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Are You Thinking Of Taking A Family Ski Trip

Are you thinking of taking a family ski trip, there are a variety of options to think about before booking your trip. First and most important where are you going to go, and how are you getting there. Every year we have our trip to Vermont. It is only a car ride away so that saves some money. Taking a family trip means a lot of luggage, good thing my husband brought a new truck. Over the years we have come up with two packing list. List one is the ski bag list, this list reminds us to pack things like skis, or snowboard, boots, poles gloves, goggles, thermals, ski suit, and lip balm. The second list is for all your other stuff like clothes and all your toiletries. I have found that a packing list making packing much easier and no worries about forgetting anything.

Picking your destination really depends upon what you are looking for, as well as your level of skiing. If you are new to the sport you should look for a resort that offers classes and maybe not all that big. Ski resorts that are geared toward the new and beginning skier’s are not hard to find. Most promote themselves as the premier place to learn to ski.  To save more money look at ski and stay travel packages, they typically offer free children’s lift tickets, with an adult purchase, as well as free lodging for children. Many ski areas offer multi-day packages with lessons every day, sometimes twice daily. Check to see if the resort has slope side condominiums available. A condo is ideal for a family ski vacation. There are usually two or more bedrooms, a dining room or eating area, and a kitchen, so it isn’t necessary to spend time (and money) eating every meal in a restaurant.

If you have little ones, plan ahead. Review child care options and make your reservations well ahead of time.  Some resorts have an impressive combination of ski, play, and child care programs, as well as the option of arranging a nanny to accompany your child throughout the day.  Remember this is a family ski vacation and you will want to ensure that it’s a good one. To be certain, most resorts have your best interests at heart, and can be trusted to provide an excellent product. It’s up to you to cover all the bases, and to make sure your family ski vacation is planned, from beginning to end, in advance.


Weekend Specials: Cargo Edition

This weekend (starting today 8/10 and running through Sunday 8/12) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have special deals on accessories meant for carrying cargo: ladders, tools, or anything else that fits in your truck bed.

First up are ladder racks, which come on many styles, but usually only two materials, steel or aluminum. Steel Truck Racks are very popular because steel is such a strong metal, and will stand up to the constant loading and unloading of heavy ladders. This particular Kargo Master rack is constructed of high tensile strength 1 5/8-inch diameter steel alloy tubing for durability. It uses 14-inch mounting plates to distribute its load over a wider area and required no drilling to install. Other features include a removable rear cross bar and rear grab handles that improve safety when load and unloading. An additional cross bar can be purchased to provide additional support if needed.

It’s obviously not safe or practical to toss all your tools into your truck bed as is. They’d scratch the bed, get tangled together, and hitting big bumps in the road would require many replacement hammers and wrenches. So if you want to take your tools with you wherever you go, then a toolbox is a necessity. Delta Champion Crossover Tool Boxes are a great option. Their aluminum construction will not rust or tarnish and their stainless steel paddle handles are easy to open. Posi-lift gas springs make the lid open easily and weather stripping helps secure the lid tightly. To top it all off the lid has an RSL design with an outer protective shell, an insulating middle layer, and a reverse beveled edge.

Finally, if you need to carry anything else in your truck bed, we have the tie-downs and ratchet straps to make sure your loads are safe and secure. Carr’s Locking Tie Down Straps are designed with durability and security in mind. They feature 6-inch locking carabiners and also have a stainless steel cable sewn into the nylon tie-down to resist breaking or cutting. The combination lock is easy to set with no keys required, and features soft tie extensions that keep the lock from scratching your paint job. Tie downs are sold in 24 ft., 8.5 ft., and 28-inch lengths, and a single carabiner is available as well.

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Delta Champion Aluminum Single-Lid Crossover Truck Tool Boxes

Planning A Road Trip.

No matter your age or occupation, everyone could use a little fresh air from time to time. Taking a road trip with your friends or family can be an excellent way to shed some old skin and live a little, distress and forget your troubles for a while, and to make some fond memories along the way. Summer is the perfect time to set up a road trip with your friends or family. A chance to get on the open road and explore the great states around you. It also helps get you and your loved ones off the couch and out of the everyday routine. While it requires lots of planning, the end result and experience will be worth it. Now let’s get down to the who, what, and where’s of road trippin.  You want to try to leave as much room as possible inside of your car, or truck so people and stretch and get some rest in between driving. So what are some good ways of packing? Driving trough different locations and not knowing what the weather may bring you want to make sure your stuff stays dry and safe. Get a good hitch cargo rack which is weather proof and durable.  Are you using a pickup truck and worried about everything shifting  around in the bed, use a cargo gate to keep everything in place. If you or driving in a car, hope in has a nice size trunk.  So is it a coast trip or a cross county trip, make sure you check out what “the must things to see are”.  We bought a folding bike rack a few years ago so we can bring our bikes with us which is a great way of getting around on our stops. Road trips are all about having a good time, making a memory, and enjoying the open road, so don’t just go from point A to point B; take the scenic route, take detours, and see what happens!

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cargo carrier

Gear Up For Surf Fishing!

It’s that time off the year, summer. Family vacation to the beach which means you have a few hours of packing and loading the truck with the family’s luggage. You don’t mind doing this because you know that it means surf fishing is only hours away. You get the roof top basket secured to the truck just enough room to load the beach essentials as well as some luggage. The cargo carrier system goes on next, for the more valuable items, and maybe some food. Now for the most important part loading your gear, don’t need much so a tubular cargo rack is plenty. Enough space for the cooler, your rod, and your tackle. Off to the beach you now go. You wake up the next morning and look outside and it’s a perfect day at the beach. A cloud covers the sun, there’s a gentle ocean breeze blowing towards the shore and the waves create a commotion in the surf! What a perfect setting for a day of surf fishing! No matter how you look at it, surf fishing can be an awesome outdoor adventure. Compared to boat or pier fishing, surf fishing is more, “out there and in it”. With the cool sand and water washing at your bare feet, surf fishing blows away the experience offered by any other type of sport fishing. With surf fishing, you can enjoy getting down to just the basics. In the U.S., we’re lucky to live in one of the largest and most geographically varied countries in the world. Taken as a whole, it’s a fisher’s paradise. We have huge rivers, mountain streams, huge lakes, small lakes, saltwater lakes, and, of course, thousands of miles of diverse coastline. Practically every coastal region in the country has its own unique fishing opportunities, but there are some that really stand out,

Top 5 Surf Fishing Spots

  1. The Florida Keys
  2. Washington State
  3. Louisiana
  4. Southern California
  5. North Carolina

Now that you know where to go, what’s keeping you?


Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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Weekend Specials Get Organized, Get Brighter and Feel More Secure.

This weekend (starting today 6/1 and running through Sunday 6/3) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend save on becoming a little more organized with either our Single Crossover Toolbox, or our Wheel Well toolboxes. Maybe you have been looking for a little extra driving light this weekend we feature Diamond Cut Tail Lights or Daytime Running Lamps. Then to finish our sale products we thought about feeling more secure about things, so protect your belonging in your truck bed with an Access Tonneau Covers and make sure you have an accurate knowledge of how much fuel is left in the transfer barrel with a Digital Fuel Meters

Do you have a lot of tools about in your truck or have all your cleaning items for the truck in a bag? Check out one of this weekend’s specials, DELTA Aluminum Single Lid Crossover Toolbox. Its sturdy aluminum body can resists damage. Its stainless steel handles provide leak free protection for your valuables. Now you can keep all your stuff in one pace and stop going crazy looking for what might have slid under the seat or maybe fell out of the truck.

Wheel Well toolboxes create extra storage in your truck bed without taking up valuable space. These side storage style boxes easily mount to your truck’s wheel well space giving you quick, easy access to your tools and accessories.  Wheel well boxes are a great alternative to full size chest or cross-over toolboxes to store tools, equipment, small sporting goods and more while maintaining the full length of your truck bed, which is especially important for smaller trucks and anyone who hauls long items.  This weekend’s special is a OWENS Wheel Well Box which is made of thick, beautiful, polished, diamond tread aluminum which won’t rust, pit or corrode.

If you are looking for a great product to customize your vehicle and make it unique, you need to check out APC Diamond Cut Tail Lights and see how they can work for you. A diamond cut tail light simply refers to the shape that the tail light is, they are diamond shaped and they look great. These diamond cut tail lights also use the LED lights so that they are bright and easy to see. LED tail lights also last for a long time, so you won’t have to worry about bulbs going out or causing any issues with that. The diamond cut tail lights are so easy to install that you will be able to do it yourself. These tail lights are actually installed with the same harness and wiring as your old tail lights, so you won’t have to do any sort of modifications to get them installed. This should be a quick and easy installation process so that you are able to install them in a matter of an hour or two and be off and driving. This does not require a professional to install. Plus, all of the tail lights are DOT approved and can be used legally in all of the 50 states.

Would you like to add the safety of Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) to your car, truck, or SUV with PIAA LED Daytime Running Lights? These lamps use high-intensity LEDs, are an ultra low profile, and very low energy draw. These lights come with adjustable mounting brackets, and are waterproof to stand up to the worst weather conditions.

How about A tonneau cover? Check out our Access Tonneau Covers which are competitive since it is furnished with a lot of features. The vinyl cover is double sided, is of industrial strength, and is supported by tough bows and bars. Installation is very easy where drilling tools aren’t required. Adjustable clamps are used to set it to the rails of the truck. This also has the advantage of not having parts that may become loose, blown away, and get lost while driving.

Also on sale this weekend is our GPI Digital Fuel Meters. Check out our large selection of high-performance fuel flow metes for industrial, commercial, and municipal service.  Fuel transfer meters provide accurate measurements and can be used in batching, blending, process control, and dispensing of liquid products in many industries.



Weekend Specials: Trim your Truck

This weekend (starting today 12/16 and running through Sunday 12/18) get special discounts on select accessories at By now most people have trimmed their trees, but have you trimmed your truck? This weekend we have special deals for all things truck!

The Access Roll Up Sport Tonneau Cover is a stellar addition to any truck! It’s a sleek, streamlined, low-profile cover that lays only ½-inch above your truck box. It uses hook and loop fasteners to provide a high strength seal that runs the entire length of the truck bed, and includes 2 slide locks for extra protection. With the trigger latch, you can open the tonneau with a single finger, and you can also adjust tension with the easy-to-use controls. When you need to use your full truck bed, there is no need to remove this tonneau. Simply roll it up to the front of the bed and fasten with the included tight-bite clamps.

With Bully’s Truck Bed Side Step, you can save time and eliminate hassle. Think of all the time you  waste walking to the back of your truck, lowering the tailgate, stepping up to the bed, walking to the bed’s front, digging through your toolbox, walking back, jumping down, and raising the tailgate back up. What a long process just to grab a simple tool from your truck box. With this new truck step, all you have to do is flip out the step, and grab whatever you need!  This step can be installed on either the driver or passenger side, and supports up to 300 lbs. It is made of anodized cast aluminum and has heavy-duty, integrated mounting brackets for a solid construction. It easily flips out when needed and locks into position then conveniently slides back underneath the truck when not in use.

To better protect your cargo, you need a Loading Zone Truck Cargo Gate. This easy-to-use gate has unique side brackets that allow for positioning anywhere along your truck’s bed. It divides from the floor to the top of the bed rails and is easy to lock into place. Its design holds cargo in place while allowing air to flow through to reduce resistance. This gate is made of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel and requires no assembly or mounting hardware. There are models available to fit compact, mid-size, and full-size pickup trucks.

For keeping errant rocks and big puddle splashes to a minimum, Splash Guards from Powerflow are the way to go. These guards are molded and contoured for better fitment and protection. They have a curved top for easier alignment and are guaranteed to be unbreakable. Installation is easy and corrosion-resistant mounting hardware is included. These flaps are available for many late model pickups and are sold in pairs.

U-Cut Chrome Rocker Panel Trim lets you add some custom chrome to your truck’s rocker panels. Each universal kit includes 5 strips of chrome-finished ABS and 3 pieces of clear styrene pattern. The panels are available in 5, 6, 7, and 8-inch widths, so you can pick the perfect size for your particular vehicle. Each chrome pieces is scratch-resistant and has a UV coating that prevents fading. Once you measure and cut your pieces, they are very easy to install, using the included 3M adhesive backing.

Finally, with an APC LED Tailgate Light Strip, you can improve your truck’s visibility and safety. These durable, water-resistant lights use LED technology for brighter lights and a faster response. They can be used as running lights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights, and some models also include white reverse lights. These tailgate lights have a plug and play installation, are available in 49 and 60-inch lengths and stick on with automotive-grade tape.

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rocker panels

U-Cut Chrome Rocker Panels

Lund Products Keep Cargo Stowed and Secure

No matter where you’re traveling, these Lund products will keep all your cargo safe and secure!

The Aerodynamic Cargo Bag is constructed of fiberglass-reinforced, weatherproof material with heat-sealed seams for durability. Its aerodynamic design reduces wind-resistance, saving you gas money. It provides 11 cubic feet of storage, so there is plenty of room to stow all your extras. This bag is easy to install: it’s lightweight for easier lifting, and attaches to your roof rack with thick, heavy-duty straps.

Sturdy Cargo Nets are also great for keeping cargo secure. They are specifically made for both hitch-mounted carriers and rooftop carriers. They are extra durable to reduce wear; after all, one frayed rope can leave your belongings strewn all over the freeway. They also have reinforced hooks to keep them in place. These nets install in seconds, but can make all the difference in keeping cargo safely in place.

The Adjustable Cargo Bar helps keep cargo from shifting and slipping in trucks, SUVs, and CUVs. It’s very easy to use, with no tools required, and has rubber covered ends to prevent scratching or gouging. The ratcheting model expands from 40 to 70-inches and uses the ratchet to lock in place. The telescoping models extend from 47 to 70-inches and are available with or without a suspended heavy-duty net.

Lund Cargo Bars

Weekend Specials: Small Accessories Make a Big Difference

This weekend (starting today 7/15 and running through Sunday 7/17) get special discounts on select accessories at We have great specials on big accessories, like toolboxes and nerf bars, but don’t forget about the smaller accessories, which can sometimes be just as useful!

CoverKing Triguard Car Covers can keep your car, truck, or SUV protected from dust, sunlight, and light rain storms. The triguard’s triple layers (meltblown polypropylene and spunbond polypropylene) offer UV protection, while maintaining breathability. The covers are easy to put on and take off, and are easily folded and stored when not in use.

Pilot’s Phantom LED Strips offer higher visibility for your car or truck. You can use them both indoors and outdoors to fill in the gaps around headlights and taillights, between grilles, and on dashboards. Their flexibility allows them to bend around curves and twist into circles, so you can customize your lights however you want! The LEDs shine brightly and last much longer than standard bulbs. These light strips are also very easy to install – just peel and stick.

The Loading Zone Truck Bed Cargo Gate helps secure loose cargo in truck beds and SUV cargo areas. Each gate is designed to fit specific truck and SUV models, instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, so you get a better fit. The gate is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel that will not corrode even when exposed to the elements in a truck bed. Its center gridding holds the cargo at multiple points to hold items more securely while also minimizing the pressure at each point, lessening the risk of damage to your cargo. It is easy to use, with a locking handle that holds the gate in place, and unique side brackets that allow better positioning. No assembly or mounting hardware is required

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Loading Zone Cargo Gate

New Ratchet Styles

Highland has a complete line of high quality ratcheted tie down straps to secure just about any load. They are now selling three new styles of Ratchet Tie Down Straps that feature high-quality construction and superior gripping strength. Each new ratchet has differentiating features and is available in various lengths and numbers.

Max Grip Ratchets have a unique open handle that is more comfortable than regular ratchet styles. The handle fits all hand sizes and has a curved release button that’s easy to use. These ratchets have a 1,000 lb. working load and 3,000 lb. break strength. Each ratchet has 14 feet of 1-inch black webbing, and is available in single, double, and quad packs.

A Slide Lock Ratchet is perfect for securing furniture or appliances. The ratchet uses a comfortable, padded t-grip and tightens from any position along the webbing. Each ratchet has 10 ft. of 1-inch black webbing that has a 500 lb. work load and 1,500 lb. break strength and cannot be over-tightened.

Titan Ratchets are ultra strong with super strong holding power and a vice-like grip. They have a padded silver cast steel handle that provides precise tension adjustment and an easy-to-use and easy-to-reach release button. They provide 600 lbs. of cargo securing power and have an 1,800 lb. break strength. They have 1-inch black webbing in 6 ft (double pack), 10 ft. (quad pack), and 14 ft. (single).

Highland Titan Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Cargo Tie Downs Keep Loads Secure

When you are transporting cargo, the most important thing to remember is safety. You should ensure that whatever you are carrying is held securely in place, otherwise it may shift or even fall out of your vehicle. This will most certainly damage your cargo, and worse, create a driving hazard to yourself and other vehicles. To keep cargo secure, it is wise to invest in Cargo Tie Downs. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and strengths, so you are sure to find the appropriate strap for your particular needs.

The load you are carrying will determine the appropriate holding force you need. For lighter loads, less force is needed, and a Cambuckle Tie Down will most likely be sufficient. Cambuckles are very quick and easy to use. All you have to do is press down on the buckle and pull tight. The cambuckle also releases instantly, with thumb pressure to the buckle. They use Power Web Plus webbing that is 2-inches by 6 feet.

If you’re looking for a tighter holding force,then a Highland Surelok is the product for you! It keeps the easy use of the cambuckle,but has leverage that doubles its hold down force. With a Surelok, it is also impossible to overtighten, so you will not get carried away and damage your vehicle or the cargo. Each Surelok is 2-inches by 6 feet.

If you need maximum holding force for our cargo, then you need a ratchet. They have a superstrong, vise-like holding power with precise tension adjustment. I would definitely recommend a retractable ratchet where the strap winds into the handle, because this will eliminate the tangling than can occur when the strap gets wound around itself. It also makes storing the ratchet easier, since it’s much more compact. There are two sizes of retractable ratchets available: 1-inches by 6 feet and 2-inches by 10 feet.

Highland Retractable Ratchets