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Start Your Spring Cleaning By Organizing Your Work Van.

work vanWith Spring right around the corner why not start your spring cleaning by organizing your work van. If you are looking to get organized there is no need to order customized storage system that will cost you a small fortune. If you are an individual that works out of your truck or van, then you know how frustrating it can be when things are stuffed here and there, with no real home for anything at all. Now with all the options available, you can easily adapt any type of system to accommodate your every need, and design a fully functional storage system that will keep you and your business running smoothly. Organizing your tools in a van does not have to be a challenge. Installing shelving can help you safely store tools and equipment, while allowing easy access to everything you need to do your work. Organize your work van to make your workday more efficient. If your job requires numerous tools, bolts, screws and large items, designating a specific area inside the van for each item will make everything much easier to find. When you arrive at your next job, you will not have to search for the items and tools you need to perform the job because you took the time to organize. Nothing wastes more time than searching through boxes and piles of random tools and parts, trying to find the right one for the job.


After you are done installing your shelving, storage systems, racks and tool boxes, why stop there. Organization does not just have to take place inside of the work van, use the outside of your work van as well, get those ladders up on ladder racks and free up some inside space.

Having an organized work van make you look more professional, shows you have taken the time and effort to invest in your business, it shows you care, and that will not be over looked by your potential customers.



Time For Change, The New Commercial Vans

2014 is bringing change to the commercial vans. Commercial van competition is heating up as several makers are offering lighter models with more fuel-efficient engines as a major selling factor. Today, working productively isn’t about working hard, your van is engineered to do that. For your part, it’s about working smart, so consider a commercial van for your smart working.

Businesses are doing better, and now they’re able to upgrade their fleets. They don’t just want a new vehicle. They want a new vehicle that does a bigger and better job at a lower cost. Customers want technology, why, because it’s going to make them more money. Featureswork van that the older style van didn’t have like, a fleet-monitoring tool, or something which can display local fuel prices. Think safety like a key which can be programmed that won’t work if the seat belt isn’t buckled.

Manufactures have gone with a more European style, giving these vans more height, a lower load floor, and a light weight vehicle. With the change to the shape of the new vans it allows a company to use the interior space more efficiently.  When we think of commercial vans most of us think of the Sprinter but now there will be more choices along that line. The Econoline, Ford’s E-Series van has been the top U.S. contractor van for decades. However, while trying to keep up with competitors as Mercedes’ Sprinter, Nissan’s NV and the forthcoming Fiat-based Ram ProMaster van, the E-Series’ glory days are fading, and it will be replaced by the 2014 Transit. Volkswagen is also joining in our the upcoming change to their commercial vehicles and has announced an expansion of the Caddyvan range, by introducing a Caddy Maxi Crewvan

Improve Performance with Work Van Accessories

work van accessories,

Although a pickup truck is a great asset for transporting tools, nothing beats a work van when it comes to flexibility and storage options. There are a ton of work van accessories out there for you purchase to turn your mess of tools into an organized work space.

Depending upon your line of work, add a van cargo mat.  The BedRug VanTred Van Cargo Mat features a rugged work surface that will not only protect your van, but will provide impact and cargo protection and act as a heat and noise insulator. Your cargo won’t slide around and the tough material stands up to water stains and even harsh chemicals, preventing rust and mold. Molded to fit your specific make and model, this cargo mat looks great and fits like a glove, creating a void-free surface without damaging your van. Just clean it with a hose, power washer or vacuum and your VanRug is good as new.

If your ladder is your tool of choice, consider adding a van ladder rack. The Kargo Master Pro III Series Ladder Rack fits the Ford Transit Connect and allows you to maximize your van space by storing ladders or long cargo on the roof.  To make the roof rack easier to access, add some running boards. . Owens makes a nice pair of diamond tread running boards that not only look nice but will also help protect your van from road debris. They also offer excellent traction and maximum stepping strength in any weather.

If you are in the market for a new work van check out the new Ford Transit Connect. You’ve probably noticed them in your neighborhood with ads for things like custom cakes, cable companies, cat groomers and cleaning services displayed on their flat, windowless sides. Transit Connects are everywhere now. Business owners were tired of only being offered a full-size truck or van for their needs, and in many cases a small, fuel efficient panel van can do the same job far better and more cheaply. The Transit Van is the perfect vehicle for hauling equipment and easy to park and maneuver in tight spaces. Want some Ford Transit Connect add on accessories, there are many out there from hood deflectors to cargo baskets, cross bars and cargo nets. Make your work environment the best it can be to work for you.



Weekend Specials: Cargo Edition

This weekend (starting today 8/10 and running through Sunday 8/12) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have special deals on accessories meant for carrying cargo: ladders, tools, or anything else that fits in your truck bed.

First up are ladder racks, which come on many styles, but usually only two materials, steel or aluminum. Steel Truck Racks are very popular because steel is such a strong metal, and will stand up to the constant loading and unloading of heavy ladders. This particular Kargo Master rack is constructed of high tensile strength 1 5/8-inch diameter steel alloy tubing for durability. It uses 14-inch mounting plates to distribute its load over a wider area and required no drilling to install. Other features include a removable rear cross bar and rear grab handles that improve safety when load and unloading. An additional cross bar can be purchased to provide additional support if needed.

It’s obviously not safe or practical to toss all your tools into your truck bed as is. They’d scratch the bed, get tangled together, and hitting big bumps in the road would require many replacement hammers and wrenches. So if you want to take your tools with you wherever you go, then a toolbox is a necessity. Delta Champion Crossover Tool Boxes are a great option. Their aluminum construction will not rust or tarnish and their stainless steel paddle handles are easy to open. Posi-lift gas springs make the lid open easily and weather stripping helps secure the lid tightly. To top it all off the lid has an RSL design with an outer protective shell, an insulating middle layer, and a reverse beveled edge.

Finally, if you need to carry anything else in your truck bed, we have the tie-downs and ratchet straps to make sure your loads are safe and secure. Carr’s Locking Tie Down Straps are designed with durability and security in mind. They feature 6-inch locking carabiners and also have a stainless steel cable sewn into the nylon tie-down to resist breaking or cutting. The combination lock is easy to set with no keys required, and features soft tie extensions that keep the lock from scratching your paint job. Tie downs are sold in 24 ft., 8.5 ft., and 28-inch lengths, and a single carabiner is available as well.

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Delta Champion Aluminum Single-Lid Crossover Truck Tool Boxes

Weekend Specials: Racks and Lights

This weekend (starting today 5/11 and running through Sunday 5/13) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have some special deals on racks and lights.

Racks are up first, and this week we have both a ladder rack and a bike rack. The ladder rack is a Side Mount Truck Rack by Cross Tread. These sturdy racks are made of 1.75-inch square 14-gauge steel tubing and can carry up to 250 lbs. These racks can be used to carry all sort of things, including ladders, pipe, and lumber. Their arms telescope from 24-inches all the way up to 36-inches, so you can carry multiple sized loads more securely. Their unique design allows for flexibility, letting ladders be carried both horizontally and vertically. These racks are also removable – they remove from their base in seconds – so you can use your entire truck bed without any unsightly rails or hardware getting in the way.

The bike racks are Mont Blanc’s Roof Top Bike Racks. Each rack holds a single bike and mounts to your vehicle’s roof rail crossbars. They use a simple snap attachment that can be fitted to various kinds of bars including rectangular crossbars (up to 22 x 32mm) and aftermarket crossbars (up to .75-inches thick). This bike rack is easy to use and comes completely assembled. It has a molded wheel stand, which keeps the bicycle in an upright position, and is lockable for extra security.

Bringing up the rear are our bright light kits. Wolo’s Emergency Strobe Lights are a must-have for emergency vehicles. Each kit includes 4 strobe lights that blink in six different flash patterns. The bulbs install in 1-inch holes in head and taillights, and are enclosed in a rock hard epoxy for protection from vibration and moisture. Also included are a heavy-duty 80 watt power supply, four high-voltage cables, switch control panel, mounting hardware, and instructions. Bulbs are available in amber, blue, clear, and red, and in various combinations thereof.

Finally Pacer’s LED Tailgate Running Lights add some extra visibility to the read of your vehicle, and look cool too! They are available in 49-inch lengths for compact trucks and 60-inch lengths for full-size trucks. They also come in both rigid and flexible styles, with flexible lights also being a good fit for SUVs and vans as well. They are easy to install, using self-stick tape, and include installation instructions. They can be hard wired if necessary, though some trucks may require an adapter. The basic models use only red LEDs for four functions (running, brake, left turn, and right turn). More advanced models include a fifth function (white back-up lights) and amber turn signals.

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running lights

Pacer LED Tailgate Running Lights

Weekend Specials: Get Haulin’

This weekend (starting today 4/13 and running through Sunday 4/15) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re offering great accessories on accessories that help you haul ladders, lumber, and other cargo in your truck.

If you’re hauling around a ladder, then your best bet is Steel Truck Racks. Kargo Master Pro III racks are constructed of high tensile strength 1-5/8-inch diameter steel alloy tubing. They use rugged 14-inch mounting plates that distribute the rack load over a larger area. Other special features include rear grab handles that provide easier loading and unloading, and a removable rear crossbar that allows improved truck bed access. These racks are available for trucks with and without shells and require no cutting for installation.

If you have to haul lumber, tubing, or other long cargo, you need a Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender. This extender mounts to your hitch and extends out past your truck tailgate to provide an extra support surface. The extender expands in four directions; with its arms moving wider (50-inches) and narrower (30-inches) depending on the width of you load. It also expands in height, reaching the height of your truck cab’s roof to aid in carrying rooftop cargo. This extender is made of durable steel and supports up to 750 lbs.

Finally, no matter what you’re hauling, you need to protect your truck bed with a Pick Up Truck Bed Liner. Bedliner’s BedTread requires no drilling, sanding, or prepping to install. It uses hook and loop fasteners and does not damage the truck bed. It’s made of .25-inch thick TPO composite bonded to water-proof foam. Its textured surface prevents cargo from sliding and its thickness absorbs impact and prevents damage and scratched to your truck bed.

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Lund HitchRack Truck Bed Extender

Weekend Specials: Everything Truck

This weekend (starting today 3/9 and running through Sunday 3/11) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring Quality Truck Accessories including ladder racks, tonneau covers, and sun visors.

First up, the Crosstread Moonlighter ladder rack lets you carry ladders, pipes, lumber, and other long objects without taking up room in your truck bed. Each full set includes two racks, made of 1.75-inch square extruded aluminum tubing that is strong and rust-free. These racks mount in the front and rear corner of your truck bed, and install and remove in seconds. With this unique design, you can carry ladders vertically or horizontally, and hold loads up to 24-inches wide and 250 lbs heavy.

Next up are Truck Bed Covers from Access that will keep your bed protected and your cargo secure. These roll up tonneaus have a flexible design. They close up easily with Velcro hook and loop fasteners so it’s easy to stay protected when you’re carrying expensive cargo, during inclement weather, or any other time you want your truck bed closed up. When you want an open truck bed for hauling large items, tailgating, or just to air the bed out, the tonneau opens with a quick-release trigger latch and conveniently rolls up and stays in place with the included tight bite clamps. This tonneau also features a tension adjuster and patented slide locks for extra security.

Finally, STK Cab Visors will give your truck a cool new look while keeping the sun out of your eyes. This aerodynamic visor extends the lines of your truck cab and blocks out sun and glare for an easier drive. It is custom designed for a perfect fit and can be custom painted to match your truck’s factory color as well. Each visor comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and includes paintable caps to cover the screw for a seamless look. You can purchase and LED light kit that mounts to the truck visor to keep your cab visor visible into the night.

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truck sunvisor

STK ProVisor Truck Sun Visors

Weekday Specials: Work Truck or Play Truck?

I’ve found that you can generally categorize trucks into two categories: Work Trucks and Play Trucks. That’s not to say that you can’t work in your Play Truck, or have fun in your Work Truck, but how many people out there spend time waxing their work truck? Thankfully, has great deals this week on accessories for both kinds of trucks. Deals start today (5/24) and run through Thursday (5/26).

ICI Nerf Bars will give you an extra boost into your truck by adding an extra 3 inches to your step. They are made of premium grade 3-inch stainless steel tubing with a bright mirror finish for a sleek look and molded plastic step pads for a good grip. They are simple to install, with no drilling required and have a limited lifetime warranty. Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

STK Pro Rack Cab Guards are proudly made in the USA! Their frames are made of 2-inch thick steel tubing for superior strength. All brackets and rail plates are reinforced with steel and all hardware is zinc-plated for protection against corrosion. The Pro Rack has a unique shape that follows trucks’ contours, avoiding a boring boxy look. Many accessory bracket kits are available for mounting auxiliary lights, antennas, or toolboxes. The Pro Rack uses a nine step powdercoat process for superior durability and can be painted to match factory colors. Verdict: Work Truck (unless you throw particularly raucous parties in your Play Truck’s bed)

Pacer’s Truck Cab Lights are teardrop shaped for a more modern look. They are made from all plastic, so they are a very economical option. They can be used for front or rear mounting, so they are versatile as well. They use standard bulbs, and are available in amber or red colors. Lights can be purchased individually or as sets of 5, for better savings. Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a truck with rally wheels before, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to start a new trend! CCI makes both rally wheels and Rally Wheel Center Caps. They are made of durable chrome ABS, for both sturdiness and shine. They are sold in 4 piece sets and available in 4 distinct styles including a cool spinner variety. Verdict: Play Truck (although maybe your Work Truck could use a little levity?)

Hella Map Lights are a particularly useful addition to any vehicle. They use optically patterned lenses for a bright and dazzle-free light. These lights have flexible gooseneck arms (anywhere from 6 –inches to 20-inches long) that allow you to aim the light wherever you need it for the best possible visibility. They all have convenient on/off switched located at the top of the light head so they are easy to operate. There is a cigarette-lighter power model that can be stashed away when not in use, as well as a permanently-mounted, hard-wired Xenon model.   The LED Day Flex is surface mounted and available with red or white LEDs, or get both colors and put on your own amateur light show (Play Truck only). Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

Amer-Rac’s Full Size Van Racks are for work vans, not trucks. They are strong and versatile and have wide clamp-on mounting plates that attach to van rain gutters. They are available in 2 or 3 piece sets, as well as single racks that can be added on as needed. The aluminum versions have a capacity of 400 lbs., and the stronger steel models can hold up to 600 lbs. Amer-Rac truck ladder racks are also available. Verdict: Neither (Oops!)

STK Pro Rack Cab Guards

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Work Van Security

When you drive a work van, security is an important element to keep in mind. Work vans are usually loaded with expensive equipment or cargo (or both), and it is very important to keep these items safe. If you’re concerned about the safety of your cargo, then a Window Security Bar System may be just what you need. Kargo Master makes a model that is manufactured from heavy-weight steel tubing and solid steel rods. The frame is available in one size that can be adjusted to fit all commercial van and minivan rear windows on hinged swinging doors. It will also fit standard width windows on swinging side doors, but windows wider than standard may need the optional extension frame. The security bars have a gray powdercoat finish that complements other Vistas products and is available in sets of one or two.

Another useful van accessory that can aid in securing cargo is a Van Partition. Van partitions separate the cargo area from the driving area to protect the driver and any passengers from shifting cargo. Partitions also provide added security to the cargo by limiting access to the rear of the vehicle. They also can improve climate control, by keeping the heat and cool air flow confined to the driving area, where it’s needed. Vistas manufactures a van partition that is constructed of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel with a gray powdercoat finish. It is easy to install with basic tools and all mounting hardware is included. Some models also have an optional hinge and latch kit that will convert the partition’s center panel into a door for easier access.

Some cargo can be locked away inside the van, away from prying eyes, but how can you keep exterior equipment safe? Cross Tread’s angled aluminum Van Racks keep security in mind, and can be integrated with a padlock system for increased protection. The racks are easily mounted to van rain gutters using the included mounting kit and their angled design makes it easier to load and unload ladders and other equipment. They are available with single or double spring-loaded locking mechanisms to secure cargo. These van racks are manufactured from 1.5-inch square aluminum tubing with a white high-gloss powdercoat finish and can carry 300 lbs.

Vistas Van Window Security Bar System

Get Your Van in Order with Specialized Work Van Equipment

Get your van in order with Specialized Work Van Equipment. Work vans, by necessity, have a lot of open cargo space. However, if this space is not managed well, it can become disorderly, inefficient, and even unsafe. You can change all this with a few choice accessories specifically designed for a work trucks exterior and interior. Check out Amer-Rac’s Van Ladder Rack. Made specifically for vans, this ladder rack features heavy-duty steel side plates that mount to your vans rain gutters for a no-drill installation. Each upright is 8-inches wide, which provides better weight distribution. These racks come in two or three piece sets, with the third rack being recommended when extra support is necessary. With all three crossrails in place, 1,000 lbs. of cargo can be safely transported and adjustable tie-down loops are also provided to keep cargo securely in place.

The inside of your van can also be readied for storing necessary work equipment or cargo. Amer-Rac’s Vistas line is a complete line of storage solutions for work vans. Their Van Interior Shelving is made of 16-gauge steel with a tough,gray powdercoat finish. The shelves come in a variety of lengths,widths, and heights, so they can be configured for a customized set-up. Assembly is required, but is fairly easy with instructions and hardware included. An assortment of shelf accessories like dividers and bin boxes are also available to complete your arrangement.

Vistas also makes Tank Holders designed to safely store and transport any commercial tank, from a small fire extinguisher to a 50-lb tank of Freon. These holders are constructed from 11-gauge steel with gray powdercoat finish and come in a range of sizes. The holders protect the tank, gauges, and hoses from damage and keep the tanks stored in an upright position. Each holder comes fully assembled and ready to install into your van. So determine what you need to maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. A few simple add-ons can keep you well-organized, saving space and time.

Amer-Rac Heavy-Duty Sprinter Van Racks

Amer-Rac Heavy-Duty Sprinter Van Racks