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  • Good Samaritan to the Rescue!

    Here is a wonderful story about a Good Samaritan who helped rescue a stray dog, Hudson. Hudson was in Reno, separated from his owner Senior Airman Wes Falconer, who was on a base in California receiving treatment. Hudson wandered away when a gate was left open and spent almost five months wandering along the highway, in view of passersby, but out of reach to any who tried to stop and rescue him. Enter Good Samaritan Kathie Mead, who felt compelled to help poor Hudson even though he would never let her get too close. Mead started visiting the area where she first saw Hudson, leaving food and water several times a day. After building up a pattern, Mead (with consultation from Animal Services) left food inside a cage, hoping to lure Hudson in, and finally catch the uncatchable dog. Her plan was a success! Animal Service came to collect Hudson, who thankfully was microchipped. They held the dog until Falconer could come back and claim him. A week later, Falconer, Hudson and the many Good Samaritans, including Kathie Mead, met at the shelter to celebrate the reunion.

    Read the whole story here.

    Do you have any Good Samaritans you’d like us to mention on the blog? Let us know in the comments!

  • NFL Tailgating Essentials

    NFL Tailgating

    To me, Fall means NFL tailgating and football of course. What’s not to like about football? It offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into the competition, big hits or touchdown celebrations, football, in my opinion, is the greatest sport on earth. It also gives fans the opportunity to do something every weekend their favorite team is playing at home: tailgate. Even for non-football fans, it is something everyone from kids to adults can enjoy. If you aren’t familiar with parking lot gathering, you’re missing out. If you enjoy hanging out with friends and family, grilling up some food and playing games, tailgating is for you. However you want to make sure you have all the right tailgating accessories.

    How do you plan to grill burgers, brats, hot dogs, etc. without a grill? While some people go all out and bring their backyard grills, a small charcoal grill will suffice. You will be the envy of the people around you with the smell of the food you are grilling. Now you need some chairs and a folding table so you can set up your beer pong, a tailgating must. Try to keep all your tailgating accessories together so it is easier to find.  That heavy duty storage bag that you got last football season really comes in handy keeping all your tailgating gear in one place.

    You will be glad when you and the boys are throwing the ball around that you spent the extra money over the summer to get the carpeted bedliner for your truck. You don’t want your girl sitting on a bare metal bed now she and her girlfriends can stay a little warmer and more comfortable. Along with the comfort it will also help with protecting the bed as well.

    Game time, is near. You now start breaking down the canopy, folding the chairs and cleaning up everything else you set up. Pack up everything back in the storage bag and load everything into your truck bed. Once you have all that down you can now lock up and go enjoy the game with your friends. Make sure you lock your truck cover, you don’t want to come back and find out that all your gear is now gone. After locking up, put the key back in the hitch receiver key safe. No worry about losing that key, you just have to remember the combination. Game Time!

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  • Drive-In Theater: A Lookback

    What's more retro than a drive-in theater?

    The first drive-in movie theater opened in 1933 in New Jersey and featured a 40 by 50-ft screen and room for 400 vehicles. However drive-ins didn't hit their peak until the late 1950s when over 4,000 drive-ins were found all across America. They were seen as a popular and fairly cheap form of entertainment, as the entertainment could last all night and you usually paid by the carload. You could bring the whole family, and if the kids fell asleep, you could leave them in the backseat and still enjoy your movie. In the 1970s, the drive-ins became less about family and more about date night, as more risque features began being shown.

    Unfortunately, drive-in theaters were being replaced by muliplexes, causing revenues to decline. Real-estate prices also hastened the decline of drive-ins as these massive, multi-acre spaces could be sold for quite a lot of money, especially in more populated areas. In recent years, the drive-in concept has seen a revival, but traditional drive-ins have been done in once again by the conversion to digital film. As of this year, under 400 drive ins still exist.

    So when's the last time you went to the drive-in? Do you wish they were still popular? Do you know if there's a drive-in theater by you? (click here to find out)

    I've got to say, I sometimes wish I was watching a movie from the comfort of my car, though it's more about keeping the crying babies, the movie talkers, and the cell phone aficionados out, rather than keeping myself in.

    The Good Old Days Drive-In Theater






    driving accessories

    We’re well into the fall season now, and the leaves are finally changing colors and creating beautiful scenery. After the colors change, the leaves begin falling, and while raking them up may be a hassle, it’s always fun to take a bug jump into a pile of raked leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves don’t just fall on your lawn; they fall on the road and in your truck bed too. What you need are some auto and driving accessories to protect your car or truck from the many problems of fall driving.

    First think of driving accessories like lights, more specifically driving and fog lights. You never want to be caught out in the middle of a snowstorm with burned out bulbs.  They could be very beneficial during severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms and snow fall. It is impossible to control what the condition of the road is going to be, and this is the time universal fog lighting is so great. In reality, they make your drive much safer. Your visibility is significantly increased over that of someone without these types of lights installed on their car or truck. When the road is foggy, there may be a great deal of accidents, particularly among people without the proper equipment. If you're driving in low visibility weather conditions without the use of driving or fog lights, you might be putting yourself on the line. You always should be ready for whatever nature throws in your direction. Expecting road conditions to be good at all times is not practical. On the other hand, in foggy weather, aftermarket fog lights can alert other cars and pedestrians that you're nearby. Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, so we have to prepare and avoid them no matter what.

    With your tires always being in the debris of the bad weather one of the first places a car loses paint and starts to rust is the rear of the fender wells. That is easy to understand considering the amount of mud and gravel that gets thrown against them by the tires. The only thing that you can do is add a set of mud flaps. Mud flaps are designed to take the cleanliness and health of your vehicle to that next level with their ability to deflect debris and keep your wheels going smoothly. Many mud flaps have a special groove design on them that funnels water and debris away from your vehicle protecting it by preventing the water from ever reaching the metal.

    With summer gone and the beginning of fall here and winter is near, and unless you want to be cleaning out your truck bed all fall and winter long, it’s time to seriously consider a tonneau cover. Tonneaus are one of the best truck accessories out there. They protect your truck bed from rain, leaves, snow, and ice which can be damaging and lower the resale value of your truck. They also protect your truck’s cargo from both weather and theft by keeping it protected and hidden from view. Finally, having a tonneau can actually save you money, they eliminate tailgate drag, making your truck more aerodynamic and increasing gas mileage. Some tonneaus have been shown to increase gas mileage.

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  • Dodge Dart: The New Chrysler Compact

    Did anybody see the 60 Minutes piece on Chrysler and their rapid turnaround?
    60 Minutes followed around Sergio Marchionne who is responsible for both Chrysler and European brand Fiat's recoveries. His focus is on quality, and he used the $600 billion loan from the government to upgrade plants with new equipment and integrate operations with Fiat. Consumer Reports says with Marchionne at the helm, quality has increased markedly. But will anyone buy his cars?

    His first big test is the new 2013 Dodge Dart.

    The New Dart


    The Dart is the first compact sedan since the Dodge Neon was discontinued in 2005. It takes its name from the old Dodge Dart sold between 1960 and 1976, which was a popular model that was well known for its quality. The original Dart was replaced by the Dodge Aspen (not to be confused with the Chrysler Aspen!), which then had issues with quality and were recalled several times. So this renaming harkens back to a popular, high-quality compact car, exactly what Chrysler is hoping to achieve with the new Dart.

    The Old Dart


    So what do you think? Do you like the look of the new Dodge Dart? Would you return to Chrysler and Dodge when looking for a compact car, or do you think they should stick to trucks and SUVs? Apparently sales numbers have been low for the first two months on the market, with only 974 Darts sold. Apparently, the first Darts to hit show rooms were manual transmission only, which may have been part of the problem. Only time will tell whether the new Dodge Dart will relive the glory of the old Dart or fizzle and be Sergio Marchionne's first big miss with Chrysler.

  • Add style with custom painted accessories

    Are you one of those people who want to stand out in a crowd because you are well dressed but don’t want to come off as flashy?  The same can be said for many car and truck owners.  Many people want their vehicle to stand out because it’s sharp, not because it’s chromed out and over the top.  The simple solution? Color matched painted accessories.  They complete the customized look of your vehicle and the end result is a classy, sleek look.

    One of the hottest accessories on the current market is truck visors.  A truck visor puts an end to sun in your eyes while adding style to your ride.  Want to up the ante?  Go from the “add-on” look to the custom ride look by having your visor painted to match the color of your truck. Painted truck visors take your vehicle from plain Jane to hot & happening in zero to sixty in the time it takes you to install it.

    When you want to protect the hood of your truck and keep your windshield clean, you can’t go wrong with a bug shield.  Most are custom molded to fit your vehicle aerodynamically which allows air to flow up and over your windshield.  Bug shields are easy to install and most require no drilling.  They are easy to clean and designed to give you years of pleasure and protection.  Take it to the next level and have your new bug shield painted to custom match your truck.  Now your truck is protected and well dressed.

    painted truck accessories

    Are you thinking about possibly adding a set of running boards to your truck but can’t convince yourself that they are a necessity?  They are.  Running boards are practical and give you and your passengers that extra step to get up into your vehicle.  They are especially helpful if you have children who have a difficult time getting in and out of your truck.  Running boards will enhance the appearance of your vehicle by giving it a sleek look in an otherwise empty space.  It adds depth and dimension that your truck or vehicle didn’t have before.  Want those boards to be sharp?  Purchase a pair of painted running boards.  It is those extra touches that take it from an “add-on” look to a ride that everyone will be talking about.

    You don’t have to paint the accessories that you buy to have them be functional on your vehicle.  However, if you want them to be stylish, painted is the way to go.  Unless you paint vehicles for a living, it is not recommended that you paint the accessories yourself.  Matching colors is not as easy as it seems.  There are many different factors in determining the actual color of your car – did you realize there are several dozen shades of white vehicles alone?  The last thing you want is your vehicle to have a mismatched color accessory –that’s certainly not the effect you are striving for.  Leave the painting to the experts who will accept nothing less than a perfect match.  Dress your vehicle for success because what you drive does say a lot about who you are.

  • Car Quizzes to Test Your Vehicle Knowledge

    How much do you know about cars and trucks?
    Take one or all of these fun car quizzes to find out.

    Is the big H for Honda or Hyundai?
    Which luxury car company uses interlocking circles?
    Can you remember who uses a trident?
    If you know all the answers, then this car logo quiz is for you.

    Is a Malibu a Chevy or Chrysler?
    Who manufactures the Eldorado?
    Is the Veyron your dream car?
    If this is more up your alley (get it?!), try out a matching makes and models quiz.

    Warning! This quiz is only for car trivia masters! Can you name the car based only on its taillight? Then this tail light challenge is perfect for you.

    So how did you do on these car quizzes? Brag or complain in the comments.

    Car Quizzes, Chrome Emblems


  • Improve Performance with Work Van Accessories

    work van accessories,

    Although a pickup truck is a great asset for transporting tools, nothing beats a work van when it comes to flexibility and storage options. There are a ton of work van accessories out there for you purchase to turn your mess of tools into an organized work space.

    Depending upon your line of work, add a van cargo mat.  The BedRug VanTred Van Cargo Mat features a rugged work surface that will not only protect your van, but will provide impact and cargo protection and act as a heat and noise insulator. Your cargo won’t slide around and the tough material stands up to water stains and even harsh chemicals, preventing rust and mold. Molded to fit your specific make and model, this cargo mat looks great and fits like a glove, creating a void-free surface without damaging your van. Just clean it with a hose, power washer or vacuum and your VanRug is good as new.

    If your ladder is your tool of choice, consider adding a van ladder rack. The Kargo Master Pro III Series Ladder Rack fits the Ford Transit Connect and allows you to maximize your van space by storing ladders or long cargo on the roof.  To make the roof rack easier to access, add some running boards. . Owens makes a nice pair of diamond tread running boards that not only look nice but will also help protect your van from road debris. They also offer excellent traction and maximum stepping strength in any weather.

    If you are in the market for a new work van check out the new Ford Transit Connect. You've probably noticed them in your neighborhood with ads for things like custom cakes, cable companies, cat groomers and cleaning services displayed on their flat, windowless sides. Transit Connects are everywhere now. Business owners were tired of only being offered a full-size truck or van for their needs, and in many cases a small, fuel efficient panel van can do the same job far better and more cheaply. The Transit Van is the perfect vehicle for hauling equipment and easy to park and maneuver in tight spaces. Want some Ford Transit Connect add on accessories, there are many out there from hood deflectors to cargo baskets, cross bars and cargo nets. Make your work environment the best it can be to work for you.


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