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NFL Tailgating Essentials

NFL Tailgating

To me, Fall means NFL tailgating and football of course. What’s not to like about football? It offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into the competition, big hits or touchdown celebrations, football, in my opinion, is the greatest sport on earth. It also gives fans the opportunity to do something every weekend their favorite team is playing at home: tailgate. Even for non-football fans, it is something everyone from kids to adults can enjoy. If you aren’t familiar with parking lot gathering, you’re missing out. If you enjoy hanging out with friends and family, grilling up some food and playing games, tailgating is for you. However you want to make sure you have all the right tailgating accessories.

How do you plan to grill burgers, brats, hot dogs, etc. without a grill? While some people go all out and bring their backyard grills, a small charcoal grill will suffice. You will be the envy of the people around you with the smell of the food you are grilling. Now you need some chairs and a folding table so you can set up your beer pong, a tailgating must. Try to keep all your tailgating accessories together so it is easier to find.  That heavy duty storage bag that you got last football season really comes in handy keeping all your tailgating gear in one place.

You will be glad when you and the boys are throwing the ball around that you spent the extra money over the summer to get the carpeted bedliner for your truck. You don’t want your girl sitting on a bare metal bed now she and her girlfriends can stay a little warmer and more comfortable. Along with the comfort it will also help with protecting the bed as well.

Game time, is near. You now start breaking down the canopy, folding the chairs and cleaning up everything else you set up. Pack up everything back in the storage bag and load everything into your truck bed. Once you have all that down you can now lock up and go enjoy the game with your friends. Make sure you lock your truck cover, you don’t want to come back and find out that all your gear is now gone. After locking up, put the key back in the hitch receiver key safe. No worry about losing that key, you just have to remember the combination. Game Time!

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Weekend Specials: Cool Additions

This weekend (starting today 4/20 and running through Sunday 4/22) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re offering great accessories on accessories that will up your vehicle’s cool factor both inside and out.

One of the top interior accessories is leather seats. They’re comfortable and luxurious, and are usually found in the highest quality trim packages. If you didn’t upgrade to leather when you bought your vehicle, you can upgrade now with Leathercraft Car Seat Covers. These covers are engineered specifically to each seat pattern for a perfect fit. They cover the entire seat – including headrests and armrests – and cover all rows. These seat covers are double stitched for quality and durability and use memory foam for extra comfort. They are easy to install and are available in black, grey, and tan.

If you really want to cool down your vehicle, literally, get a Derale Transmission Cooler. These tube and fin coolers will prolong your transmission fluid’s life and eliminate heat related transmission failure. Their turbulators agitate the fluid for more efficient cooling and allows for maximum hear transfer. A mounting kit and installation instructions are included with each transcooler.

On your vehicle’s exterior, you can add a touch of cool with a Propeller Hitch Cover. This Bully hitch cover will fit most 1.25 and 2-inch standard receivers. It features four propeller blades that spin as you drive. A lighted model is also available that includes a red LED in the center of the propeller. Whether you have a boat or just want one, this whimsical yet cool cover is the way to go.

This last accessory will have a narrow appeal, as it only fits Jeep Wranglers, but nevertheless, these Jeep Front Bumpers are really cool. They are replacement bumpers, so they require removal of your existing bumper, however, no drilling is required for installation. These bumpers are made of 3-inch diameter steel tubing, so they definitely look rugged. They are available with a black powdercoat finish or a polished stainless finish, which gives off a nice sleek shine.

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hitch cover

Bully Propeller Hitch Cover

Father’s Day Gift Guide 6-13-11

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your auto or truck loving dad, look no further than We have the hottest gifts at low, low prices so you can please your dad without breaking your budget. Check out our brand new Fathers Day Gift Guide for a look at some hot new accessories and a few old standbys.

The practical Extang B-Light Tonneau Lighting System illuminates an entire truck bed with the flip of a switch. The industrious Delta Champion Aluminum Portable Toolbox Chest will let your dad keep all his tools safe and in one place. The whimsical Bully Propeller Hitch Cover spins in the wind and is even available in a light-up version. For all these products and more, head on over to and make this Father’s Day his best yet!

hitch cover

Bully Propeller Hitch Cover

Learn More About Memorial Day

This Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day, the day we honor and remember the men and women who gave their lives for our country. Click here to learn more about Memorial Day customs and traditions.

If you want your vehicle to show your support for those in the armed service you can always get one of those ribbon magnets, or for a more permanent declaration and decoration check out these Armed Forces Bug Shields. They are made of sturdy polycarbonate and are available in 5 different designs: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Support our Troops.

Memorial Day is also when The Indianapolis 500 and the Coca Cola 600 are run, so if you’d like to show off a new accessory featuring your favorite driver, take a look at these Valley Hitch Receiver Covers. They are durable, rust-resistance and manufactured of heavy-duty, chrome-plated, die cast metal.

hitch cover

Valley Hitch Receiver Covers

March into Green Madness

After a brutal Elite 8, many brackets are busted and we’re left with a little less “green” in our pockets. The match-up between VCU and Butler is actually the lowest combined seeding ever in the Final Four/Semifinals. It may have seemed like a sure thing to pack your Final Four bracket with one and two seeds, but as we now know that’s not always the case. If you’re looking for some consistency and predictability, check out these great Collegiate Truck Accessories. They PREDICTABLY will give your ride a new look, CONSISTENTLY bring some extra attention to your vehicle, and it’s a SURE THING that anyone passing by will know who is your favorite team!

Hammerhead’s NCAA License Plate Frames and Sports Plates provided some added interest to the plate areas of your car or truck. They are solid metal with a chrome shine and feature 3D graphics and a contemporary design. They are precision crafted for durability and are hand-tooled to provide outstanding details. Epoxy color-fill is used for vibrant, eye-catching color.

If you have a receiver hitch, you can express your collegiate love with a College Hitch Cover. They are engineered for strength, durability, and design. Their quality craftsmanship and intricate detail provide striking and accurate logos using impressive design technology.

hitch cover

Hammer Head Collegiate Hitch Covers

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide has compiled a list of great gift ideas for your valentine in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

For the Sports Lover, there are Hammerhead hitch covers, sports frames, and license plate holders featuring teams from the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NCAA. There are also BedRug Bed Liners, which definitely come in handy when tailgating, as they protect truck beds from spills, as well as provide a more comfortable surface for sitting. If your valentine prefers hitting the slopes, there is a sturdy ski and snowboard rack that conveniently and securely stows 2 snowboards or 4 pairs of skis.

For the Pet Lover there are useful products that will protect your animal (and your vehicle!) during travel time. Coverking makes Car Seat Covers that prevent pet hair and dander from getting all over the seats of your car or truck. Highland’s Universal Pet Barrier installs in the cargo area of your car, van, or SUV to keep your pet out of the seating area while you are driving. Dog boxes keep your pets safe and secure for travel, and are available in many different designs so you can find the perfect fit for you and your pets!

For the Commuter there are sensible gifts that can save time on a long commute. Pacer LED Map Lights provide a bright light with a long neck that can be bent to shine right where it’s needed. Bully Center Consoles are full of compartments, enclosures, and all-important cup holders that will keep driving essentials organized and easy to reach. Torza Weather Busters protect windshields from frost buildup. They attach to the outside of your vehicle, so they provide a layer of ice and snow protection and reduce the amount of brushing and scraping needed after a snowfall.

If your valentine is one of those people who is very hard to shop for because he or she has EVERYTHING, try one of these practical extras. Phantom LED Light Strips can jazz up the interior or exterior of any vehicle, and are flexible so they can wrap around curves or bend into a circle. Nifty manufactures many types of cargo and floor protection including the Cargo Logic, which protects vehicle cargo areas from dirt and debris and is custom made to specific vehicles for a perfect fit. Finally, storage chests and utility boxes keep tools and supplies convenient and safe. Owens Garrison Series ATV Boxes are designed specifically for ATVs and are available in three sizes and two colors.

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New Bully Products Have You Covered!

These three new Bully products provide extra coverage for your truck! What do they cover? Brake lights, hitches, and that pesky gap left by your open tailgate.

A Brake Light Cover gives a unique and edgy look to your vehicle while also drawing extra attention to the brake light. Each cover is constructed of automotive-grade ABS plastic with durable triple chrome plating. It can be a great accent to other chrome accessories, especially chrome taillight covers or other rear-end accessories. This brake light cover is designed for a custom fit and installs in minutes using 3M adhesive tape.

Bully’s Propeller Hitch Cover features four silver propeller blades that actually spin as you drive. There are two models available, one with a plain black hub, and one with a red lighted hub. These covers fit most 1.25-inch and 2-inch standard receivers and their whimsical design makes them a great addition to any vehicle.

The Tailgate Gap Cover is invaluable if you often haul dirt, rocks, sand, or similar materials in your pickup truck. It covers the space between the truck bed and tailgate when the tailgate is down, preventing loose cargo from spilling through or getting caught in the gap. It also provides complete coverage, so cargo won’t damage the ends of your bed or tailgate. The gap cover also provides a smooth transition from bed to tailgate, so pulling or wheeling out heavy loads is easier. The gap covers is made of durable construction-grade ABS and is weatherproof, so it will stand up to all weather conditions your truck may drive through.

Bully Tailgate Gap Covers

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Sunday is Father’s Day, giving you the chance to do something special for your dad, stepdad, grandfathers, and uncles. We have perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas for all the guys on your lists. These accessories will add some extra personality to their cars or trucks, while accenting their favorite sports teams, hobbies, military service, or American pride.

A great accessory for all fishermen is a Fishermon Truck Antenna. These tunes antenna inserts provide excellent radio reception while turning your antenna into a replicated fishing pole. The original FisherMon is stainless steel with working guides. A silver fiberglass ice fishing rod, black bait cast rod, and black spin fiberglass rod are also available. All four varieties are 31-inches long and fit most trucks and cars.

Another idea is one of the many available Hammerhead Accessories. Hammerhead manufactures many different varieties of hitch covers, sports plates,and license plate frames with MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, military, and other specialty designs available. The license plate frames have 3-D logos and vibrant epoxy color-fill and are suitable for all vehicles. Sports plates are hand tooled to provide outstanding details and can be used on vehicles in states where only one license plate is required. They can also serve as a collectible and can be used as a decoration in a themed room or garage. Hammerhead hitch covers are engineered for strength, durability, and distinctive design with intricate detailing and color graphics that are the latest in design technology. You can gift an individual piece, a mix of designs, or a set of all three!

Hammer Head MLB Hitch Covers

Hammer Head MLB Hitch Covers

Fun, Low Cost Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

A vehicle makes a statement about the person driving it. The model, the color, the upgrades, even the bumper stickers; each part says a little bit about what the owner’s preferences are. Most people like to customize their autos to uniquely represent themselves. Help them express their fun side this year with these humorous auto and truck accessories!

Hitch Critters manufactures a line of funny Hitch Covers that will add a bit of humor to any commute. They fit onto any 2-inch ball hitch and plug into any 4-Pin Plug. They are visually appealing on their own, but when you hit the brakes, the fun really starts. Each of the five hitch covers light up and make movements whenever the brakes are applied. The biting dog kicks its legs, the fish flaps its tail, the duck flaps its wings, the deer raises its front legs in surrender, and the horse directs traffic with its red Whoa! sign. What a clever way to show your humorous side and keep fellow drivers in good spirits!

Tenna Toys makes a variety of Antenna Toys to top your antennas while expressing your personality! They are laser carved or die stamped depending on the design, and are made of high-quality steel. They install quickly, fit most vehicles, and provide great radio reception. Many of the designs are available in both a black powdercoat finish and a chrome plated finish. All designs are made in the USA and have a five year warranty against rust and corrosion.

Any hunter is bound to love some Truck Antlers. Hitch Critters advises you to turn your truck into a buck with plastic antlers that attach between window and window jam. Many show off their collegiate or professional sports loyalties with window flags,but this is a new, funny way to show off your love for hunting. Or for some holiday fun, attach a red ball to your grill along with the truck antlers and let your truck, SUV, van, or car masquerade as Rudolph! Heads are sure to turn, and laughs are sure to follow.

Hitch Critters Ball Hitch Covers & Brake Light

Hitch Critters Ball Hitch Covers & Brake Light

Hammer Head Collegiate Hitch Covers

For those who support their college teams, Buyautotruckaccessories gives you another opportunity to show your colors: on your trailer hitch. Check out the Hammer Head Collegiate Hitch Covers. Whether you support the Michigan State Spartans or the Carolina Tarheels, you can show off with these quality truck accessories. Engineered for strength and built to last, the collegiate hitch cover will have you represented on game day.

Collegiate Hitch Cover