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Protect That Bed With A Truck Bedliner

truck bedNow that you just spent tens of thousands of dollars for the pickup truck you’ve always wanted, it’s in your best interest to protect your truck with a truck bedliner. There are several different kinds of bed liners to choose from, while spray in Bedliners can be costly and hazardous to your health, try a Drop-In Bedliner or a Carpeted one,  this sometimes makes it difficult to decide which type is right for your pickup truck.  How do you use your truck? Will the bedliner protect your truck from constant hauling of heavy objects? Do you need slight protection for occasional use? Or is the bedliner strictly for looks? You want protection no matter what, and a truck bed liner will protect the body of the truck bed from damage while hauling items. Since trucks are designed to be used heavily, the beds will benefit from an extra layer of protection. A bed liner will keep your truck looking great, even if you haul a lot in it. You will not have to worry about covering scratches and dings to the finish of the bed later on. Bedliners do not permanently alter your truck in any way, they are easy to install and can be easily removed. Most have thick, rigid bodies that provide protection against dents in the bed of your truck, and are long lasting and easy to clean. Bedliners can mount under the bedrail or can be placed over it to add more protection.  My husband just purchased an F150 and wanted a quality plastic liner, he decided on one from Duraliner, which has amazing write ups. No matter what type of liner you choose for your pickup truck a plastic liner or a rugged liner, make sure the one you choose is high quality. There’s no sense in investing in a product if you’re going to buy something that won’t last as long as you own your truck.

Are They on the Naughty List or Nice List?

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Well, believe it or not, he’s on his way and it’s that time of year again to ask, will you make the naughty list or the nice list?  Have you been good all year in hopes that Santa might do a little splurging on you or have you been not so nice and only be rewarded with a shirt and tie?  We are having some great deals on some selected products each weekend leading up to Christmas. This weekend we are focusing on truck bed protection. Maybe that someone you are shopping for has been naughty and should not be rewarded with a pricy item, get them a bedrail cap. Is the trucker in your life on the nice list, then show them that it has not been over looked and get them a more pricy gift like a bed liner. Whatever it is that you might be looking to wrap up this holiday season for the car/truck lover in your life, make sure to shop with us and take advantage of our great deals.


Bedrug Holiday Promo Week!

Starting today November 21st and ending next Tuesday, November 27th save an extra 10% on all Bedrug Products!

This a fabulous deal if you are looking for new bedliners for your truck, mats for your cargo van, or protection for your trailer walls. Bedrug manufactures three different products for your truck bed: a carpeted liner, a spray-in look liner, and a carpeted mat. All three feature a foam backing that will not scratch your paint, as well as a thicker, waterproof top that will protect your bed while keeping cargo from sliding and skidding. Bedrug also manufactures two kinds of tailgate mats, with a cut-to-fit universal style that will fit almost any truck and custom mats that are perfectly designed to fit your specific vehicle. For work vans, Bedrug makes both a rubber “VanTred” model and a carpeted “VanRug” model, both of which offer cushy, shock-absorbent protection to your van’s floors while also resisting gas, oil, chemicals, and other liquids. Bedrug trailer protection is available in the form of kits that include carpeted liner, extrusion rails, and spray adhesive to cover the interior walls (up to 4 ft. high) of your trailer. Kits are available for 10 to 32 ft. trailers. A 2 ft. by 4 ft. x .75-inch foam mat is also available for use in trailers or garages to protect the floor and your knees or back when hard at work on your vehicle or in your garage.

Bedrug Bedliner

Be sure to check back often to see all our upcoming holiday promotions! We hope all of our dedicated readers have a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

New Hunting Technology and How It Can Help You.


Deer hunting is an age-old tradition. While there are different methods used today, the underlining motivation for most people is the thrill of the hunt. Nevertheless, new technology and accessories are different today than those used for hunting thousands of years ago, but it is the anticipation and excitement that truly makes the sport of hunting.

Throughout history we have found many ancient cave paintings of deer being speared by man. They have also found remains of stone weapons and animal bones that were used to assist in the kill. Archaeologists know that ancient humans used every part of their harvest. Bones were used for tools, skin was made for clothes. Because deer were plentiful in many areas across the world, they became a main source of food. Hunters in those days used slings and spears to take down the deer and kept the antlers as trophies, the same way hunters do today.  Today hunters have so many more useful tools at their hands. The internet can give details to the best regions for deer hunting. You can also find out the best time of day to find your kill. Some state parks can also provide you with maps as to deer paths that have been marked.  Today we still use most of our harvest, like we did then. We still rely on the meat for food and enjoy hanging the bucks head as a trophy.

Today, with the tremendous deer population many states are choosing to manage it by supporting deer hunting with specified guidelines to ensure that hunting enthusiasts are still intrigued and challenged. Hunters are still allowed to use modern technologies, such as rifles and crossbows. Each state outlines specific dates for hunting and put limits on what is hunted, what type of weapon is used and how much can be taken. This allows time for the deer to reproduce allow for hunting to continue.


NFL Tailgating Essentials

NFL Tailgating

To me, Fall means NFL tailgating and football of course. What’s not to like about football? It offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into the competition, big hits or touchdown celebrations, football, in my opinion, is the greatest sport on earth. It also gives fans the opportunity to do something every weekend their favorite team is playing at home: tailgate. Even for non-football fans, it is something everyone from kids to adults can enjoy. If you aren’t familiar with parking lot gathering, you’re missing out. If you enjoy hanging out with friends and family, grilling up some food and playing games, tailgating is for you. However you want to make sure you have all the right tailgating accessories.

How do you plan to grill burgers, brats, hot dogs, etc. without a grill? While some people go all out and bring their backyard grills, a small charcoal grill will suffice. You will be the envy of the people around you with the smell of the food you are grilling. Now you need some chairs and a folding table so you can set up your beer pong, a tailgating must. Try to keep all your tailgating accessories together so it is easier to find.  That heavy duty storage bag that you got last football season really comes in handy keeping all your tailgating gear in one place.

You will be glad when you and the boys are throwing the ball around that you spent the extra money over the summer to get the carpeted bedliner for your truck. You don’t want your girl sitting on a bare metal bed now she and her girlfriends can stay a little warmer and more comfortable. Along with the comfort it will also help with protecting the bed as well.

Game time, is near. You now start breaking down the canopy, folding the chairs and cleaning up everything else you set up. Pack up everything back in the storage bag and load everything into your truck bed. Once you have all that down you can now lock up and go enjoy the game with your friends. Make sure you lock your truck cover, you don’t want to come back and find out that all your gear is now gone. After locking up, put the key back in the hitch receiver key safe. No worry about losing that key, you just have to remember the combination. Game Time!

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Weekend Specials: Protection for Floors, Beds, & Trailers

This weekend (starting today 6/15 and running through Sunday 6/17) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have special deals on accessories that protect your floors, truck bed, and trailer walls.

Highland’s Soft Foam Floor Pads protect your floors as well as your legs and knees. Have you ever stood on the hard concrete in your garage for hours on end? Well, with these 1 ft. by 1 ft. foam squares, you can add a little padding to vastly increase your comfort. These squares are lightweight and have interlocking ends. Sixteen pieces are included in each package and they can be arranged in multiple configurations to fit any space you desire. They are also easy to clean, so they work as a great floor protector when you’re doing messy jobs. These pads can be used anywhere: garages, basements, trailers, laundry rooms, etc.

If you want to protect your truck bed’s floor a Drop-in Bedliner is a good idea. These bed liners are custom molded so they conform to your vehicle’s curves and lines, offering superior protection. They are available in both under-rail and over-rail designs and are made from a UV-protected material that resists fading, denting, and scratching. The liners’ ribbed design provides efficient drainage and skid-resistance is extruded right into the material so it will not rub off. Included with each bed liner are a tailgate protector and all necessary hardware, so you will get full protection.

Finally, you can keep your trailer’s inner walls protected with Premium Trailer Wall Protection. This protection is in the form of premium wall lining that is .25-inches thick and looks and feels like carpet. Not only is it stain and mildew-resistant, but it protects your trailer walls – and whatever is in your trailer – from dings, dents, and scratches. The liner is 4 ft. high and can be cut to fit around switches and outlets. This wall liner protection is sold in kits for 10 to 32 ft. trailers. Included in the kits are aluminum extrusion rails, which line the top of the wall liners, and hi-bond adhesive, which is used to stick the liners to the trailer walls.

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BedRug TrailerWare Premium Trailer Wall Protection Kits

Going Camping? Try Truck Camping.

Muddy ground, creeping critters, leaking tents! All disadvantages of tent camping. Add the fact that you have to do something with that muddy, soggy tent the next morning and tent camping becomes even less attractive. No mud, no bugs, no leaks! Just some of the benefits of truck camping. So you might think who would want to sleep in their truck, or on their truck bed? How can that be comfortable? What about privacy? Let’s cover each topic and see what can be done to make truck camping more attractive. Well, before you head off and begin construction on your very own redneck RV, take a minute and think what do I really need? I can understand not wanting to sleep on the bare metal of the truck bed so get a bed liner, want extra comfort get a carpeted bedliner. What if it rains, no problem you have a few choices here, is cash a problem, buy some tarps. Have a few extra dollars to keep you and your “companion” dry maybe a cap for the bed or even a truck bed tent (yes there is such a thing) this will not only keep you dry bit it will also provide privacy. Get crafty with some wood and make the back of your truck bed into a bi-level.  You can sleep up top and store your gear on the bottom.  Worried about not fitting your gear in the bed, along with you, try using a bed extender. That will give you that extra space you need. So now just get some blankets and pillows and you are good to go. When you arrive at the campsite open that beer, sit back, and watch your friends try to figure out how that damn tent went up.

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bed rug bedliner

Weekend Specials: Get Haulin’

This weekend (starting today 4/13 and running through Sunday 4/15) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re offering great accessories on accessories that help you haul ladders, lumber, and other cargo in your truck.

If you’re hauling around a ladder, then your best bet is Steel Truck Racks. Kargo Master Pro III racks are constructed of high tensile strength 1-5/8-inch diameter steel alloy tubing. They use rugged 14-inch mounting plates that distribute the rack load over a larger area. Other special features include rear grab handles that provide easier loading and unloading, and a removable rear crossbar that allows improved truck bed access. These racks are available for trucks with and without shells and require no cutting for installation.

If you have to haul lumber, tubing, or other long cargo, you need a Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender. This extender mounts to your hitch and extends out past your truck tailgate to provide an extra support surface. The extender expands in four directions; with its arms moving wider (50-inches) and narrower (30-inches) depending on the width of you load. It also expands in height, reaching the height of your truck cab’s roof to aid in carrying rooftop cargo. This extender is made of durable steel and supports up to 750 lbs.

Finally, no matter what you’re hauling, you need to protect your truck bed with a Pick Up Truck Bed Liner. Bedliner’s BedTread requires no drilling, sanding, or prepping to install. It uses hook and loop fasteners and does not damage the truck bed. It’s made of .25-inch thick TPO composite bonded to water-proof foam. Its textured surface prevents cargo from sliding and its thickness absorbs impact and prevents damage and scratched to your truck bed.

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Lund HitchRack Truck Bed Extender

Spring Showers Are Coming!

Spring showers are coming. It is time to make sure you have your truck bed protected. While a tonneau cover keep your bed covered, they cannot always be used. When carrying large or cumbersome cargo, you must remove you tonneau, and if it starts raining you may have some problems. However, with a bed liner, you have protection 100% of the time. It will protect your bed from the elements and from the scratches and dents that can be cause by the cargo as well.

The Duraliner Pickup Truck Bed Liner is a plastic drop-in liner that is custom molded to fit your specific truck. It is made from a durable material that stands up to heavy use and is UV-protected so it won’t fade in the sun. It has a ribbed design that prevents heavy skidding and sliding of cargo and also provides for better water drainage. It is available in both under-rail and over-rail designs and most designs include board and cup holders. All necessary hardware is included.

Plastic liners offer good protection, but if you do a lot of tailgating you may prefer a carpeted Truck Bed Liner. Bedrug’s liner is made of closed cell foam and looks and feels like carpet. The floor of the liner is .75-inches thick, providing a comfortable surface for sitting, kneeling, or even lying down. This foam prevents cargo from sliding, stands up to bleach, gas, oils, and chemicals, and will not absorb liquids. It is fade-resistant, and the foam will not scratch your paint. It installs in seconds with no power tools needed.

While you’re installing that Liner For Your Truck Bed, don’t forget a tailgate liner too. They prevent scratching of the tailgate surface and fit right over the existing tailgate.  The Duraliner models are made of polyethylene to be extremely long lasting and offer the same protection as a plastic drop-in liner. They are custom designed for a better fit and most include a protective lip to cover the top of the tailgate. Installation hardware is included, and they are easy to install.

Duraliner Truck Bed Liner

Weekend Specials: Truck Accessories From Front to Back

This weekend (starting today 1/13 and running through Sunday 1/15) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re helping you fix up your truck with both practical and fanciful new accessories.

Let’s start at the front and work our way back. First up are Horizontal Billet Grille Inserts by Westin. They are manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for a super sturdy construction. They also have a shiny polished finish that is sure to attract attention. These grilles are available for tops and bumpers and as replacement inserts. Most models bolt right on and require no drilling or cutting, so you can install in no time, and be on your way, proudly showing off your brand new accessory.

Next up is STK’s Cab Visors. These visors are available for vans and SUVs as well as pickups. They are custom designed for each application and feature a stylish aerodynamic design. With a visor in place, you can block out sun making for an easier and cooler driving experience. Each visor comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and paintable caps. In addition you can have your visor custom painted to match the factory color of your vehicle for a sleek, OE look.

Now moving to the truck bed, it’s the Duraliner Drop-In Bed Liner, in both under-rail and over-rail designs! This liner is custom molded to fit specific makes and models and is made of a UV-protected and dent and scratch-resistant material. Each liner has a ribbed design that provides efficient water damage as well as a skid-resistant surface that is co-extruded right into the liner. Each liner includes a matching tailgate protector and all necessary hardware for installation.

Bringing up the rear is the Loadhandler Cargo Unloader. This unique system includes a woven fiber dragsheet and manual crank that attach to the truck tailgate. When you turn the crank, the dragsheet rolls forward, effectively unloading whatever cargo you have loaded into your truck bed! This is the perfect solution for unloading rocks, sand, or dirt for landscaping or construction. It can also be used to move cargo from the front of the bed to the rear for more convenient unloading. Each unloader includes a roller bar, tie down straps, adjustable brackets, and the aforementioned dragsheet and crank. The system is easy to install, attach, and detach, and is available in both 2,000 and 3,000 lb. capacities.

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load handler