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  • When It Comes To Towing, Get Some Balls

    Did you just buy a camper for the family, or decide to try out your food truck business journey, well now it is time to check your balls, and make sure your truck is ready to go for your towing adventure.

    The Hitch Ball, or Trailer Ball, is the most important link in your towing rig, making the big connection between your hitch and your trailer. Hitch balls give you a strong, secure trailer mounting point. The Ball Mount is equally important, as it attaches the ball that links to your hitch. Ball Mounts are durable and reliable for the most stress-free towing experience. Some offer adjustable heights and lengths, or even feature multiple balls to pull a wide array of loads. Larger metal balls will have to be used if you want to support more weight. Ball trailer hitches can be used to haul smaller cargo such as boats and smaller trailers. In some cases, they can also be used to haul smaller campers.  Now that you have covered all the towing basics and have had all your towing questions answered, enjoy your adventure.

    ball mounthitch

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  • Weekend Specials: Practical and Flashy

    This weekend (starting today 5/25 and running through Sunday 5/27) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have special deals on both practical and flashy accessories. Practical accessories help you get the most use out of your car or truck. They can offer protection, help organize or carry your cargo, just make owning or driving your vehicle a little easier. As for flashy accessories, they’re all about turning heads. Whether it’s a touch of shiny chrome, a cool off-road accessory, or even the sound of a cool new horn, these accessories make your car more fun to drive!

    Catch All Floor Guards aren’t exactly fun, but they will keep your vehicle’s floors safe from water, snow, dirt, mud, grease, and chemicals with their thick durable thermoplastic. These custom molded mats conform to the exact shape of your floor so they offer a perfect fit every time. They also have a molded outer edge, providing a rim that keeps crumbs, dirt, or liquids from sloshing onto your floors. They attach with snap fasteners and are available in black, grey, and tan.

    Tool boxes are some of the most practical accessories there are. Instead of rummaging around in your trunk or truck bed whenever you need a tool, a toolbox will keep them organized, secure, and right where you need them. These Dome Lid Tote Boxes are even more versatile because their compact size makes them portable and easy to store, even in smaller places. These boxes are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight, and they have a rugged diamond plate finish. They have reinforced handles for easy carrying, and have a bright finish. They have two latches and a domed top, which provides extra room for tools.

    If you’ve ever overloaded your truck bed with cargo, you know how practical a Flipping Bed Extender can be. These extenders flip forward over an open tailgate to extend your bed length. They also flip backwards into the bed to form a small enclosed area for gear, groceries, or anything else you don’t want tipping or sliding around while driving. This extender has rounded rectangular tubes made of aluminum alloy and glass-reinforced nylon composite uprights. It is available with either a black or silver powdercoat finish for durability and is proudly made in the USA.

    Now, on to the flashier side of things, Bed bars. Bed bars give a great off-road look to your truck. They originally served as roll bars, but this Single Bed Bar isn’t suitable for this purpose. Instead, it uses its sleek styling to provide a quite noticeable upgrade to your truck. For the single-single look, one rear bar and one kicker bar set are required. The kicker bars are available in several different placements – behind, on top of, or between the wheel wells – so you can decide which style looks best in your vehicle. They are also available in three finishes: black powdercoat, polished stainless, or shiny chrome for the ultimate head turner. If you’d like to get a little more practical use out of your bed bars, an accessory light bar is sold separately, which allows up to four lights to be mounted to your bed bars.

    If you drive a work truck, that doesn’t exclude you from the chrome accessories market. These shiny Stainless Fenders fit most popular wheel application and will add a bit of class to your truck. They are made of fully polished, corrosion-resistant T304 stainless steel. Both quarter fender and half fender applications are available and they can fit wheels up 22.5-inches. Fenders have a simple, secure installation and include mounting hardware and two mud flaps.

    It’s not all about looks; you can also add cool sound to your ride in the form of this Fun Horn that makes the classic A-OO-GA sound! This horn will sure get you noticed. It can lighten up a stressful situation, or just press it whenever you need a laugh. It’s very easy to install and uses a heavy-duty motor for a powerful 114-decibel sound.

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  • Take Your Top Off This Summer

    Take Your Top Off This Summer. What is it about the summer months that get a Jeep brand enthusiast’s blood pumping? With sunny skies and warm weather, it’s time for Jeep Wrangler roofs to come off. Jeep Jamborees across the county are in full swing. Jeep Jamborees are off-road adventure weekends that bring together the outdoors, down-to-earth people, and their Jeep 4x4s. What could be better than taking your top off and getting a little dirty and wet, with a group of thousands. Most of all, it’s time to make good on those promises to Go Anywhere, Do Anything. Consider the whole country your playground – and your Jeep brand vehicle is king of the hill.
    Take in a Jeep show, there are shows all over the US that feature all different years and styles of    Jeeps and parts for your Jeep. What more could you ask for some good food, some good music and plenty of beautiful Jeeps to look at.
    Need some parts for your Jeep, have some parts to get rid of? Go to a Swap-Meet where other Jeep enthusiasts or collectors go to trade or exchange items. You might get that part you are looking for and have that part that someone needs, win, win.
    Find that off-road trial and spend a couple of night camping and fishing, you have nothing to worry about, you have a Jeep.
    Maybe some weekend modification projects, add on that extra set of lighting, or change that front bumper. Whatever it is you plan on doing this summer you will not go wrong as long as you do it in your Jeep.
    Don’t have a Jeep and envy those who do, look for a nearby Jeep Dealer that is hosting a Showcase Event. The Showcase Event gives customers the option of low finance rates, cash allowances, or special lease offers. What is the excuse now?

  • Bike Racks for Bike Enthusiasts

    I’ve heard people ask why bike carriers even exist, why people don’t just ride their bikes to wherever they’re heading, rather than load up their bike and drive. Of course, these people must not realize that the best trails aren’t always adjacent to your home, and by the time you rode there, you would be too tired to actually hit the trails! Thus, it is essential for bike enthusiasts to have a good quality bike rack that will keep your bike safe and damage free while in transit. Curt is a high-quality manufacturer of trailer hitches and other towing products, and their bike racks are top notch too.

    Curt’s Clamp On Bicycle Carrier clamps to any 2-inch square ball mount shank. It can hold up to 3 bikes with a 135 lb. capacity and uses rubberized cradles to prevent scratches on your bike’s frame. It has easily accessible release handles, so bikes can be unloaded with minimal difficulty. Bike arms fold down when they are not being used for easier rear vehicle access and more compact storage. Each bike rack comes with support straps and has a durable black powdercoat finish.

    Curt’s Hitch Mounted Bike Racks are available in multiple designs.  Standard models fit 1.25 and 2-inch mounts and hold between two and four bikes. Premium models fit only 2-inch mounts and have tapered arms which allows for easier mounting of smaller bikes. They can hold between three and five bikes depending on the model. The extended model fits 1.25 and 2-inch mounts and includes a bolt on extension that can be added to carry two more bikes (for a total of four). All of these models use adjustable rubber padded cradles and have foldable arms. All models also tilt away from the hitch so that the rears of vehicles may be accessed more easily.

    Once you have your bike rack selected, don’t forget about additional Bike Rack Accessories. These accessories can improve the look and function of your new bike rack. Support straps are recommended for all hitch mounted bike racks. They provide extra security and support, and are adjustable for a precise fit. Speaking of security, a cable lock will keep your bicycles protected while in transit. You would hate to make a quick stop and discover that someone had stolen your bike right off the back of your vehicle. Make sure your bike is safe with this 6 ft. cable lock with both cinching and locking featured. Finally, the adjustable bike beam is a necessity for certain bike designs. It can be adjusted to carry various bike frames including the hard-to-carry angled frame.


  • Weekend Specials: Racks and Lights

    This weekend (starting today 5/11 and running through Sunday 5/13) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we have some special deals on racks and lights.

    Racks are up first, and this week we have both a ladder rack and a bike rack. The ladder rack is a Side Mount Truck Rack by Cross Tread. These sturdy racks are made of 1.75-inch square 14-gauge steel tubing and can carry up to 250 lbs. These racks can be used to carry all sort of things, including ladders, pipe, and lumber. Their arms telescope from 24-inches all the way up to 36-inches, so you can carry multiple sized loads more securely. Their unique design allows for flexibility, letting ladders be carried both horizontally and vertically. These racks are also removable – they remove from their base in seconds – so you can use your entire truck bed without any unsightly rails or hardware getting in the way.

    The bike racks are Mont Blanc’s Roof Top Bike Racks. Each rack holds a single bike and mounts to your vehicle’s roof rail crossbars. They use a simple snap attachment that can be fitted to various kinds of bars including rectangular crossbars (up to 22 x 32mm) and aftermarket crossbars (up to .75-inches thick). This bike rack is easy to use and comes completely assembled. It has a molded wheel stand, which keeps the bicycle in an upright position, and is lockable for extra security.

    Bringing up the rear are our bright light kits. Wolo’s Emergency Strobe Lights are a must-have for emergency vehicles. Each kit includes 4 strobe lights that blink in six different flash patterns. The bulbs install in 1-inch holes in head and taillights, and are enclosed in a rock hard epoxy for protection from vibration and moisture. Also included are a heavy-duty 80 watt power supply, four high-voltage cables, switch control panel, mounting hardware, and instructions. Bulbs are available in amber, blue, clear, and red, and in various combinations thereof.

    Finally Pacer’s LED Tailgate Running Lights add some extra visibility to the read of your vehicle, and look cool too! They are available in 49-inch lengths for compact trucks and 60-inch lengths for full-size trucks. They also come in both rigid and flexible styles, with flexible lights also being a good fit for SUVs and vans as well. They are easy to install, using self-stick tape, and include installation instructions. They can be hard wired if necessary, though some trucks may require an adapter. The basic models use only red LEDs for four functions (running, brake, left turn, and right turn). More advanced models include a fifth function (white back-up lights) and amber turn signals.

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    running lights


  • Cool Colored Towing Accessories

    We are all about customization. It’s all about making your car or truck look how you want it and letting it reflect your personality. Curt understands this and has developed an entire line of custom colored towing accessories. These ball mounts, bike racks, and trailer ball covers come in eleven different colors. So match it to your vehicle, use your favorite sports team as inspiration, or just pick your favorite! The available colors are: Bright Red, Dark Red, White, Bright Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Charcoal, Silver, Gold, Yellow, and of course, Black.

    The Curt Colored Hitch Mounted Bike Rack is a lockable, heavy-duty rack that carries up to four bikes. It has rubberized cradles to protect bike frames and can carry bikes with tube diameters of up to 1.25-inches. The rack includes a rear reflector for extra safety, and can tilt away from the receiver, allowing easier access to trunks, hatchbacks, and truck bed. These bike racks fit 2-inch receivers and should not be used on trailers or towed campers.

    Colored Ball Mounts are Class III rated and have 7,500 lb. gross trailer weights. They fit 2-inch receivers and have 1-inch holes for trailer balls. All of these ball mounts are 8.25-inches long, and you can choose between a 2-inch or 4-inch drop (with corresponding .75-inch or 2-inch rise). Each ball mount has a flawless powdercoat finish, which keeps your ball mount looking bright, shiny, and new.

    Finally, Custom Colored Trailer Ball Covers keep your trailer ball protected and covered when it’s not being used. Each of these hexagonal covers fit 1 7/8 and 2-inch balls. If you have a 2 5/16-inch ball, a larger trailer ball cover is available, but only in black. For a seamless look, you can match your trailer ball cover to your ball mount, or for higher visibility pick out a contrasting color. Whichever colors you pick, your customized towing accessories will definitely help your car or truck stand out in a crowd.

    trailer ball


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