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Spring Cleaning in Your Garage

Spring is here, so it’s time to get started on all your outdoor projects and the much maligned spring cleaning. Go take a look around your garage. It could probably use some cleaning and organizing, right? It can be a hassle to do, but you will definitely appreciate it once it is finished. You will be able to find everything much easier, so you can get subsequent projects done faster.

In many cases the garage becomes a dumping ground of sorts so there is often too much stuff and not enough floor space. If this is your problem, look to your walls. With hooks, cabinets, and shelving, you can move shovels, rakes, ladders, sports equipment, outdoor gear, etc. to the walls, utilizing open space, and leaving more floor space. These Aluminum Storage Shelves are a great way to organize cleaning products for your home, garage, or vehicle. They are sized for quart or gallon containers and are made of heavy gauge aluminum.

Another great storage idea is a Job Site Tool Box which is large enough to keep all of your tools organized and in one place. These work benches open out, revealing multiple drawers and shelves for all your tools and equipment. Their heavy 3-inch thick doors shut up tight and have three heavy-duty lock hooks per door. Best of all, they have casters so they can roll to wherever you need them.

Even with everything picked up and put away, parking your vehicle can still be a tight squeeze. With Garage Floor Mats, you can line up your car or truck, parking it in the same space every time. These mats are made of durable, recycled rubber and have a textured pattern to prevent skidding. Their outer inclines help position the vehicle and their front slope curbs over driving. They are sold individually and are 18 by 12.5-inches.

job site

Jobox Job Site Rolling Work Bench

New Owens RaceMates Accessories

New Owens RaceMates accessories are now available at The RaceMates line provides a coordinated system of organizing and storing all sorts of items with shelves, cabinets, and specialized racks, hangers, and holders. All products are constructed of smooth or diamond tread heavy-gauge aluminum for long lasting dependability. Many of the pieces are designed to hold specific objects, so it is easy to return them to the right place and stay organized. It also makes missing items more obvious: if the flashlight holder is empty, you know exactly what is missing. They are very easy to install in your garage, trailer, or anywhere else you might need them.

The new Aluminum Easy-Up Canopy Holder provides an efficient way to store easy-up canopies. Since the canopy is often one of the first things needed when setting up, it is useful to have a special storing place so you always know where it is. The RaceMates design has two pieces that secure a canopy at two points to prevent slippage. The 2 piece design also makes loading and unloading the canopy much easier, so you can save time when putting it up or packing it away.

The new Aluminum Camp Chair Holder securely stows two camp chairs in a specialized two piece design. The holder can be affixed to the walls of your garage or trailer and keeps chairs in an upright position, so they won’t become tangled,misplaced,or broken. The new Aluminum CD Holder keeps all your CDs organized in a vertical rack. Each rack is 24-inches high and stores 20 CDs in an upward slant to keep them secure in a bumpy trailer. Racks are available in either black or red powdercoated aluminum.

Owens RaceMates Aluminum CD Holder

Owens RaceMates Aluminum CD Holder

Start the New Year Off Right with an Organized Garage

The New Year always presents a good excuse to sort through all your old stuff. Donate, sell, or pitch your little used possessions and organize whatever is left. People often focus on clothes, books, and other household objects while completely ignoring an entire room: the garage. The longer you ignore it, the messier it gets, and the cycle continues. So this year, avoid it no longer and get an organized garage.

A good start is a Jobox Utility Cabinet. Cabinets like these can keep all your tools and materials organized and protected. They come in a variety of sizes and are made of heavily-reinforced 16-gauge steel. All corners of the door frame have 7-inch steel gusset reinforcements that add extra rigidity. Each door is 3-inches deep and is formed on all sides for superior strength that will resist break-ins. The doors come with built-in shelves, which are perfect for storing smaller items, and open with a hand or foot operated latch release.

Another great organizational tool is the system of Go Rhino Garage Organizers. One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to have a designated spot for everything, making it easy to find exactly what you need and to remember where it goes when you are finished. The Go Rhino system can easily accomplish this goal because it includes numerous specialized shelves, bins, and racks. There are specialized holders for aerosol cans, oil quarts, flashlights, duct tape rolls, extension cords, and spark plugs. In addition, there are different sizes of shelves and storage bays that can be arranged in a customized configuration. Also of note is the lockable organizer, which may be a good place to keep dangerous chemicals. Most of these organizers are available in red and white powdercoat, and some are available in black as well. Use one color for cohesion or use all three and have color-coded areas to group similar items.

Finally, if you do a lot of work in your garage, you may want to invest in Foam Floor Pads. They are used to improve comfort on concrete floors. The foam gives you a nice little cushion to stand on so your feet and knees aren’t pressing down on hard concrete for extended periods. The pads come in 1 ft. square interlocking tiles, which can be arranged in multiple configurations. Each pack contains 16 tiles, which can make a 16×1 ft. strip, an 8×2 ft. rectangle, or a 4×4 ft. square. You can also use multiple packages to cover a greater area, and to customize your tiles to your specific space. Tiles are lightweight and easy to clean. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you in transforming your garage into an efficient and organized work space. Now, once spring comes, you won’t have to waste time with”Spring Cleaning”, you can jump right into the first project!

Go Rhino Xtreme Trailer & Garage Organizers

Go Rhino Xtreme Trailer & Garage Organizers