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  • Weekend Specials: Promo Code

    This weekend (starting today 4/27 and running through Sunday 4/29) use Promo Code PROMO225 and get $15 off your purchase of $225. If you’re looking for a useful $225 purchase, running boards are definitely the way to go. In fact we have some brand new running boards in stock from EGR and ICI that meet the promo code requirements.

    EGR Integrated Side Steps are designed specifically for SUVs. They blend right into the trim accents at the fenders and door bottoms creating a seamless wheel-to-wheel integrated board. They also have injection molded end caps to complete the look. For extra gripping ability, a non-slip texture is embedded into the step. These boards have an aluminum finish with black powdercoating and are OEM tested and approved.

    If you want a unique look, ICI’s Nerf Bar Style Running Boards are the way to go. They feature a 3-inch stainless steel tube with a running board step set into the tube. This extra reinforcement provides for a sturdier step and a much wider stepping area than other nerf bars or running boards. These bars extend from wheel to wheel for a cohesive look, and have E-coated mounting brackets for durability. The running board surface is available in stainless steel or aluminum. The stainless steel models include non-slip rubber runners for a better grip. The aluminum models have incorporated extruded tops. All models have a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • Ball Mounts for Towing Season

    Towing season is upon us, and just in time, we have new Curt ball mounts in stock. These Curt Trailer Ball Mounts are CNC formed and robotically welded. They have a flawless mount surface with a black powdercoat finish. Class I and Class II mounts fit 1.25-inch receiver tubes and have a .75-inch diameter hole for a trailer ball. Class III mounts fit 2-inch receiver tubes and have .1-inch diameter holes for trailer balls. Higher gross trailer weights are available in the form of heavy-duty, xtra-duty, and commercial-duty ball mounts all of which have 1.25-inch diameter trailer ball holes and fit 2 or 2.5-inch receiver tubes depending on the model. There are also multiple specialty ball mounts available, such as dual length mounts, right angle mounts, and vertical receiver mounts.

    If you want a different look, why not try a Euro Ball Mount Hitch? These hitches’ designs are patented and have a modern European Flair. Rather than the straight lines of traditional hitches, these curved tube designs are much more stylish. The balls are permanently attached and their silver finish contrasts with the ball mount’s black carbide powdercoat finish. These ball mounts fit 1.25-inch receivers and have a gross trailer weight rating of 3,500 lbs. They are available with 1 7/8 or 2-inch balls and with various lengths.

    For a complete towing system that all works together, check out Towing Ball Mount Kits. Each kit includes a ball mount, 2-inch trailer ball, hitch lock, and rubber hitch cover. These components all fit into a handy carrying case. These ball mounts are 8.25-inches long and fit 2-inch receiver tubes. They have a gross trailer weight rating of 7,500 lbs.


  • Weekend Specials: Cool Additions

    This weekend (starting today 4/20 and running through Sunday 4/22) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re offering great accessories on accessories that will up your vehicle’s cool factor both inside and out.

    One of the top interior accessories is leather seats. They’re comfortable and luxurious, and are usually found in the highest quality trim packages. If you didn’t upgrade to leather when you bought your vehicle, you can upgrade now with Leathercraft Car Seat Covers. These covers are engineered specifically to each seat pattern for a perfect fit. They cover the entire seat – including headrests and armrests – and cover all rows. These seat covers are double stitched for quality and durability and use memory foam for extra comfort. They are easy to install and are available in black, grey, and tan.

    If you really want to cool down your vehicle, literally, get a Derale Transmission Cooler. These tube and fin coolers will prolong your transmission fluid’s life and eliminate heat related transmission failure. Their turbulators agitate the fluid for more efficient cooling and allows for maximum hear transfer. A mounting kit and installation instructions are included with each transcooler.

    On your vehicle’s exterior, you can add a touch of cool with a Propeller Hitch Cover. This Bully hitch cover will fit most 1.25 and 2-inch standard receivers. It features four propeller blades that spin as you drive. A lighted model is also available that includes a red LED in the center of the propeller. Whether you have a boat or just want one, this whimsical yet cool cover is the way to go.

    This last accessory will have a narrow appeal, as it only fits Jeep Wranglers, but nevertheless, these Jeep Front Bumpers are really cool. They are replacement bumpers, so they require removal of your existing bumper, however, no drilling is required for installation. These bumpers are made of 3-inch diameter steel tubing, so they definitely look rugged. They are available with a black powdercoat finish or a polished stainless finish, which gives off a nice sleek shine.

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    hitch cover


  • Put it on the Roof!

    Before heading out on a driving vacation or road trip, be sure that you have enough room for all of your luggage and cargo. If there’s not enough room in your back seat, trunk, or hatchback, then put it up on your roof! Roof racks and carriers will keep all of your cargo safe until arrival, and unlike rear baskets and carriers, do not require a receiver to use. So if you don’t have a receiver, or you’re already using it to pull a trailer, roof top racks are the way to go. Here are three new products that let you utilize your roof to carry whatever extras you need.

    Curt’s Roof Mount Cargo Carrier mounts to most roof racks, providing the extra storage space you need. It has a two piece design that is easy to assemble and install and is lightweight for easy mounting and moving. Its dimensions are 41.5-inches long by 37-inches wide with 4-inch sides to keep your cargo secure. If you need more room, you can also purchase the extension rack, which attaches between the two pieces for an additional 21-inches of length.

    For extra security, don’t forget to add a Roof Rack Cargo Net. These nets cover your cargo and attach to the rooftop carrier’s bars with hooks. They are easy to install and remove, keeping your cargo safe on the road without causing you any hassles. They are available in a 44 by 38-inch net for the standard cargo carrier and in a 65 by 38-inch net for the carrier with the extension rack.

    If you want a roof rack but don’t want the raised rails ruining the sleek lines of your vehicle, try out Pilot’s Inflatable Roof Rack. This roof rack includes two inflatable pieces made of heavy-duty laminated nylon. The pieces inflate quickly with the included pump, and lay across the front and back of your roof. The attached straps enter your vehicle’s cabin and lock into place with cambuckle tie downs. Installation of this system takes mere minutes with no tools required. This rack fits on most 2 and 4-Door vehicles and has a 45 lb. carrying capacity.


  • Weekend Specials: Get Haulin’

    This weekend (starting today 4/13 and running through Sunday 4/15) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re offering great accessories on accessories that help you haul ladders, lumber, and other cargo in your truck.

    If you’re hauling around a ladder, then your best bet is Steel Truck Racks. Kargo Master Pro III racks are constructed of high tensile strength 1-5/8-inch diameter steel alloy tubing. They use rugged 14-inch mounting plates that distribute the rack load over a larger area. Other special features include rear grab handles that provide easier loading and unloading, and a removable rear crossbar that allows improved truck bed access. These racks are available for trucks with and without shells and require no cutting for installation.

    If you have to haul lumber, tubing, or other long cargo, you need a Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender. This extender mounts to your hitch and extends out past your truck tailgate to provide an extra support surface. The extender expands in four directions; with its arms moving wider (50-inches) and narrower (30-inches) depending on the width of you load. It also expands in height, reaching the height of your truck cab’s roof to aid in carrying rooftop cargo. This extender is made of durable steel and supports up to 750 lbs.

    Finally, no matter what you’re hauling, you need to protect your truck bed with a Pick Up Truck Bed Liner. Bedliner’s BedTread requires no drilling, sanding, or prepping to install. It uses hook and loop fasteners and does not damage the truck bed. It’s made of .25-inch thick TPO composite bonded to water-proof foam. Its textured surface prevents cargo from sliding and its thickness absorbs impact and prevents damage and scratched to your truck bed.

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  • Weekend Specials: Ramp Blowout

    This weekend (starting today 4/6 and running through Sunday 4/8) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re having a ramp blowout with deals on aluminum ramps of all designs.

    Deflecta-Shield Duraloader folding aluminum ramps are available in two sizes. The shorter, straight ramp is 87.5 by 9.75-inches and has a capacity of 1,000 lbs. The longer, arched ramp is 118 by 9.75-inches and has a capacity of 750 lbs. Both ramps include “sure grip” loading surface that provides the right traction, and raised wheel guider edges that keep wheels from sliding off. A rubberized tailgate protector keeps your truck’s paint job intact, and a sturdy end plate makes it easier to roll onto the ramp. This ramp folds in half along the center and includes a carrying handle for easier transport and storage.

    Highland’s Center Fold Loading Ramps fold in the middle for compact, easy storage. These ramps are made of welded aluminum, making them rust and corrosion resistant. They include adjustable attachment straps for stability when loading. Ramps are available in an 85-inch length with 700 lb. capacity (single) and 90-inch length with 1500 lb. capacity (pair).

    Highland’s Straight Loading Ramps are also made of welded aluminum and include adjustable attachment straps. Their design allows easy, steady loading, with no bends or arches to overcome. Ramps are available in 69 and 77-inch lengths, which both have a capacity of 1,250 lbs. and a 13-inch width. They are sold in pairs and the 77-inch ramps feature wider rungs and embossed traction holes.

    Lund’s Bi-Fold Truck Ramps are durable and lightweight and will not rust or corrode. They provide a 30-inch wide, flat, surface that makes loading and unloading quick and easy. Extruded holes provide traction without rungs to get caught up in. You also don’t have to worry about measuring and spacing individual ramps, place this one ramp, and you’re done. These ramps fold in half lengthwise to a 15-inch width and can also be dissembled for easier storage. They have a 1,500 lb. capacity when dispersed equally across the entire ramp and are available in 69 and 77-inch lengths. Rubber angle protectors and nylon safety straps are also included.

    Tri-Fold Utility Ramps by Highland offer even more ramp surface are than the bi-fold models. They are available as a 69 by 45-inch ramp and a 77 by 54-inch ramp, and they all fold into thirds lengthwise for easier storage. They are made of welded aluminum and include a full-width top-plate for and smooth transitions, as well as a stabilizing crossbar for extra support. They are available with 1,400 or 1,600 lb. capacities and include adjustable attachment straps.

    Finally, we have Truck Loading Ramps Ends for all you do-it-yourselfers out there! These Ramparts kits are the #1 selling ramp kits in the US. Each kit includes extruded aluminum ends, installation hardware, and rubber pads – everything you need to transform ordinary 2x8s or 2x12s into all-purpose ramps. The aluminum pieces will not rust, and the rubber pads protect your tailgate from scratches. These kits are available with 700 or 800 lb. capacity and in 8-inch and 12-inch sizes.

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