessary installation hardware.

    Keep reading the blog for more updates on new products from Westin, as well as other auto and truck accessory leaders!


  • STK’s New Guards and Bars

    STK’s New Guards and Bars. STK has begun manufacturing all new products for the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle!

    STK’s Truck Bull Bars provide protection to your truck’s front end. They are constructed of durable 3-inch tubing that is polished to a mirror finish or covered with a black powdercoat. All bull bars come complete with a matching skid plate and mounting hardware for a complete front end restyling. Pre-drilled holes allow for mounting of fog or driving lights to complete the off-road look. A license plate relocator kit is sold separately and may be required in states that require a front license plate.

    Their 5 Inch Oval Nerf Bars are made of premium 304 polished stainless steel. These 5-inch bars provide a wide stepping area and custom polyethylene step pads for maximum slip resistance. They use custom fit brackets that bolt on for easier installation and no drilling is required. Each bar is custom designed for specific makes and models resulting in a perfect fit!

    You don’t want your truck’s back to feel left out, so Rear Bumper Protection is what you need. This guard has a sturdy one piece design with 1.5-inch diameter tubing that runs near the top and bottom of your rear bumper. Rubber rub strips cover the .25-inch thick plates that wrap around the tubes and connect the guard to your vehicle. The tubing is available with a polished mirror finish or a black powdercoated finish. Matching taillight guards are also available for a complete look.



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