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New Owens RaceMates Accessories

New Owens RaceMates accessories are now available at The RaceMates line provides a coordinated system of organizing and storing all sorts of items with shelves, cabinets, and specialized racks, hangers, and holders. All products are constructed of smooth or diamond tread heavy-gauge aluminum for long lasting dependability. Many of the pieces are designed to hold specific objects, so it is easy to return them to the right place and stay organized. It also makes missing items more obvious: if the flashlight holder is empty, you know exactly what is missing. They are very easy to install in your garage, trailer, or anywhere else you might need them.

The new Aluminum Easy-Up Canopy Holder provides an efficient way to store easy-up canopies. Since the canopy is often one of the first things needed when setting up, it is useful to have a special storing place so you always know where it is. The RaceMates design has two pieces that secure a canopy at two points to prevent slippage. The 2 piece design also makes loading and unloading the canopy much easier, so you can save time when putting it up or packing it away.

The new Aluminum Camp Chair Holder securely stows two camp chairs in a specialized two piece design. The holder can be affixed to the walls of your garage or trailer and keeps chairs in an upright position, so they won’t become tangled,misplaced,or broken. The new Aluminum CD Holder keeps all your CDs organized in a vertical rack. Each rack is 24-inches high and stores 20 CDs in an upward slant to keep them secure in a bumpy trailer. Racks are available in either black or red powdercoated aluminum.

Owens RaceMates Aluminum CD Holder

Owens RaceMates Aluminum CD Holder

Aluminum Toolbox Chests Provide Storage and Mobility

There are many different kinds of available storage boxes for your tools. There are large cabinets for your garage or work space, which offer loads of room, but no portability. There are also specialized truck tool boxes, which allow you to take your tools anywhere. However, the toolboxes themselves are usually meant to stay in the truck bed, so you have to unload individual tools for use. Aluminum Toolbox Chests allow you to take the entire toolbox with you when needed. Aluminum is lighter weight, but still extremely durable so it is a perfect material to keep tools protected, secure, and portable.

Owens’s Garrison Series Utility Tool Boxes are especially suited for truck beds, marine docks, and workshop areas. They are constructed of heavy-duty diamond tread aluminum and have a three piece basket design. They have a reinforced lid with an aluminum full-length hinge for added support. These boxes have fully welded seams for durability and hemmed basket and lid edges for safety. The lid opens with a heavy-duty automotive style strut system and has stainless steel paddle latches. These utility boxes are available in three sizes and have a polished silver finish.

Deflecta Shield manufactures Seal Tite RV Storage Chests, featuring many heavy-duty components that add up to make a durable and solid toolbox. These storage chests have a heavy-duty push button locking system with triple-ring sealing technology to keep contents secure. Dual industrial-grade gas struts open the dome style lid,which is hemmed for safety and has a four-sided bulb seal to keep out water and dust. The chests also have a double-reinforced interior pan for extra strength and are available in polished or diamond tread finishes.

Delta Champion Aluminum Toolbox Chests have a high-strength body design that combines safety and convenience. Their lid design has an outer aluminum shell, and insulating middle layer, and a reverse beveled edge lid liner for durability. The lids have adjustable strikers for a tighter seal and gas spring lid lifts for quick access. These chests have leak-proof stainless steel paddle handles for mobility and are available in two sizes with a polished bright or black powdercoat finish.

Champion Aluminum Toolbox Chests

Delta Champion Aluminum Toolbox Chests

Sway and Suspension Kits for Heavy Haulin’

When you’re doing some haulin’ it’s important to have the right accessories for a safe and steady ride. Weight distribution and Suspension Kits can go a long way in making your trips more comfortable and less strenuous on your vehicle.

Valley’s Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch is specially designed to help level loads and improve handling. It distributes weight over the entire length of the tow vehicle for more control and stability and less strain. It has a dual sway control platform with a raised ball platform to provide greater coupler clearance. These hitches have a gross trailer weight of 6,000 to 15,000 lbs., depending on the specific model.

SuperSprings’s Supersway Stops are cutting-edge anti-sway suspension stabilizers that use micro-cellular, poly-urethane foam. The foam has a soft progressive compression and a true spring curve to absorb road shock impact and limit potential rebounding effects. The foam also retains memory and it will not dissipate over time. These sway stops have a quick bolt-on installation and have applications for Ford Super-Duty and Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 trucks with air springs and contact type auxiliary springs.

Timbren Suspension Kits feature rubber cushions to absorb road shocks. They automatically adjust to uneven loads and road conditions and eliminate the sag and sway that is prevalent in hauling heavy loads. These kits have a bolt-on installation with no holes to drill, airlines to route, or fitting that allow leaks. There are hundreds of applications fitting many different years, makes, and models of SUVs, trucks, and vans.

Timbren Suspension Kits

Timbren Suspension Kits

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Sunday is Father’s Day, giving you the chance to do something special for your dad, stepdad, grandfathers, and uncles. We have perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas for all the guys on your lists. These accessories will add some extra personality to their cars or trucks, while accenting their favorite sports teams, hobbies, military service, or American pride.

A great accessory for all fishermen is a Fishermon Truck Antenna. These tunes antenna inserts provide excellent radio reception while turning your antenna into a replicated fishing pole. The original FisherMon is stainless steel with working guides. A silver fiberglass ice fishing rod, black bait cast rod, and black spin fiberglass rod are also available. All four varieties are 31-inches long and fit most trucks and cars.

Another idea is one of the many available Hammerhead Accessories. Hammerhead manufactures many different varieties of hitch covers, sports plates,and license plate frames with MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, military, and other specialty designs available. The license plate frames have 3-D logos and vibrant epoxy color-fill and are suitable for all vehicles. Sports plates are hand tooled to provide outstanding details and can be used on vehicles in states where only one license plate is required. They can also serve as a collectible and can be used as a decoration in a themed room or garage. Hammerhead hitch covers are engineered for strength, durability, and distinctive design with intricate detailing and color graphics that are the latest in design technology. You can gift an individual piece, a mix of designs, or a set of all three!

Hammer Head MLB Hitch Covers

Hammer Head MLB Hitch Covers

Engine Oil Coolers

Derale is a leading manufacturer of performance cooling products. Derale Oil Coolers can help reduce oil temperatures by up to 50°F. Having appropriate oil temperatures can positively affect the bottom half of your vehicle’s engine, because it relies on the engine’s oil for cooling. Cooler oil helps keep internal engine parts cooler, as well as coolant temperatures lower, and can extend the life of the engine. Derale oil coolers are offered in three styles to fit any applications and are available as core only or complete kits.

Derale’s Tube & Fin Engine Oil Coolers help to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine by keeping internal engine parts at proper temperatures. The high capacity 6 pass cooler is 7.5-inches by 17-inches by .77-inches. It has .5-inch seamless copper tubes expanded into .75-inch aluminum extraction. Plastic edge guard protectors are included and the cooler has a black powdercoated finish. This tube and fin kit includes a thermostatic sandwich adapter, 10 ft. of oil hosing, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Derale’s High Performance Stacked Plate Engine Oil Coolers are the preferred kits if you plan on high performance driving or racing with your vehicle. These coolers feature 10 embossed plates to provide maximum heat extraction. They are equipped with -8 AN male inserts and have barb adapters for the push-on oil hose. The cooler is 13-inches by 3-inches by 2-inches and kits include a thermostatic sandwich adapter, 10 ft. of oil hosing, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Derale’s Plate & Fin Engine Oil Coolers are the OEM coolers for many of today’s vehicles. They are specifically designed for high heat extraction that is required for computer controlled drivetrains. The coolers are 10-inches by 10-inches by 1.25-inches and kits include a thermostatic sandwich adapter, 10 ft. of oil hosing, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Derale High Performance Stacked Plate Engine Oil Coolers

Derale High Performance Stacked Plate Engine Oil Coolers

Beach Trip Necessities

Now that the kids are out of school, vacation season is in full swing. The most common destination for summer family vacations is the beach. Make sure you and your vehicle are ready for the trip with these great auto and truck accessories!

For the drive to the beach, you may need some extra storage space for your beach towels, umbrella, coolers, toys, and more! The solution is a Hitch Basket, which slips easily into any 2-inch receiver tube. The basket holds up to 500 lbs. of cargo, so you won’t need to leave anything behind. It is made from fully-welded 10-gauge steel with steel mesh flooring and gusseted supports. Cargo is protected with a 9-inch high railing made of 1-inch square tubing. The basket is 60 by 24-inches and is black powdercoated for protection.

While you’re out soaking up the rays, keep your vehicle’s interior protected with an economical Sun Shields. They keep the inside of your vehicle cool and help protect from fading and cracking. The sun shade stays in place using two attached suction cups, and folds up compactly with two elastic straps. Standard sized shades are 51 by 20-inches and come in blue, red, or silver. Extra large shades are 73 by 27-inches and are available in silver.

On the ride home, you’ll have wet swim suits and beach towels and an accumulation of sand to contend with. You can ensure that your cargo area will stay clean and dry with a Custom Fit Cargo Liner. They are manufactured by Highland and are specifically made for your vehicle’s year, make, and model for a great fit. They are easy to install, remove, and clean, and have a raised lop to keep debris (like sand!) contained. They are available in black, tan, and gray to match most vehicle interiors and are proudly made in the USA.

Wolo Sun Shields

Wolo Sun Shields

3 Steps to a Sporty New Look

If you want to get noticed while cruising down the highway, it’s time to upgrade your vehicle for a new, sportier look. So what makes a sporty car? Start with a little extra flash, add in a low aerodynamic body, and top it off with a killer Car Wing.

First stop on your sporty revamp is Chrome Exhaust Tips to transform the look and sound of your exhaust pipe and add some flash and shine. They are made of stainless T-304 steel, and are guaranteed to keep their chrome shine and remain corrosion-free for life. No welding is required; a stainless steel clamp is used for a quick and easy installation. They are available in several different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle, and all tips have a lifetime warranty.

Up next are Razzi Ground Effect Kits to make your vehicle appear to sit lower to the ground. Razzi is a leading manufacturer of ground effects, and all of their parts are made from specially formulated ABS. Most ground effect kits for cars have front and rear air dams and two side skirts. Truck ground effects kits usually have a front air dam and two each of cab skirts, bed skirts, and rear skirts. Additional pieces may be included. All air dams fit wheel-to-wheel, and they are designed to attach to your vehicle’s existing bumpers. All parts can be painted to match your car or truck’s factory color for a seamless look from top to bottom. Razzi ground effect kits have a limited lifetime warranty.

JSP’s Super Touring Wings are your last stop to give your vehicle the racing look you desire. They are constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass to be durable, yet lightweight, and have a smooth gelcoat finish. They are paintable, so you can match your vehicle’s paint color, and are available with LED lights if desired. Wing height is about 8.25 inches and there are three lengths available. They are fully adjustable from 12° up to 26° down to add or reduce drag, and their innovative design allows easy access to the adjustment screws. These wings install by bolting directly to your vehicle’s read deck, with some drilling required. So whether you upgrade with just one of these accessories, or add all three, you are sure to get heads turning in your newly remade sports car!

JSP Apache Super Touring Wings

JSP Apache Super Touring Wings

Great Toolbox Accessories

Truck toolboxes are an essential component of pickup trucks for both contractors and handymen alike. They are an extremely practical and useful investment, but they do have a couple of drawbacks. They take up space in your pickup truck bed that could otherwise be used for cargo. Also, their placement at the front of the bed means a lot of climbing up to the bed, walking the length of it, and jumping back down: not a huge hassle, unless you are doing it all day. Luckily, there are a number of add-on toolbox accessories that can rectify these problems.

The Grablock Toolbox Slider Kit is an innovative accessory that will save you time and energy. It allows you to slide your toolbox to the tailgate of your truck, eliminating all the climbing in and out of your truck bed. Each kit contains two 16-inch UHMW sliders with pre-drilled holes, two studs, and two fastening knobs. This slider kit works with almost any crossover toolbox as long as it clears the pickup’s wheel wells when sliding.

The Carr Tool Box Step is the perfect addition to your truck to allow access to your toolbox and cargo area. It mounts to your truck frame and is easy to install with no drilling required. The step swings out and locks into position when in use and hides and locks away when not in use. It has a rugged construction and is available in three finishes:  polished, black powdercoat, and titanium silver powdercoat. All hardware is included,and each step is proudly made in the USA.

STK Tool Box Brackets allow the addition of your favorite crossbed tool box to your headache rack or cab guard. They provide an extra 2-inches of clearance underneath the tool box. This can be extremely helpful when you have an extra-deep tool box ore if you carry long objects and need the entire length of your pickup bed. These brackets have a high-quality construction and are made in the USA.

Grablock Universal Tool Box Slider Kit

Grablock Universal Tool Box Slider Kit