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  • Get Organized with EZ Van Packages

    It can definitely be a challenge to keep your work van neat and organized. With equipment, replacement parts, and other supplies, not to mention tools and paperwork, there can barely be enough room for everything, let alone enough room to put everything in its own place. Kargo Master feels your pain and designed their EZ packages with you in mind.

    Each EZ package features a three drawer cabinet with 52-inch long drawers that provide plenty of room for paperwork, tools, and other odds and ends. Best of all, when mounted behind the seats or bulkhead, the drawers are accessible from outside the vehicle. You won’t have to climb up into the van and dig through piles of stuff, just open the van door and slide out the drawers! These units can also be mounted above the wheel wells (when mounted on a Pivot Pro Wheel Stand) and accessed through the back doors if desired. The units have one 11-inch and two 5-inch drawers that can hold up to 250 lbs., and each include four dividers for easier organization.

    The EZ Base Package also includes a 16-gauge steel partition that separates the seating area from the cargo area. This keeps drivers and passengers safe from heavy unsecured equipment, and adds an extra layer of security to expensive tools and other cargo. Each partition includes a customized wing kit to provide even more security. Panels are hemmed and corners are contoured for extra strength and a better fit. These partitions have a black matte powdercoat finish that minimizes scratching, chipping, and glare.

    Along with the drawers and partition, EZ General Service Packages also include two adjustable shelving units and shelf accessories. These adjustable shelves are 42 x 46 x 14-inches each and feature contoured tops that let the shelving units fit flush against the wall. They are easy to assemble, with formed shelf supports and pressed in fasteners, and have an adjustable middle shelf that can be placed at three different heights, depending on your needs.  A full steel shelf back and 2-inch shelf lips keep cargo from sliding or falling. A set of five upper shelf dividers and five blue plastic bins allow for further customization and storage of smaller parts, so you won’t be stuck with a messy “junk drawer”. A three pronged J-Hook is also included to hang cords or other objects.

    EZ Electric & Gas Appliance Packages include all of the above parts as well as a wire reel holder. This holder stores five small spools or three large (12-inch) spools and includes five roller bars. The bars can adjust along the holder allowing more customization. This holder mounts to any flat surface, including along the side of the shelving units. EZ Heating & A/C Repair Packages include everything already listed, but substitute a refrigerant tank holder for the wire reel holder. This tank holder has a 14-gauge steel frame and holds three 30 or 50 lb. tanks. Cradles and nylon retention straps securely hold the tanks in place.

    Kargo Master also manufactures a wide range of other cargo van storage accessories including lockers and data file storage. They also have doors, drawers, and extra shelves for their shelving units, as well as extra dividers and bins. Any of these products can be installed alongside any of these packages for a perfectly customized cargo van that meets all of your individual needs.


  • Brighten Up a Dreary Day

    Brighten up a dreary day by adding a billet grille! These shiny chromed grilles will draw attention to the front of your vehicle and add some needed shine. When the sun finally makes an appearance, you will be amazed at how these grilles brighten up your car or truck!

    CCI’s Chrome Billet Grille Inserts are engineered to fit easily and cleanly over your existing grille. They are custom engineered and are available in over 100 designs. Each grille is made of triple chrome-plated ABS, which has a high sheen. They are easy to install, simply snapping into place with no tools required. In addition, some models also include pre-applied double stick tape for a better fit.

    The Perimeter Billet Grille from Lund uses cutting-edge laser technology for precision, quality, and a crisp, clean look. These grilles have close set bars which attach to the grille perimeter for superior strength. They are made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum with a polished finish. These grilles are custom designed for a perfect fit, and most vehicles require no drilling to install.

    Westin’s Horizontal Billet Grille is constructed of 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum with thin, yet substantial horizontal bars. The grilles all have a polished finish that will give your ride a cool new look. They are available for upper and bumper grilles as well as replacement inserts. They have an easy bolt-on installation, and most applications require no cutting or drilling.


  • Weekend Specials: Light up Your Life

    This weekend (starting today 2/17 and running through Sunday 2/19) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring special lighting products that will light up the road and your vehicle.

    First up is the Hella 500 Driving Light Pro Kit, which contains everything you need to mount your lights as well as add-on accessories that let you get the most out of your lights. Driving lights are superior because they provide a brighter and more evenly distributed light, which increases long range visibility. These Hella 500 light provide these benefits and also feature a lightweight design in a sturdy, shock-proof housing. They use an aluminum vapor-coated reflector for top light quality and use an upright mount. Each kit includes two halogen lamps with two halogen bulbs and two xenon bulbs, as well as a plug and play wiring harness, relay, and illuminated switch for easy use. The kit also includes two stone shields and two grilles for protection and two yellow Color Shieldz which allow you to change up the color of your lights.

    Bully’s Hitch Mounted Step with LED adds some needed light to the rear of your vehicle. This accessory is very practical, serving as a hitch step, bumper guard, and additional brake lightall in one! It is available to fit both 1.25 and 2-inch hitches, and will provide you an extra boost to reach into your truck bed or up to your SUV's roof. This step is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a bright polished finish. Along the top of the step, there is a black high-impact, non-slip step pad for easy stepping, and the rear of the step features a strip of red LEDs. When plugged in, these lights act as a third brake light, providing additional visibility and safety.

    The Pacer Under-Car Light Kit also adds extra visibility, by lighting up the underside of your vehicle for a cool high-end look. Each kit includes four LED tubes, two 48-inch and two 36-inch tubes, as well as electrics, mounting clips, and hardware. These lights can be controlled from the master control panel inside the vehicle or by using the included remote control switch. These kits are available in blue or red and have 6 changeable lighting modes.

    For more information on all of this weekend’s special deals and other sales and events, keep checking this blog, sign up for our Email List, “like” us on Facebook, add us to your circle on Google+, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Flickr page.


  • Kick Salt to the Curb with Floor Mats!

    So are you sick of winter yet? Unfortunately, we’re only one week into the six extra weeks of winter that Punxsutawney Phil predicted. Five more weeks of snow, ice, and dreaded street salt are still to come. Of course, we all know about the unsightly, white residue salt leaves on the sides of our vehicles. I, for one, am first in line at the car wash at the first hint of spring weather. However, your paint job shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind, as the salt you track in on your boots and shoes can damage and stain your vehicle’s interior as well. That’s why it’s important to have proper floor protection with durable floor guards or mats.

    Wade Custom Floor Mats are made for vehicles with carpeted floors and provide complete coverage for front, second, and third row floors. Each mat is custom designed for a perfect fit and is made of molded, rubberized copolymers that can stand up to tough conditions. The mats feature a textured surface that keeps dirt and mud stuck to the mat, and uses OE retention hooks to resist shifting. Many applications extend over the sill plate, offering full protection in the front seating area. These mats are available in black, tan, and gray and have a limited lifetime warranty.

    Highland Floor Guards are constructed of durable, pliable rubber and feature a subtle diamond texture that traps dirt, water, and salt. They are custom molded for an exact fit and are available in black tan or gray. They are manufactured for front, rear, and third row seating, and are proudly made in the USA.

    Nifty’s Carpeted Floor Mats combine the protection of all-weather mats with the look and feel of carpet. They resist mud snow and chemicals, and when they do get dirty, you can pull them out and hose them down, just like with rubber mats. Their design includes heavy-duty ridges that not only trap dirt and debris, but help scrape it from your shoes too. They also have a rolled edge for durability and a raised lip to contain spills. These one-piece, custom molded mats are available in black, tan, and gray.


  • Headache Racks Prevent Headaches

    Headache racks prevent headaches by protecting your truck's rear window from damage that can be caused by shifting cargo. When you slam on the gas or brake pedal, cargo can move around, and if you're unlucky, it can go right through your rear window. It can be a headache to deal with a cracked or shattered window, along with your probably damaged cargo. Furthermore, a headache can be the least of your problems if the cargo passes through the window and clocks you or your passengers in the head. To prevent this, install a cab guard or headache rack.

    Westin’s Truck Cab Guard is a customized application that provides a perfect fit. It uses 2-inch round steel tubing on its main support bar for heavy-duty strength. Its angled louvers protect your rear windshield while maintaining visibility. They also help block out sunlight and reduce glare off of your rear window. The top and center portion of the rack is left open so your truck’s rear light is still visible. You can mount accessories to the rack using one of the four mounting tabs, and you can secure cargo on the welded tie-off hooks. Each rack includes a bracket mount kit and hardware needed for an easy, bolt-on installation. Racks are available with a black or white powdercoat finish and have a 3-year warranty.

    STK’s Pro Guard Cab Guards are proudly made in the USA. They feature a heavy wire mesh screen that runs across the entire cab window. This design offers more complete coverage and enables cargo to be more easily secured. The frame is made of 2-inch square steel tubing and the screening is made of custom cut 3/16-inch cold rolled steel. Each intersection point, including where the mesh meets the frame, is robotically welded for superior strength. After construction, these racks undergo a nine step powdercoat process for long-lasting durability. Each rack requires a custom mount kit, sold separately, which installs in minutes and requires no drilling (unless otherwise noted).

    Kargo Master Headache Racks are available in two styles: louvered and screened.  They both use zinc-primed metal with a marine-grade powdercoat finish and feature a no-drill, clamp-on installation. They all include top load retainers and have a variety of other accessories and brackets that can be purchased separately. The screened headache racks have a black finish, and the louvered racks are available in black and white.

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