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  • Weekend Specials: Promo Code

    This weekend (starting today 3/30 and running through Sunday 4/1 – No April Fool’s, we promise!) get a special discount with our promo code PROMO250. When you spend $250, you will save $20! So what’s a good accessory to spend $250 on? How about a Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover? Tri-fold covers are a great tonneau design because they are very versatile. They can fold up to cover one or two thirds of the truck bed, allowing room for big or long cargo to stick out without having to remove the tonneau entirely. This also keeps a tool box or other expensive cargo covered up for more protection from the elements or thieving eyes.

    Lund’s Soft Folding Tonneau Cover features a soft, tear-resistant, black matte tonneau of superior quality. Rails and bows are made of black rigid extrusions and the entire tonneau arrives completely assembles. This Lund model is easy to use, featuring quick-release cam-action clamps that provide tension and security. These tonneaus have a limited lifetime warranty.

    Extang has a Hard Folding Tonneau Cover with a black textured paint finish to protect against UV rays and fading. Its frame is made from aluminum alloy with a honeycomb core to provide strength while remaining lightweight. The tonneau attaches with nylon clamps and uses specialized Speed Klamps that use spring-action technology to open quickly. These Extang tonneaus have a three-year limited warranty.

    Finally, Torza manufactures many different folding tonneaus. Their Fold Tono Cover uses acrylic-dyed vinyl fabric (which is also used on convertible car tops) for a sleek and rich look. The hard cover is sewn into the fabric for security and strength without sacrificing the tonneau’s good looks. Cam hand clamps secure the cover in the front and back, and all components are fixed, so you won’t lose any pieces.

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  • Spring Cleaning in Your Garage

    Spring is here, so it’s time to get started on all your outdoor projects and the much maligned spring cleaning. Go take a look around your garage. It could probably use some cleaning and organizing, right? It can be a hassle to do, but you will definitely appreciate it once it is finished. You will be able to find everything much easier, so you can get subsequent projects done faster.

    In many cases the garage becomes a dumping ground of sorts so there is often too much stuff and not enough floor space. If this is your problem, look to your walls. With hooks, cabinets, and shelving, you can move shovels, rakes, ladders, sports equipment, outdoor gear, etc. to the walls, utilizing open space, and leaving more floor space. These Aluminum Storage Shelves are a great way to organize cleaning products for your home, garage, or vehicle. They are sized for quart or gallon containers and are made of heavy gauge aluminum.

    Another great storage idea is a Job Site Tool Box which is large enough to keep all of your tools organized and in one place. These work benches open out, revealing multiple drawers and shelves for all your tools and equipment. Their heavy 3-inch thick doors shut up tight and have three heavy-duty lock hooks per door. Best of all, they have casters so they can roll to wherever you need them.

    Even with everything picked up and put away, parking your vehicle can still be a tight squeeze. With Garage Floor Mats, you can line up your car or truck, parking it in the same space every time. These mats are made of durable, recycled rubber and have a textured pattern to prevent skidding. Their outer inclines help position the vehicle and their front slope curbs over driving. They are sold individually and are 18 by 12.5-inches.

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  • The Cars of "Mad Men"

    With the return of the hit series "Mad Men" this weekend comes a pang of nostalgia for not only the free spirited culture of the era but also the classic cars that almost take on a bigger personality than the actors. If you’re not familiar with the show, the series follows Don Draper (Jon Hamm), creative director at Sterling Cooper, and the people in his life, both in and out of the office.  The show reflects the changing moods and social ideals of 1960s America. Here is a look at some of the most iconic cars of the show.

    1962 Cadillac Coupe deVille
    One of the most important cars in the series is Don Draper’s 1962 Cadillac Coupe deVille. When Draper decided to purchase a Cadillac after his unfortunate accident in a Dodge, the salesman reflects the sense of achievement that came with the ownership of one of the eras most popular cars.

    Salesman: This is the one. 1962 Coupe deVille. Does everything but make breakfast. What are you in now?
    Don: I had a Dodge.
    Salesman: Those are wonderful if you want to get somewhere. This is for when you’ve already arrived.

    Don buys this car because it's a Cadillac, then king of the American road. The Coupe de Ville was a mix of power and state-of-the-art luxury, with rare amenities for the time such as air conditioning and an automatic headlight dimmer.


    Volkswagen Beetle
    Another memorable automobile personality was the iconic Volkswagen. In one scene, the men of the advertising company are looking at a simple Volkswagen ad from the early 1960’s, and are very skeptical that the car will ever sell. “No chrome, no horsepower, foreign, ugly,” says the art director. “I guess they went with their strengths." If only they knew that sales would go up to 500,000 after this ad, and that it eventually would become the number one ad campaign of all time.


    1964 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible
    The beautiful Imperial Crown convertible driven by Draper during a visit to California is the crown jewel of the "Mad Men" fleet, so far. The car wasn't exactly a runaway success, but it went on to become the real star of the "Green Hornet" 1966-67 television series, and is due for more screen time in the 2011 movie adaptation.


  • Spring Showers Are Coming!

    Spring showers are coming. It is time to make sure you have your truck bed protected. While a tonneau cover keep your bed covered, they cannot always be used. When carrying large or cumbersome cargo, you must remove you tonneau, and if it starts raining you may have some problems. However, with a bed liner, you have protection 100% of the time. It will protect your bed from the elements and from the scratches and dents that can be cause by the cargo as well.

    The Duraliner Pickup Truck Bed Liner is a plastic drop-in liner that is custom molded to fit your specific truck. It is made from a durable material that stands up to heavy use and is UV-protected so it won’t fade in the sun. It has a ribbed design that prevents heavy skidding and sliding of cargo and also provides for better water drainage. It is available in both under-rail and over-rail designs and most designs include board and cup holders. All necessary hardware is included.

    Plastic liners offer good protection, but if you do a lot of tailgating you may prefer a carpeted Truck Bed Liner. Bedrug’s liner is made of closed cell foam and looks and feels like carpet. The floor of the liner is .75-inches thick, providing a comfortable surface for sitting, kneeling, or even lying down. This foam prevents cargo from sliding, stands up to bleach, gas, oils, and chemicals, and will not absorb liquids. It is fade-resistant, and the foam will not scratch your paint. It installs in seconds with no power tools needed.

    While you’re installing that Liner For Your Truck Bed, don’t forget a tailgate liner too. They prevent scratching of the tailgate surface and fit right over the existing tailgate.  The Duraliner models are made of polyethylene to be extremely long lasting and offer the same protection as a plastic drop-in liner. They are custom designed for a better fit and most include a protective lip to cover the top of the tailgate. Installation hardware is included, and they are easy to install.


  • Weekend Specials: Specialty Accessories

    This weekend (starting today 3/16 and running through Sunday 3/18) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring specialty accessories for emergency vehicles, Ford Transit Connects, and trucks with extended and crew cabs.

    Hella’s Deck Dash Light is a necessity for emergency vehicles. It is an SAE Class I LED light with ventilated housing and a glass-filled nylon base. Each unit features a full light visor that prevents back flash. This visor can be trimmed as needed for a perfect fit. Each unit includes a mounting bracket, removable suction cups, and a 10 ft. cord with switched lighter plug. DDL100 models have 16 flash patterns and are available with amber, red, or blue LEDs. DDL200 models have dual light panels, 20 flash patterns, and are available in various combinations of amber, red, white, and blue LEDs.

    Transit Connect Van Equipment Packages by Kargo Master are specially designed to give your Transit Connect the storage it needs to get you organized. Each package includes a 16-gauge steel partition with a perforated center and a grey powdercoat finish. Adjustable shelves with a contoured design are also included to hold tool, supplies, and other cargo. Additionally, packages may include a utility j-hook for hanging clothing, cords, or tools, shelf dividers for easier organization, and shelf drawers for keeping objects in place and out of sight. The Electric & Gas Appliance Repair package also includes a refrigerant tank unit, which can hold up to three 50 lb. tanks, and a wire reel holder, which stores up to five small spools.

    Finally Go Rhino’s Step Bars for Trucks are designed specifically for trucks with extended and crew cabs to give a full wheel-to-wheel look. These steps are made from 3-inch tubing and have three hoop steps to give you an extra boost up. The first two steps are positioned beneath the doors, and the last is in the back, providing access to the truck bed. These bars are available with a black powdercoat or polished stainless and both feature contrasting scruff and step pads. Black bars have paintable aluminum pads, and stainless bars have black pads.

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  • Weekend Specials: Everything Truck

    This weekend (starting today 3/9 and running through Sunday 3/11) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring Quality Truck Accessories including ladder racks, tonneau covers, and sun visors.

    First up, the Crosstread Moonlighter ladder rack lets you carry ladders, pipes, lumber, and other long objects without taking up room in your truck bed. Each full set includes two racks, made of 1.75-inch square extruded aluminum tubing that is strong and rust-free. These racks mount in the front and rear corner of your truck bed, and install and remove in seconds. With this unique design, you can carry ladders vertically or horizontally, and hold loads up to 24-inches wide and 250 lbs heavy.

    Next up are Truck Bed Covers from Access that will keep your bed protected and your cargo secure. These roll up tonneaus have a flexible design. They close up easily with Velcro hook and loop fasteners so it’s easy to stay protected when you’re carrying expensive cargo, during inclement weather, or any other time you want your truck bed closed up. When you want an open truck bed for hauling large items, tailgating, or just to air the bed out, the tonneau opens with a quick-release trigger latch and conveniently rolls up and stays in place with the included tight bite clamps. This tonneau also features a tension adjuster and patented slide locks for extra security.

    Finally, STK Cab Visors will give your truck a cool new look while keeping the sun out of your eyes. This aerodynamic visor extends the lines of your truck cab and blocks out sun and glare for an easier drive. It is custom designed for a perfect fit and can be custom painted to match your truck’s factory color as well. Each visor comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and includes paintable caps to cover the screw for a seamless look. You can purchase and LED light kit that mounts to the truck visor to keep your cab visor visible into the night.

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  • Get Front End Protection with New Grille Guards

    We are always introducing new products in an effort to provide the best accessories and the widest selection. Three new grille guards are now on the market, offering top-notch front end protection and giving your truck a rugged and tough look.

    Go Rhino’s Modular Grille Guard is constructed of high-quality stainless steel and features a modular construction. It is custom designed for your vehicle and has a frame mount installation that requires no drilling on most applications. It has a patented, built-in step area that is compressed into the steel to retain its strength. This step allows you to take an easy step up for a better look at the hood or engine. Each grille guard includes headlight protectors as well as a pre-drilled cross bar that can hold two lights. The entire guard has a polished stainless finish, save the side plates which have a double black powdercoating for extra protection.

    The Grille and Brush Guard from Westin is custom designed to contour to the lines of your truck or SUV. The entire guard is fully welded into a single piece for a solid construction. The center crossbars and main headlight guards are made of 1.5-inch diameter steel tubing. The uprights have thick rubber protectors to prevent scratching in a collision. This grille guard has a bolt-on installation and its mounting brackets use existing holes to minimize vibration. Lights can be installed on the crossbar at several mounting points and you can choose between a polished chrome and black powdercoat finish.

    Westin also manufactures a Heavy Duty Grille Guard. This guard has one-piece welded uprights with a punch plate running between. This punch plate offers full-coverage, protecting your entire grille completely, rather than a few strategically placed bars. Your lights are also protected with advanced brush guards. The 2-inch steel tubing fully wraps around the wings and 1-inch steel tubing serves as supports. Heavy-duty rubber strips are attached to the uprights to protect from scratching. These guards are available with a black or polished finish.


  • Weekend Specials: Upgrade Time

    This weekend (starting today 3/2 and running through Sunday 3/4) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring some great new accessories that will upgrade your vehicle to a cool new look.

    ICI’s stainless steel Truck Bed Caps will protect your truck bed’s edges while adding a sleek and stylish look to your truck. These caps are made of 22-gauge stainless steel and install with 3M adhesive. They are custom designed for a perfect fit and are available with or without stake pocket cutout holes. For an entire matching look, you can also purchase bulkhead and tailgate protectors, which are sold separately.

    CARR Jeep Light Bars mount to your Jeep’s windshield A pillar to give a rugged off-road look. They also provide a place to mount extra lights, holding up to five lights (based on size and weight). These bars include special bolts that are keyed to protect your lights and bar. They are available with either a polished or a matte powdercoat finish in titanium silver or black. The light bar should not interfere with soft tops or factory hard tops.

    Chrome Exhaust Tips from Go Rhino give a sporty, high-end look to every vehicle. They are constructed of chromed stainless steel and guaranteed to remain bright and corrosion-free for life. These exhaust tips are available in several dimensions so they will fit a variety of applications. They have an easy clamp-on installation, using the included stainless steel clamp, and require no welding. Once in place, they will definitely get heads turning your way!

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