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Pimp My Ride

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in expensive rims or a custom paint job to pimp your ride and make it look hot. One inexpensive and effective way to do it is by using car accessories. Tons of great truck accessories are available in today’s market at affordable prices to make your truck a statement on the streets, a mesmerizing beast, or a wild ride.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of alloy rims that you are just going to have to take off during the winter months to protect them from the winters salt and grime. Buy a nice set of stainless steel wheel skins. Stainless steel wheel skins install in minutes with no cutting or drilling they just snap on to the stock wheels.

One of the most popular ways to pimp your trucks exterior is by adding on a chrome exhaust tip. All you have to do is bolt it on. So not only are they relatively easy to install, but exhaust tips are also very cheap.

Another nice add on for your trucks exterior is a drop step nerf bar. The drop step nerf bar allows you a good solid stepping area to assist in climbing in to your truck. Think about it, how mom is going to get into your truck. They come in different finishes to go with the look you are aiming for. A nice chrome one really stands out.

Little by little, you can accessorize your vehicle until you get the look you are going for and without having to spend a lot of money all at once. Many times these accessories are universal or specially made to fit your car model and brand. With a little bit of fun and effort you can make your car look great.

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Stainless Wheel Simulators

Get Your Own Hot Wheels.

There was nothing better than playing with hot wheels cars growing up. Maybe you had one of the play sets or maybe a carpet road mat, no matter what it was; it was always a good time. I always treated my nicer car better, the ones with a nice paint job and shiny wheels.  For me the shiny wheels were the best part of the car. When I got a little older I got my first toy car that came with changing parts, so many different kinds of these shiny wheels that I could put on the car, score! In my teens I came to find out that these shiny wheels were called chrome.  I got my first gas powered car and I was more into changing the wheels than how fast I can make it go.  On my 17th birthday my dad took me out car shopping.  We went to a few car dealers to shop around. I think it was the second stop I found my love my 2010 Chevy Avalanche.  I got my truck home now it was time to make it mine. I didn’t have much money at the time to make it look flashy.  I got a nice set of Chrome wheel skins for that shiny look I wanted. Beautiful chrome wheel skins were the definite way to add class and to set my truck apart from all the rest. Just as wheels all come in various sizes and looks, there are specifically designed wheel skins to fit right over the factory wheels that my truck came with. Wheel skins were less costly than custom wheels, and they add the superior look and are easy to maintain, as well, and very easy to install. I wanted to buy other wheel covers so I can change the look of my truck from time to time. I wanted a collection of covers, different designs, and different looks. What if I was driving and I hit a curb, or a hard bump and one of my covers came off, this way I could go home and put on a new set.  My dad who has a dual wheel diesel work truck likes my collection of wheel skins and wheel covers that he has gotten himself a set of wheel simulators for his truck. He likes how they go right on over the lugs and that he does not have to remove them to put them on.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your car or truck look good.

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Chrome Wheel Skins

Great Gift Ideas from BuyAutoTruckAccessories

There are only four more days to shop before Christmas. If you still need gift ideas, check out our Great Gift Ideas page, which includes some of our best selling products that are sure to be a big hit. If you’re shopping is already finished, why not check out the gift guide anyway, and pick out a little something for yourself? You deserve a reward for getting everything done with four whole days to spare!

One of the best items on the gift guide is Leather Seat Covers from Leathercraft. These covers are specifically engineered for each seat pattern and include a covers for all rows in your vehicle. They use memory foam for extra comfort and are double-stitched for durability.  They are very easy to install and are available in black, gray, or tan to match the interior of your vehicle.

Another great option is CCI Chrome Wheel Skins. They fit like a glove over the original steel or alloy wheels, transforming them to the expensive and shiny look of chrome. These skins are made of triple chrome-plated, high impact ABS. The skins have a quick snap-on installation using inside clip retention and are easy to maintain.

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chrome wheels

CCI Chrome Wheel Skins



Go Chrome Accessories or Go Home

If you don’t have enough money to buy a new car or truck and want to upgrade the look of your current vehicle, why not consider going chrome? Chrome accessories can be the perfect upgrade because they look good individually, as a small touch, but also compliment other chrome pieces.

Making the chrome commitment is more than just enhancing the look of your car or truck. Although it can define your rides style, there are many more benefits that chrome accessories provide.

  • Easy to install – Many chrome accessories feature a peel and stick design that is ready to go in minutes.
  • Easy to clean – Dirt and debris will slide right off the hard, smooth surfaces. A simple rinse and dry is all that you need to have your chrome accessories looking like new.
  • Easy to spot – It’s hard to miss a truck decked out in shiny chrome. With its highly reflective properties, you’ll be turning heads in no time.
  • Durability – Since chrome plating enhances the durability of weaker material that it covers, chrome accessories are naturally more durable. While it may suffer light scratches over time, repair is as simple as a quick buff.

With all the different choices of styles, finishes and functions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. View our chrome accessories buyer’s guide for a breakdown of some popular chrome choices and their functions to make it easier to choose which product will work best for you.

Weekday Specials: Work Truck or Play Truck?

I’ve found that you can generally categorize trucks into two categories: Work Trucks and Play Trucks. That’s not to say that you can’t work in your Play Truck, or have fun in your Work Truck, but how many people out there spend time waxing their work truck? Thankfully, has great deals this week on accessories for both kinds of trucks. Deals start today (5/24) and run through Thursday (5/26).

ICI Nerf Bars will give you an extra boost into your truck by adding an extra 3 inches to your step. They are made of premium grade 3-inch stainless steel tubing with a bright mirror finish for a sleek look and molded plastic step pads for a good grip. They are simple to install, with no drilling required and have a limited lifetime warranty. Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

STK Pro Rack Cab Guards are proudly made in the USA! Their frames are made of 2-inch thick steel tubing for superior strength. All brackets and rail plates are reinforced with steel and all hardware is zinc-plated for protection against corrosion. The Pro Rack has a unique shape that follows trucks’ contours, avoiding a boring boxy look. Many accessory bracket kits are available for mounting auxiliary lights, antennas, or toolboxes. The Pro Rack uses a nine step powdercoat process for superior durability and can be painted to match factory colors. Verdict: Work Truck (unless you throw particularly raucous parties in your Play Truck’s bed)

Pacer’s Truck Cab Lights are teardrop shaped for a more modern look. They are made from all plastic, so they are a very economical option. They can be used for front or rear mounting, so they are versatile as well. They use standard bulbs, and are available in amber or red colors. Lights can be purchased individually or as sets of 5, for better savings. Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a truck with rally wheels before, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to start a new trend! CCI makes both rally wheels and Rally Wheel Center Caps. They are made of durable chrome ABS, for both sturdiness and shine. They are sold in 4 piece sets and available in 4 distinct styles including a cool spinner variety. Verdict: Play Truck (although maybe your Work Truck could use a little levity?)

Hella Map Lights are a particularly useful addition to any vehicle. They use optically patterned lenses for a bright and dazzle-free light. These lights have flexible gooseneck arms (anywhere from 6 –inches to 20-inches long) that allow you to aim the light wherever you need it for the best possible visibility. They all have convenient on/off switched located at the top of the light head so they are easy to operate. There is a cigarette-lighter power model that can be stashed away when not in use, as well as a permanently-mounted, hard-wired Xenon model.   The LED Day Flex is surface mounted and available with red or white LEDs, or get both colors and put on your own amateur light show (Play Truck only). Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

Amer-Rac’s Full Size Van Racks are for work vans, not trucks. They are strong and versatile and have wide clamp-on mounting plates that attach to van rain gutters. They are available in 2 or 3 piece sets, as well as single racks that can be added on as needed. The aluminum versions have a capacity of 400 lbs., and the stronger steel models can hold up to 600 lbs. Amer-Rac truck ladder racks are also available. Verdict: Neither (Oops!)

STK Pro Rack Cab Guards

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Car Care Tips: Wheel Covers

Show some love for your wheels with shiny wheel covers. CCI Aftermarket Wheel Covers bring extra attention to your wheels! With these vehicle specific designs, you are guaranteed a great look and perfect fit! A large selection of wheel covers is available, so you are likely to find a fit for your vehicle. All wheel covers are silver or chrome and some include extra colored detailing for a different look. Covers are easy and quick to install, so you can be on the road shown off your new accessories in no time! Universal models, including spinner, rally wheels, and baby moons are also available.

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