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Are You Thinking Of Taking A Family Ski Trip

Are you thinking of taking a family ski trip, there are a variety of options to think about before booking your trip. First and most important where are you going to go, and how are you getting there. Every year we have our trip to Vermont. It is only a car ride away so that saves some money. Taking a family trip means a lot of luggage, good thing my husband brought a new truck. Over the years we have come up with two packing list. List one is the ski bag list, this list reminds us to pack things like skis, or snowboard, boots, poles gloves, goggles, thermals, ski suit, and lip balm. The second list is for all your other stuff like clothes and all your toiletries. I have found that a packing list making packing much easier and no worries about forgetting anything.

Picking your destination really depends upon what you are looking for, as well as your level of skiing. If you are new to the sport you should look for a resort that offers classes and maybe not all that big. Ski resorts that are geared toward the new and beginning skier’s are not hard to find. Most promote themselves as the premier place to learn to ski.  To save more money look at ski and stay travel packages, they typically offer free children’s lift tickets, with an adult purchase, as well as free lodging for children. Many ski areas offer multi-day packages with lessons every day, sometimes twice daily. Check to see if the resort has slope side condominiums available. A condo is ideal for a family ski vacation. There are usually two or more bedrooms, a dining room or eating area, and a kitchen, so it isn’t necessary to spend time (and money) eating every meal in a restaurant.

If you have little ones, plan ahead. Review child care options and make your reservations well ahead of time.  Some resorts have an impressive combination of ski, play, and child care programs, as well as the option of arranging a nanny to accompany your child throughout the day.  Remember this is a family ski vacation and you will want to ensure that it’s a good one. To be certain, most resorts have your best interests at heart, and can be trusted to provide an excellent product. It’s up to you to cover all the bases, and to make sure your family ski vacation is planned, from beginning to end, in advance.


Accessories for a Trip to the Slopes

Shoveling and snowblowing makes all of us wary of winter weather. Just remember that there wouldn’t be skiing or snowboarding without the snow, either. If you’re planning a trip to the slopes, we have great accessories to make your travels more organized and enjoyable.

Obviously, the most important equipment you’ll need is your skis or snowboard. We carry two different rooftop racks that will keep your skis and snowboards safe and secure while in transit. The McKinley Ski Rack holds four pairs of skis or two snowboards. Its scissor style design is highly secure and locks are also included to protect against theft. This ski rack also includes rubber inserts to protect your equipment and your car from scratches. It has oversized release levers that allow for easy opening and removal even with thick gloves on. This rack is easy to install and comes complete with stainless steel mounting hardware and easy-to-read instructions. The Everest Rooftop Snowboard Rack includes many of the great features of the McKinley, but can carry twice as many snowboards! Its 31-inch frame can hold four snowboards and six pairs of skis, so this rack is definitely recommended for larger families or groups of friends.

With your skis and/or snowboards commandeering your rooftop, you will need to find another place to store all your gear. Rola’s Hitch Cargo Carrier is a great choice. It is made of durable, weather resistant, high density polyethylene and fits 2-inch receivers. It is unique because it includes both a cargo tray and a storage pod, all in one unit. This allows for storage flexibility and also guarantees that a perfect fit between pod and tray. The storage pod features 13.5 cubic feet of storage space and is lockable, for extra safety. If you need more space, you can remove the pod and stack your cargo up on the storage tray’s 12-inch by 49-inch surface area. Each unit also comes with a light kit with stop, turn, and tail lights.

Mont Blanc Everest Ski and Snowboard Carriers

Weekend Specials: Lights, Tonneaus, and More!

This weekend (starting today 10/28 and running through Sunday 10/30) get special discounts on select accessories at  Get great deals on lights, tonneaus, and more!

Each APC Replacement Tail Light Kit uses LED technology. LEDs are superior to other lights because they have an increased lighting capacity and a quicker response time. These lights use precision engineering for a custom look and are available with clear or red/clear combination lenses. These kits come complete with everything needed to install, so you can plug into your vehicle’s existing connections, and you’re ready to go.

Optilux Xenon Driving Lights combine the flood beams of 4-inch lights with a pencil beam for improved illumination. They use lightweight yet high impact ABS housing and have free-form technology. The xenon bulbs provide a strong, high-intensity light that improves visibility at night and in poor weather conditions. Each Optilux light kit includes a lamp with internal ballast, HID capsule, clear lens cover, wire harness, and mounting instructions.

TruXedo’s TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover provides a sleek look at a low price! This tonneau has a heavy-duty leather-grain fabric and uses an industrial strength hook and loop system that reduces wear and tear on the tonneau fabric. The tonneau has non-arched bows for a smooth sleek look when closed, and sits only 1.5-inches above the truck’s bed rails. It locks with a dual side latching system that also incorporates an adjustable manual tension control. The tonneau has a no-drill, clamp-on installation, and when installed properly, can improve gas mileage up to 10%.

Westin’s Tailgate Step Ladder is perfect for any pickup owner who wants an extra boost when climbing up to the truck bed. This full-fledged ladder is more accessible than traditional truck steps. Its first step is lower to the ground, and reduces stress on knees and ankles. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, so it’s easy to unfold and use. It can be installed on trucks with tailgates up to 38-inches tall and uses self-tapping screws for an easier installation.

Mont Blanc’s Roof Top Ski Rack mounts easily to the top of you vehicle’s roof. It can hold up to six pairs of skis and has rubber inserts to protect your skis and the roof of your vehicle. This rack is 31-inches long and lockable, so you will not have to worry about your skis getting stolen. As an added bonus, this rack can also hold snowboards too! Up to four snowboards can be stowed at one time.

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APC LED Tail Lamps

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has compiled a list of great gift ideas for your valentine in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

For the Sports Lover, there are Hammerhead hitch covers, sports frames, and license plate holders featuring teams from the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NCAA. There are also BedRug Bed Liners, which definitely come in handy when tailgating, as they protect truck beds from spills, as well as provide a more comfortable surface for sitting. If your valentine prefers hitting the slopes, there is a sturdy ski and snowboard rack that conveniently and securely stows 2 snowboards or 4 pairs of skis.

For the Pet Lover there are useful products that will protect your animal (and your vehicle!) during travel time. Coverking makes Car Seat Covers that prevent pet hair and dander from getting all over the seats of your car or truck. Highland’s Universal Pet Barrier installs in the cargo area of your car, van, or SUV to keep your pet out of the seating area while you are driving. Dog boxes keep your pets safe and secure for travel, and are available in many different designs so you can find the perfect fit for you and your pets!

For the Commuter there are sensible gifts that can save time on a long commute. Pacer LED Map Lights provide a bright light with a long neck that can be bent to shine right where it’s needed. Bully Center Consoles are full of compartments, enclosures, and all-important cup holders that will keep driving essentials organized and easy to reach. Torza Weather Busters protect windshields from frost buildup. They attach to the outside of your vehicle, so they provide a layer of ice and snow protection and reduce the amount of brushing and scraping needed after a snowfall.

If your valentine is one of those people who is very hard to shop for because he or she has EVERYTHING, try one of these practical extras. Phantom LED Light Strips can jazz up the interior or exterior of any vehicle, and are flexible so they can wrap around curves or bend into a circle. Nifty manufactures many types of cargo and floor protection including the Cargo Logic, which protects vehicle cargo areas from dirt and debris and is custom made to specific vehicles for a perfect fit. Finally, storage chests and utility boxes keep tools and supplies convenient and safe. Owens Garrison Series ATV Boxes are designed specifically for ATVs and are available in three sizes and two colors.

Hope all these gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for your valentine! To stay up-to-date with all of our newest products and sales be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace pages!

Holidays Are Over, How About A Winter Getaway?

The winter holidays are over, and New Years has come and gone. After running around buying gifts, visiting family, and ringing in the New Year, I am ready for a break: maybe a weekend winter getaway. Pack up the skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles, and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the snow. Getting everything loaded into your truck is easy if you have the right accessories. For example, skis and snowboards can be easily stowed in a Mont Blanc Ski Rack. This rack has universal mounting brackets to fit all OEM roof racks with cross rails that are fewer than 3.25-inches wide. It features oversize release levers, which make opening the rack extremely easy, even while wearing bulky gloves. It also has rubber inserts to protect cargo from damage and locks to fend off would-be thieves. This ski rack can carry 4 pairs of skis or two snowboards, freeing up room in your trunk or truck bed.

You probably need all the room you can get in your truck bed if you are bringing along a snow mobile. AMP Research had you in mind when they invented their Truck Bed Extender. With the extender,you can fold down your tailgate, allowing up to 2 feet of extra length, while still securing the snowmobile or other cargo in your truck bed.  It is easily installed and removed, and is made of light-weight aluminum alloy tubes with rugged glass-reinforced nylon. A Motoxtender is also available for short beds, and is designed specifically for smaller trucks. The Truck Bed Extender and Motoxtender are proudly made in the USA.

Another useful accessory for snowmobilers is a Loading Ramp. Highlands Ramparts Tri-Fold model is a great example. It is manufactured from rust and corrosion resistant welded aluminum. It has a full-width top plate, which provides a smooth transition to the truck bed, as well as an extra-wide surface that can accommodate multiple load sizes. This ramp also comes with a stabilizing crossbar for support and a quick-set up. It is made in the USA and has a 3-year limited warranty. So pack up your ski equipment, your snowmobile, and your family, and go out and enjoy all this post-holiday winter season has to offer!

Highland Ramparts Tri-Fold Utility Ramps

Highland Ramparts Tri-Fold Utility Ramps

Transport Your Outdoor Sports Equipment With Specialized Racks

Who doesn’t love outdoor sports? They’re fun, keep you active, and let you breathe some fresh air. It can be as easy as pulling the football out of the garage and heading to a nice open field with some friends or family. However, your sport of choice might require more equipment than just a ball. Snowboarding, skiing, and biking, just to name a few, require more unwieldy equipment that requires a little more forethought before you can embark. You may need to invest in a specialized carrier to transport your valued sporting equipment safely and protectively.

Mont Blanc manufactures an excellent Ski Rack that will come in handy if you enjoy schushing down mountains on your own skis. This ski rack has universal mounting brackets, which fit all OEM roof racks with cross rails that are under 3.25-inches wide. Rubber inserts protect your skis from damage and oversized release levers allow for easy access to your equipment, even when wearing bulky gloves! Locks are included to protect your skis from theft. This model features a scissor style, which can hold four pairs of skis with or without ski bags. If you’re more of a shredder, you can substitute two boards for 4 sets of skis and call it a Snowboard Rack instead. Also,when warmer weather returns,you can use your rack for water skis!

For all you bike enthusiasts or future bike enthusiasts, a Bike Rack Carrier is a necessity. There are three main types of bike racks: roof-mounted racks, trunk-mounted racks, and hitch-mounted racks. All three are fairly self-explanatory as far as vehicle placement goes, but they each feature different advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific auto and personal preferences. Mont Blanc makes a great roof mounted rack that fits 1-inch to 3-inch bike frames. It features a traditional v-profile wheel channel with uprights that are made of steel for superior support and stability. A lock is included for extra protection. Rola offers a hitch-mounted model with some innovative features. It has a tilt mechanism, which provides easy unloading of bikes as well as quick trunk access when bikes are stowed. This carrier also has a built-in anti-sway device to reduce bike frame movement while in transit, and an integrated cable lock system to securely lock bikes to the carrier. Its soft, rubber cradles hold bikes securely. This model fits 2-inch receivers and has folding arms that allow for compact storage when not in use. So whether you’re hitting the trails, the slopes, the pavement, or even the water, invest in a specialized equipment rack to keep your gear safe, and get on the road.

Mont Blanc McKinley Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Mont Blanc McKinley Ski and Snowboard Carrier