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  • The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book's Featured Cars

    The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is an annual reminder of all of the things we wish we could afford. Though the catalog dates back to 1939, it wasn't until 1952 that the extravagant gifts that the catalog is now known for were included. Over the years diamond encrusted tiger figures, backyard water parks, private concerts, and chocolate Monopoly sets have all been featured. Often, the more expensive items include some form of unique transportation like airplanes, hot air balloons, dirigibles, Learjets, and underwater aviators.

    Over the past ten years, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book has always included a limited edition of a specific luxury car; in some cases it is the first edition of the car available to the public and it often features an exclusive color. Though the price tags are high (and that is perhaps an understatement), the cars always sell out quickly.

    This year, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book features the McLaren MP4-12C Spider. Even if you have an extra $354,000, you're out of luck, because all of these beauties were sold out within two hours (only twelve were manufactured). This seems like quite a feat, especially compared to the 2009, $105,000 Jaguar XJL Supercharged which took over four hours to sell out its 50 cars. However, it's actually than last year's model, the Ferrari FF, which sold out its ten cars in just 50 minutes.

    Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2012


    The 2010 offering, a special edition Chevy Camaro Convertible priced at $75,000, sold out its 100 vehicles in just three minutes. But the current record holder is the 2006 BMW M6 which sold out all fifty of its vehicles in 90 seconds flat. Which of these vehicles would you like parked in your driveway with a ridiculous oversized bow on top? Hey, we can always dream, right? Let us know in the comments.

    2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book


  • Bedrug Holiday Promo Week!

    Starting today November 21st and ending next Tuesday, November 27th save an extra 10% on all Bedrug Products!

    This a fabulous deal if you are looking for new bedliners for your truck, mats for your cargo van, or protection for your trailer walls. Bedrug manufactures three different products for your truck bed: a carpeted liner, a spray-in look liner, and a carpeted mat. All three feature a foam backing that will not scratch your paint, as well as a thicker, waterproof top that will protect your bed while keeping cargo from sliding and skidding. Bedrug also manufactures two kinds of tailgate mats, with a cut-to-fit universal style that will fit almost any truck and custom mats that are perfectly designed to fit your specific vehicle. For work vans, Bedrug makes both a rubber "VanTred" model and a carpeted "VanRug" model, both of which offer cushy, shock-absorbent protection to your van's floors while also resisting gas, oil, chemicals, and other liquids. Bedrug trailer protection is available in the form of kits that include carpeted liner, extrusion rails, and spray adhesive to cover the interior walls (up to 4 ft. high) of your trailer. Kits are available for 10 to 32 ft. trailers. A 2 ft. by 4 ft. x .75-inch foam mat is also available for use in trailers or garages to protect the floor and your knees or back when hard at work on your vehicle or in your garage.

    Bedrug Bedliner

    Be sure to check back often to see all our upcoming holiday promotions! We hope all of our dedicated readers have a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  • Good Samaritan Saves Little Girl

    Good Samaritan

    Here is an amazing story about a Good Samaritan who rescued a young girl who was involved in a multiple vehicle accident late at night. Chico Quinones was at home with his wife when they heard a giant crash late last Saturday night. They, along with other neighbors, left the comfort of their homes to investigate the noise and found a three car pile-up crash. Apparently one of the drivers did not stop at a stop sign and hit an oncoming vehicle, which then hit an SUV. The neighbors all pitched in, helping residents out of their vehicles and away from the crash site to safety. Quinones could hear a child's voice crying and calling out for her parents, and found a toddler girl strapped into her car seat and trapped in the vehicle. Though the smell of gasoline was strong, indicating a threat of an explosion, our Good Samaritan climbed right into the vehicle without hesitation to rescue the young girl. Everyone involved in the accident had only minor injuries and the driver who caused the crash was arrested and charged.

    Read the whole story here.

    Do you have any Good Samaritans you’d like us to mention on the blog? Let us know in the comments!

  • Luxury Ride-On Cars for Kids

    The next time you’re on the road and the BMW or Mercedes logo catches your eye, you may want to take a second look.   The driver could be under the legal driving age by at least ten years, but don’t be alarmed… luxury mini versions of ride-on cars for kids are the newest must-have toys.  From BMW M6 replicas, to hot pink mini Mercedes, these luxurious toy cars are sure to please your car-enthusiast-in-training.  Just because they don’t have a drivers license doesn’t mean they can’t ride around in style.


    Customized Single Seater Porsche

    Soccer  player DAVID BECKHAM presented his son Brooklyn with an Ultra Small Porsche car worth  £50,000 which is approximately $72,610.This one is single seated car powered by a diesel engine and is fully handcrafted.

    Mercedes Benz 300Sl W198 6v Silver

    Only for the exclusive few, the Mercedes Benz 300SL W198 6 volt ride-on car is every bit as desirable as its adult version but even harder to get your hands on. You now have the chance to own one of the most collectible 1954 Mercedes Benz models. Its extraordinary looks are the first thing that hit you - this is a car that screams opulence and exclusivity. This is a car against which all other children's cars will be measured.

    Power Wheels Smart Car

    Based on the new Smart vehicle recently launched in the U.S. This one is a very cute "replica" of the real one....

    Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

    Equipped with a real Tough Talking microphone that includes fun sound effects, a real voice-amplifying speaker, real rockin’ tunes on the pretend radio, and 12-volts of battery power for real driving fun and adventure! All kids have to do is put the pedal to the metal!

  • Superstorm Sandy Relief

    We here at want to reach out to everyone affected by Superstorm Sandy. is a New Jersey based company and its employees are made up of wonderful people from the New Jersey/New York area.  Each and every employee at sends out their condolences to families who lost loved ones during the storm and we keep those families who need to rebuild their homes and lives in our prayers.

    While the storm took lives and left many areas within New Jersey and New York destroyed, the one thing that Superstorm Sandy couldn’t take was the spirit and strength of those in its path.  The dedication to our community in unwavering, our goal clear; we must rebuild and we must not let a storm define our lives.  We are a community who stands together, never to be divided.  While people had no electricity and the days were cold and the nights were frigid, we converted our schools to warming shelters.  When gas couldn’t be found, we carpooled.  When a neighbor didn’t have a generator, we shared.  When there was no meat in the supermarket, the local church offered a free meal. has a few products that may help during these tough times.  Although we expect our normal routines to return soon and the gas lines to ease in the next few days, we should be prepared for the future. The one thing this storm has taught us is that preparedness should be our new way of living.  We should not be rushing to the grocery store for food right before a big storm – we should always have the essentials on hand.  There should always be gallons and cases of water in our basement and cans of soup in our pantry.  Have you tried to find a gas can lately?  Unless you already own one don’t expect to be able to find one on the shelves at your local store.  The demand has been crazy. has a wide variety of GPI hand and electric fuel pumps.  We also carry Delta fuel transfer tanks that can help transport your fuel.  If you are driving a truck you should check out our many tonneau covers.  They can help to reduce your fuel usage and keep your tank filled.  Gas has become a precious commodity over the last two weeks, be prepared to store it and conserve it.

    If you are one of the many that will be contracted to help rebuild our state, you might want to consider keeping yourself and your tools safe.  Take a look at STK Pro Guard Cab Guard or the many toolboxes we carry.  These products will protect you and your valuable tools.

    You may be one of the tens of thousands who have lost their home and you may need to relocate your personal belongings.  Let help you with our line of Curt hitches and accessories and our different brands of rooftop carriers.  These products will surely protect the things that are important to you.

    Once again we’d like to say that the staff of extends their deepest sympathies to the families of those who lost loved one in Superstorm Sandy.  We are also deeply saddened by all of those who lost their homes and all of their possessions in the storm.  We know that the people of our state will work with one another to rebuild and that once again the “Garden State” will bloom.

  • President Cars Throughout the Years

    Today is Election Day, so it's the perfect time to take a look at all of our presidents, and the presidents' cars throughout the years.


    The official state car used by the president is often called Cadillac One, after Air Force One. It is a 2009 Cadillac limousine with an array of special features like armor-plating, specialized communications equipment, night-vision supplies, and run-flat tires. The limousine travels with the president on both domestic and international trips. In addition to "Cadillac One" the president also has multiple Chevrolet Suburbans that he can choose to travel in.

    Obviously, Cadillac One is drastically different from earlier presidential vehicles. The first president to have a government automobile was Theodore Roosevelt (William McKinley had an automobile, but it was not a government vehicle).  Two specially equipped Cadillac convertibles were used by a succession of presidents starting in 1938. In addition to Cadillac, Lincoln has also been a popular manufacturer of presidential automobiles. Harry Truman had Lincoln Cosmopolitans, and we have all seen photographs of John F. Kennedy’s Lincoln Continental convertible. Multiple presidents used some form of the Continental, until George H. W. Bush switched it up to a modified Lincoln Town Car. His successor, Bill Clinton, returned to Cadillac with a Fleetwood Brougham, and then George W. Bush continued the trend, using both a Deville and DTS during his eight years in the White House. President Obama continued this trend with Cadillac One, and it will be interesting to see if this trend continues with whoever is elected president today.

    Outside of the White House, our past presidents have owned a variety of vehicles. President Obama drove a Ford Escape Hybrid before entering the White House, and Mitt Romney has gone on record saying he drives a Ford Mustang and a Chevy pickup. Bill Clinton had a ‘67 Mustang Convertible, Ronald Reagan had a ‘52 U.S. Army Jeep, and Richard Nixon had a ‘50 Oldsmobile 98. For more information on these and other president cars, check out this interesting article.


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