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  • Pre-owned vehicles - it ain't what it "used" to be...

    It wasn’t that long ago that people were less than thrilled about purchasing used vehicles.  Let’s look at the facts.  Used cars are not unlike the kittens and puppies at the pound – they are unwanted by the original owner.  Next is the fact that they have something in common with your favorite, worn out sneakers – used vehicles tend to also have a lot of mileage on them.  The biggest slap in the face might actually be that the used automobile you’re driving is sporting dings and dents that you didn’t even have the pleasure of causing yourself.  Times have certainly changed.

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  • Utlizing Cargo Management to hit the open road...

    We are springing our clocks ahead this weekend and now is the time to start thinking about hitting the happy trails whether it be in the car or on a bike.  With so much of the country experiencing a brutal winter, it’s no wonder that people are desperate to grab and hold onto even the smallest sign of spring.  The weatherman said today that the NY/NJ/PA tri-state area will see temperatures rise to the low 50’s this weekend.  Since this area has spent the last few weeks in a Polar Vortex I am sure that the spring like weather will be met with smiles and many different outdoor activities. 

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