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Level Out Your Sagging Snowplow

With snow in the forecast, more people are going to be out plowing the snow. Unfortunately adding a snowplow to the front of your truck can oftentimes cause uneven suspension and front end sag. If this is your problem, check out these suspension aides that will lift your front end, and keep you driving safe.

Timbren Suspension Kits are designed to specifically enhance the suspension of your vehicle with their rubber cushions that absorb road shocks and automatically adjust based on uneven loads or road conditions. These suspensions require no holes to drill or airlines to route. They install in minutes using basic hand tools (unless otherwise noted), and won’t leak and require maintenance like other suspension aides. These suspensions kits are available for front and rear use and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit hundred of different vehicles.

Super Springs has developed quite a few different products to aid in suspension stabilizing. Their Torsion Bar Keys give 2-inches of front-end lift to vehicles and are useful in correcting suspension sag. There are kits available for Ford, GM, and Dodge vehicles that are equipped with torsion bars, and they will not increase your torsion bar preload (which could impact your ride). These keys are made in the USA from high quality steel and are engineered to be 25% stronger than OE torsion keys. They can be installed in under two hours and include shock extenders when required.

Super Springs also manufactures Sumo Springs Suspension kits. They are designed for use with front-mounted accessories, like snowplows, to level out loads while reducing bounce and sway. These kits use the highest quality patented micro-cellular polyurethane that has excellent abrasion and cut resistance and low temperature flexibility. The cushions compress in on themselves to up to 70% of their original height. This high compression rate is matched with full memory rebound and is designed specifically for the tough underbody environment. These kits are easy to install and include all mounting hardware required. They are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

SuperSprings SumoSprings Front Suspension Upgrade Kit

Weekday Specials for Trucks, Van, and Cars

This weekend (starting today 9/30 and running through Sunday 10/2) get special discounts on select accessories at We have great deals no matter what you’re driving!

For trucks, we have Stainless Steel Tailgate Bed Caps. These custom fit bed caps are made from 22-gauge stainless steel. They are available with or without stake pocket cutouts to meet your needs and install easily using 3M Adhesive. Matching bulkhead and tailgate protectors are also available to complete your look.

The CBT Toolbox Tonneau system is also a special this weekend. This revolutionary system includes two diamond tread tool boxes that attach to the sides of your pickup truck. These boxes use dual gas shocks for easy opening and have lockable, quick-release stainless handles. They have a single lid running the length of each box for easy storage and access of longer items. To fill the gap between the two tool boxes, choose between a soft black tonneau or a hard diamond tread tonneau. Both options keep your bed completely covered to keep precious cargo safe. If you need extra room, you can remove the tonneau, allowing tall objects to sit between the two storage boxes. This versatile system is available for a variety of makes, models, and bed lengths!

For vans, we have Van Equipment Packages from Vistas. They are available for full-size vans, mini vans, walk-in vans, step vans, cube vans, as well as specialized for the Dodge Sprinter and Ford Transit Connect. These custom packages are made up of the most useful Vistas products and are geared towards contractors. Each package contains shelving units of the appropriate lengths to fit your van with shelf supports included as needed. Many of the packages also include a van partition kit that separates the front seating area from the cargo are for additional safety and security. Of course additional Vistas equipment and accessories can be purchased to customize your work van to your exact specifications.

Timbren Suspension Enhancers are also available for a wide variety of vans (as well as SUVs and trucks). They use rubber cushions to absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven roads or road conditions. This improves handling and eliminates sag and sway, two of the annoying side effects of heavy haulin’. They do NOT use problematic air lines or fittings, so they don’t leak and need replacement. They are also easy to install, requiring no drilling or routing, simply bolt on the part using basic hand tools.

For cars, we have super cool Ground Effect Kits. These kits are made with specially formulated ABS that can be painted to match your vehicle’s factory color. Each kit typically contains 4 piece – front air dam, rear air dam, and 2 side skirts – but kit components can vary. Other accessories are also available, including light kits, exhaust extension kits, and cat-back performance exhaust systems. Pieces also may be sold individually to give you the look you desire. Some truck models also have ground effect kits available.

Finally we have Car Floor Protection (and trucks and SUVs) by Nifty. These mats are made from a tough Vyram material that resists mud, snow, and chemicals. Their design includes raised blocks to wipe your feet on, as well as drip channels that move liquids to the bottom of the mats, away from your shoes, socks, and pant legs. Their raised lips contain spills and their rolled edges make them extra durable. They are easy to remove, clean, and restore. They are available in black, grey, and tan to allow matching of vehicle interiors.

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March into Green: First Day of Spring

Will an egg really stand on its end on the first day of spring? Check out some more fun trivia by clicking here.

Speaking of spring, have you heard of SuperSprings, the manufacturer of self-adjusting suspension products? Their Suspension stabilizers prevent sag and reduce sway by up to 30%. Their SuperSway Stops use micro cellular poly-urethane foam, which retains memory, to absorb road shock impact and limit rebound. Their SumoSprings are high-quality and heavy-duty, specifically designed for the tough truck underbody environment. Finally, their SuperCoils have a linear constant spring rate that levels up front-end sag.

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Sway and Suspension Kits for Heavy Haulin’

When you’re doing some haulin’ it’s important to have the right accessories for a safe and steady ride. Weight distribution and Suspension Kits can go a long way in making your trips more comfortable and less strenuous on your vehicle.

Valley’s Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch is specially designed to help level loads and improve handling. It distributes weight over the entire length of the tow vehicle for more control and stability and less strain. It has a dual sway control platform with a raised ball platform to provide greater coupler clearance. These hitches have a gross trailer weight of 6,000 to 15,000 lbs., depending on the specific model.

SuperSprings’s Supersway Stops are cutting-edge anti-sway suspension stabilizers that use micro-cellular, poly-urethane foam. The foam has a soft progressive compression and a true spring curve to absorb road shock impact and limit potential rebounding effects. The foam also retains memory and it will not dissipate over time. These sway stops have a quick bolt-on installation and have applications for Ford Super-Duty and Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 trucks with air springs and contact type auxiliary springs.

Timbren Suspension Kits feature rubber cushions to absorb road shocks. They automatically adjust to uneven loads and road conditions and eliminate the sag and sway that is prevalent in hauling heavy loads. These kits have a bolt-on installation with no holes to drill, airlines to route, or fitting that allow leaks. There are hundreds of applications fitting many different years, makes, and models of SUVs, trucks, and vans.

Timbren Suspension Kits

Timbren Suspension Kits

New Products for May

New products are now available for purchase at! Valley’s Adjustable Ball Mount has an infinitely adjustable height: set it anywhere from a 7.5-inch drop to a 6.25-inch rise. The selected height is automatically retained by a spring clip. The ball mount is 13-inches in length and has a 1-inch ball hole. It has a 5,000 lb. trailer weight rating and a 500 lb. tongue weight rating. It’s a great purchase if you need a mount with height flexibility.

Supersprings’s Suspension Stabilizers take a bit of work to install, but with this new Installation Tool, it’s much easier and safer too! The tool compresses and holds the spring pack for an easier installation and is especially handy when installing non-tapered springs on one ton and heavier trucks. It is made from high strength galvanized steel and is acme threaded with a hex head spindle.

With Perrycraft’s Fiberglass Mounting Kit, it is now possible to attach Perrycraft roof racks and roof rails to fiberglass or composite plastic surfaces. Finally roof rails and racks can now be mounted to truck caps, camper shells, and tonneau covers. Each kit contains stainless steel machine screws, washers, nuts, and plastic caps to cover the nuts. There are three different kits available to be used with the three Perrycraft designs: Aventura Rails & Racks, Dynapsort Rails & Racks, and SportQuest & SporTrek Racks.

Valley Adjustable Height Ball Mount

Valley Adjustable Height Ball Mount