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  • The Rumble Bee

    When the Rumble Bee came out, it was like our muscle car dreams had finally come true. It reminded us of our high school days, street racing with our Chevelles, Camaros, Chargers and our Super Bee’s. Sweet cars, and fun times.

    2005 Rumble Bee by Midnight1287

    Not since the “Lil Red Express” did we have a real muscle truck. Sure, we had the Chevy SS and the Ford Lightning, but those seemed more like trucks first, with the cool factor added later.

    Hell, we have been building trucks like that on our own for years, but the Rumble Bee’s first job was showing off and being a brute. It looked the part, even if the motor was still a stock Ram Hemi … a stock hemi, doesn’t sound too bad. This was to be a “Limited Edition” of 3,700, but with some dash plaques reading 4,800 and above, we are not quite sure how many were really made. What we do know is that people who bought the truck as an investment were left feeling a little hurt. Those who bought the truck to show off were unbelievably happy with it.

    2004 Dodge Ram Rumble Bee

    The Bee only came with two color options: Black or Solar Yellow. Both paint jobs came to life with addition of the “Rumble Bee” stripes. This appearance package gave the customer the same available options as on the "Sport" trucks such as painted bumpers, 20" chrome-clad aluminum wheels, and bright grille inserts.

    In addition, the package also included a brushed aluminum fuel door, chrome exhaust tip, lower rocker panel fascia or "ground effects", and a hood scoop. The hood scoop was non-functional, but helped give the truck its muscle car look.

    The interior of the Rumble Bee shares an interior similar to that of the SLT trucks with some extras. The special center dash bezel was painted bright yellow with a dash plaque indicating its “Limited Edition” production number. The premium door panels sported the same special bright yellow inserts and "Bee" decals on them. All Rumble Bee's came with cloth seats, which could be upgraded to leather upon customers request - and many requested.

    The Rumble Bee may not have come with the 426’s, or the 440’s of the 1960s and ‘70s, but the 5.7 with its 345hp was still in the ballpark. Remember, a 1969 440 came with 350, 375 and 390 hp ratings. Not far off, and with some work (Procharger), well over 400 at the wheels. Overall, a very cool truck with lots of curb appeal, and the ponies to back it up.

    As we move forward in the automotive timeline, Chrysler is once again setting itself apart from its performance competition with cars like the SRT8’s, the Hell Cat and now the Demon. We can only hope that they come out with their newest version of the SRT10 truck, and hopefully it will look as cool as the Rumble Bee.

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