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  • Go Platinum with Westin Side Bars

    Go Platinum with Westin Side Bars. You need an extra step up into your truck and you love the sleek look of side nerf bars, but there are so many different kinds out there. How do you know what is right for you? What's he answer’s again: go platinum with Westin!

    Westin Platinum Nerf Bars are manufactured from chrome-plated 3-inch stainless steel. They will not yellow or tarnish, guaranteed, and are protected from rust and corrosion. Their step pads are UV-resistant so they will not fade or crack and the entire bars are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Mounting kits are included with every nerf bar, and no drilling is required unless otherwise noted. These bars are available in various shapes, from completely rounded ends to entirely straight, depending on the specific make and model of your vehicle.

    You can also go platinum with Westin 4 inch Step Bars. These steel bars are 4.25-inches at their widest point and have 4-inch wide recessed step pads. They have 90-degree mandrel bends for a sleek look and required no drilling to install unless otherwise noted. They have a traditional mount design and include a mounting kit with each set of bars. Choose between a polished finish (with limited lifetime warranty) or a black powdercoat finish (with a 3-year warranty). They are also available in wheel-to-wheel length.

    If you need something more substantial, upgrade to premiere with a Westin Premiere 6 inch Oval Step Tube. These tube steps are made of 6-inch steel tubing and have 5-inch molded, UV-resistant step pads. These straight steps also feature molded plastic end caps for a finished look. They have a cradle mount design and require Step Tube Brackets to install, which are sold separately. They are available with either a polished or black powdercoat finish.


  • Weekend Specials: Spend to Save

    This weekend (starting today 1/27 and running through Sunday 1/29) at, you need to spend to save! When you spend $150, you can get $10 off when you enter promo code Promo150. So what are you going to spend that $150 on? How about a tool chest!

    Tool chests are one of the most practical accessories you can buy. They are extra sturdy and lockable, keep your tools secure. They keep all your important tools all in one place, and allow for easy organization, so you can get to exactly what you need when you need it. They can be used in a variety of places: trucks, work vans, boats, and even on site. Most boxes are portable so you can take them with you wherever you go.

    Many tool chests are made out of aluminum because it is lightweight, yet sturdy, and will not rust. Owens manufactures Aluminum Dock Tool Boxes, which are nice and sturdy and available in three sizes. Each box is constructed of heavy-duty diamond tread aluminum with a three-piece basket design. It opens with a heavy-duty automotive style strut system and has a full-length, heavy-duty hinge for added support. The lid is reinforced and its edges are hemmed to eliminate sharp edges, which can dent easily. The premium, close-cell PVC gasket protects the interior from inclement weather and the latches are made of stainless steel for rust and corrosion resistance.

    Delta Gear Lock Toolbox Chest is also made of aluminum and features a rotary gear-lock that ratchets tightly for the ultimate security, resisting up to 500 pounds of prying force. It also has a three layer rigid structural lid that includes a layer of foam insulation and full perimeter weather stripping. The lid is self-rising and has a reverse bevel inner liner for easy opening and a better fit. This chest has leak-proof stainless steel paddle handles and a tough diamond tread finish. Each chest includes a removable storage tray and bins for easy access and organization of small tools and parts.

    If you need something even more heavy-duty, then a steel chest is the way to go. You can’t beat the Jobsite Steel Chest Tool Box, which is available in 36, 42, 48, and 60-inch sizes. It features heavy-duty steel locking arms that hold the lid open, and staked and welded steel hinges that prevent the hinge pin from being removed. Its revolutionary locking system protects a padlock inside 12-gauge steel housings to protect from cutting tools and pry bars. It has sturdy handles that fold into deep recesses and easy-to-access caster bolsters for easier moving and sliding.

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  • Accessories for a Trip to the Slopes

    Shoveling and snowblowing makes all of us wary of winter weather. Just remember that there wouldn’t be skiing or snowboarding without the snow, either. If you’re planning a trip to the slopes, we have great accessories to make your travels more organized and enjoyable.

    Obviously, the most important equipment you’ll need is your skis or snowboard. We carry two different rooftop racks that will keep your skis and snowboards safe and secure while in transit. The McKinley Ski Rack holds four pairs of skis or two snowboards. Its scissor style design is highly secure and locks are also included to protect against theft. This ski rack also includes rubber inserts to protect your equipment and your car from scratches. It has oversized release levers that allow for easy opening and removal even with thick gloves on. This rack is easy to install and comes complete with stainless steel mounting hardware and easy-to-read instructions. The Everest Rooftop Snowboard Rack includes many of the great features of the McKinley, but can carry twice as many snowboards! Its 31-inch frame can hold four snowboards and six pairs of skis, so this rack is definitely recommended for larger families or groups of friends.

    With your skis and/or snowboards commandeering your rooftop, you will need to find another place to store all your gear. Rola’s Hitch Cargo Carrier is a great choice. It is made of durable, weather resistant, high density polyethylene and fits 2-inch receivers. It is unique because it includes both a cargo tray and a storage pod, all in one unit. This allows for storage flexibility and also guarantees that a perfect fit between pod and tray. The storage pod features 13.5 cubic feet of storage space and is lockable, for extra safety. If you need more space, you can remove the pod and stack your cargo up on the storage tray’s 12-inch by 49-inch surface area. Each unit also comes with a light kit with stop, turn, and tail lights.


  • Weekend Specials: Tonneau Time!

    This weekend (starting today 1/20 and running through Sunday 1/22) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re featuring tonneaus and tonneau accessories that will keep your cargo protected from snow, water, and ice.

    Access Tonnosport Tonneau Covers have a sleek, low-profile look and sit only 1/2-inch above the truck box. These tonneaus are also super practical, featuring a roll-up design that allows you to load ATVs, bikes, and other large equipment without removing the tonneau. With the trigger latch, you can easily open the tonneau with one finger, and the tight-bite clips install in mere minutes.  The velcro hooks and loops provide a high-strength seal that runs the full length of the bed, and two slide locks protect your truck bed from would-be thieves. For a practical and low-maintenance tonneau, the Tonnosport is a slam dunk!

    If you’d like a tonneau, but need a toolbox too, then the Deflecta Shield CBT System is perfect for you. Each system includes two contractor-grade tool boxes that mount to each side of your pickup and a tonneau cover for the space between the two boxes. Each box has dual gas shocks, as well as lockable, quick-release handles for easy opening and closing. To protect the tools and equipment beneath or between the boxes, you get a choice of a soft or hard tonneau cover. The soft cover is sleek and black, and rolls up to provide access to the truck bed. The hard tonneau has a diamond tread finish to match the toolboxes, and must be lifted up for access.

    Once you have your tonneau installed, you'll probably notice that the one problem with using it is that it blocks out the sunlight, making it hard to see exactly where everything is underneath that tonneau. If you want a good view without having to remove the entire cover, what you need are Truck Bed Cargo Lights. Extang’s truck bed lights include eight separate units with six LEDs per unit. This will illuminate the entire truck bed, and turns on with a single switch. This light system can be used with all truck makes and models and fits with most soft and hard tonneau covers. These lights are easy to install and carry a one-year limited warranty.

    Finally, all Lund Genesis Tonneau Covers are on sale this week too! They are available in five distinct designs: Roll Up, Seal & Peel, Tri-Fold, Snap, and Hinged. Each tonneau design has its own features and benefits. The Roll-Up tonneau can be rolled to the front of the bed, allowing for an open truck bed without needing to remove the cover. The Tri-Fold can be opened in thirds, so you can open the back third to quickly grab whatever you need. You can also completely fold up the back two segments, leaving a partially open bed while keeping the front covered and protected. The Hinged tonneau opens and closes easily, using heavy-duty struts and Slam-N-Scram technology. Snap tonneaus have heavy-duty snaps along the entire tonneau for tight sealing, and Seal & Peel tonneaus use an even simpler closing method.

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  • Level Out Your Sagging Snowplow

    With snow in the forecast, more people are going to be out plowing the snow. Unfortunately adding a snowplow to the front of your truck can oftentimes cause uneven suspension and front end sag. If this is your problem, check out these suspension aides that will lift your front end, and keep you driving safe.

    Timbren Suspension Kits are designed to specifically enhance the suspension of your vehicle with their rubber cushions that absorb road shocks and automatically adjust based on uneven loads or road conditions. These suspensions require no holes to drill or airlines to route. They install in minutes using basic hand tools (unless otherwise noted), and won’t leak and require maintenance like other suspension aides. These suspensions kits are available for front and rear use and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit hundred of different vehicles.

    Super Springs has developed quite a few different products to aid in suspension stabilizing. Their Torsion Bar Keys give 2-inches of front-end lift to vehicles and are useful in correcting suspension sag. There are kits available for Ford, GM, and Dodge vehicles that are equipped with torsion bars, and they will not increase your torsion bar preload (which could impact your ride). These keys are made in the USA from high quality steel and are engineered to be 25% stronger than OE torsion keys. They can be installed in under two hours and include shock extenders when required.

    Super Springs also manufactures Sumo Springs Suspension kits. They are designed for use with front-mounted accessories, like snowplows, to level out loads while reducing bounce and sway. These kits use the highest quality patented micro-cellular polyurethane that has excellent abrasion and cut resistance and low temperature flexibility. The cushions compress in on themselves to up to 70% of their original height. This high compression rate is matched with full memory rebound and is designed specifically for the tough underbody environment. These kits are easy to install and include all mounting hardware required. They are manufactured and assembled in the USA.


  • Weekend Specials: Truck Accessories From Front to Back

    This weekend (starting today 1/13 and running through Sunday 1/15) get special discounts on select accessories at This weekend we’re helping you fix up your truck with both practical and fanciful new accessories.

    Let’s start at the front and work our way back. First up are Horizontal Billet Grille Inserts by Westin. They are manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for a super sturdy construction. They also have a shiny polished finish that is sure to attract attention. These grilles are available for tops and bumpers and as replacement inserts. Most models bolt right on and require no drilling or cutting, so you can install in no time, and be on your way, proudly showing off your brand new accessory.

    Next up is STK’s Cab Visors. These visors are available for vans and SUVs as well as pickups. They are custom designed for each application and feature a stylish aerodynamic design. With a visor in place, you can block out sun making for an easier and cooler driving experience. Each visor comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and paintable caps. In addition you can have your visor custom painted to match the factory color of your vehicle for a sleek, OE look.

    Now moving to the truck bed, it’s the Duraliner Drop-In Bed Liner, in both under-rail and over-rail designs! This liner is custom molded to fit specific makes and models and is made of a UV-protected and dent and scratch-resistant material. Each liner has a ribbed design that provides efficient water damage as well as a skid-resistant surface that is co-extruded right into the liner. Each liner includes a matching tailgate protector and all necessary hardware for installation.

    Bringing up the rear is the Loadhandler Cargo Unloader. This unique system includes a woven fiber dragsheet and manual crank that attach to the truck tailgate. When you turn the crank, the dragsheet rolls forward, effectively unloading whatever cargo you have loaded into your truck bed! This is the perfect solution for unloading rocks, sand, or dirt for landscaping or construction. It can also be used to move cargo from the front of the bed to the rear for more convenient unloading. Each unloader includes a roller bar, tie down straps, adjustable brackets, and the aforementioned dragsheet and crank. The system is easy to install, attach, and detach, and is available in both 2,000 and 3,000 lb. capacities.

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    load handler

  • Fend off Winter Weather

    On a dreary winter morning when you are already running late, the last thing you want to have to do is scrape off your windshield. Now, with Torza’s Windshield Cover, you won’t have to! This cover is made from sturdy polyester with a silver aluminum mylar film that puts a layer of protection between your windshield and the snow or frost. The mylar also reflects the heat from your vehicle’s interior, keeping it warmer inside. This cover is super sturdy, and will not rip, tear, or crack with normal use. It also will not stick to a wet windshield in freezing temperature. The cover is very easy to install (in about 10 seconds), and its patented design keeps the cover’s handles inside the car to prevent theft. It is a must-have during these cold winter months!

    With no need to scrape off the windows, you can hop right into your vehicle and get on your way. However, with ice cold leather seats, setting out may be more frigid than fun. If this is a problem for you, check out these Automotive Seat Warmers. They are designed to be used with LeatherCraft seat covers and include both pads for the seat cushion and seat back. Each heater kit includes a position switch that allows for switching between low and high temperature settings. These pads are easy to install, though some wiring is required. Each seat requires its own heater so you should order multiple units for multiple seats.

    Even with the inside of your car warm and toasty, snow and ice may still accumulate on the exterior of your vehicle. If you’re worried about slipping, look into these Highland Sure Steps. They can be stuck anywhere you need a little extra grip, like on ramps, truck beds, tailgates, and platform beds. They have a skid-resistant pattern and are made of weather-resistant material so they will stand up to freezing wintry temperatures. They stick tight with 3M adhesive and come with two 17.5 x 4-inch strips.

    windshield cover


  • New Year’s Resolutions, Get Organized

    2012 is here and so it’s time for the annual New Years Resolution. Do you know what the most common resolution is, both now and in ancient times? Are you recycling last year’s resolution or do you have a new one?

    Mine is to get organized! I bought up loads of Rubbermaid containers, and I’m ready to start going through messy closets and long forgotten drawers. I’m also planning on taking this organization to my vehicle. I’ve found this Interior Cargo Organizer and I think it will be perfect for the job. I will probably need the biggest model, which is 38x15x7 inches. It has a rigid, non-slip base that will keep all my gear together without sliding all over. It also has movable interior dividers to hold my essential tools (flashlights, flares, jumper cables, first aid kit, extra blanket, bottled water, etc) in their own compartments. I can also rearrange the dividers for when I’m bringing home groceries or adding something new to the essentials list. It has straps on each end so I can easily transfer to another vehicle, and tie it down in a truck bed. It also folds flat in case I want to store it, but springs back up with a self-opening system when I want to use it again. Both a smaller version and a soft-bottomed version are also available.

    Here’s to a great 2012!

    cargo organizer


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