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  • The History of My Trucks: Who I Am Part I

    So you’ve been reading my blogs off and on for the last few months … but who am I, and what makes my opinion on trucks any better than anyone else’s?

    Well, I’m your average 52-year-old guy who still remembers the first truck that I fell in love with. It was not a mud spitting monster; just a 1967 Chevy C10 (2-wheel drive, for you kids out there). It was high school, and it was my best friend’s uncle’s truck (Butch will be missed for sure). We got to use it when we thought we needed it, and by the time we were seniors, it seemed that we needed it all the time.

    What was kind of different is that John and I had the cool cars in school: My ‘70 Chevelle (a badass car that was so much cooler than John’s) and his ‘70 Monte Carlo. (All right, a really cool car too, just don’t tell him.) We would take it out and do bad things with it (327 with a 4-speed and 4:11 in the back).

    I ended up buying the truck a few years later (not sure if I ever paid for it or not). So many great memories came from that Chevy C10. All of my truck journeys started with that truck, and I still add to the list every day.

    Toyota Truck Joey and Mike’s favorite book for years.

    Many years and many trucks later, came the brand new 1983 Toyota (Little Red &%#@ ball) that belonged to my friend Mike. This set off a new direction, not just for me, but my lifelong friends as well (don’t worry Joey, you’re gonna show up in stories somewhere). WHY DO THEY MAKE ANYTHING THAT IS NOT 4-WHEEL DRIVE?

    Let’s move forward a few years. I’ve had a few trucks, but no real love affair. A Chevy Luv (don’t judge me) that I bought for $50 and used for a few years. I traded it for a bike (750 Shadow) and some cash.

    It seemed that there was a truck in the driveway (or yard) all the time. A 1971 Chevy C10 … See a pattern? This one was a big block; 402 cubic inches of unbridled smog-controlled lack of power. (Did you know that you can make good power with a Big Block Chevy? Who knew?)

    That truck grew into a big-block-powered, turbo 400 4:11 rear ended beast (never did the body work, kind of ugly in a hurry). This is the truck that made me realize that I should not have neighbors. Unfortunately, they all knew it before I did.

    Side note, did you know that it is impossible to put headers on without starting it up before the rest of the exhaust goes on? I have tried; hurts too bad, don’t do it.

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