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  • Weekend Specials: Snow Sale!

    This weekend (starting today 12/23 and running through Sunday 12/25) get special discounts on select accessories at Yesterday was officially the first day of winter, but many states have already seen plenty of snow. To help you cope in the upcoming months, check out these great deals on must have accessories for the snow.

    Snow can wreak havoc on your truck by piling up in your truck bed, melting down to water, and then refreezing as ice. In all three of those iterations the snow/water can be both annoying and damaging to your truck bed.  That’s why you need Venture’s Hinged Tonneau Cover. It keeps water and snow out, protecting your cargo and your truck. This tonneau has a V-Tech honeycomb core which provides extra strength without extra weight. It also uses a quick release V-Hinge for easy opening and closing and has a dual lock system for extra safety. Its brace-free interior means a bigger storage capacity and its flawless, textured finish makes snow removal easy.

    When there’s snow and ice on the ground, it’s important to be extra careful when getting into and out of your vehicle, lest you slip and fall. There are running boards and nerf bars for your door, but don’t forget about a truck step for your truck bed. The AMP Research BedStep is the perfect accessory for the job. It has a rigid, glass-reinforced composite step pad for extra safe footing, and the rest of the step is Teflon coated to resist corrosion. It has a 300 lb. load capacity and uses stainless steel pins for rock solid stability. Best of all, it deploys and retracts with a simple nudge of your foot, so it’s easy to use even when your hands are full!

    Finally, the Extra Wide Folding Cargo Basket by Curt is perfect for carrying your snow blower. Whether you need to cart it home from the store or over to a friend or family member’s house, this extra wide basket should be the perfect fit. It is 24 by 60-inches and is made completely of steel with a durable powdercoat finish. This basket features 6-inch high sides for added security and fits 2-inch receiver hitches. It also includes a folding shank that allows it to fold up when not in use. The total weight of the carrier and cargo must not exceed 500 lbs so be careful to check the weight of whatever you are carrying, and don’t forget to factor in any potential snow accumulation!

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  • Great Gift Ideas from BuyAutoTruckAccessories

    There are only four more days to shop before Christmas. If you still need gift ideas, check out our Great Gift Ideas page, which includes some of our best selling products that are sure to be a big hit. If you’re shopping is already finished, why not check out the gift guide anyway, and pick out a little something for yourself? You deserve a reward for getting everything done with four whole days to spare!

    One of the best items on the gift guide is Leather Seat Covers from Leathercraft. These covers are specifically engineered for each seat pattern and include a covers for all rows in your vehicle. They use memory foam for extra comfort and are double-stitched for durability.  They are very easy to install and are available in black, gray, or tan to match the interior of your vehicle.

    Another great option is CCI Chrome Wheel Skins. They fit like a glove over the original steel or alloy wheels, transforming them to the expensive and shiny look of chrome. These skins are made of triple chrome-plated, high impact ABS. The skins have a quick snap-on installation using inside clip retention and are easy to maintain.

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  • Weekend Specials: Trim your Truck

    This weekend (starting today 12/16 and running through Sunday 12/18) get special discounts on select accessories at By now most people have trimmed their trees, but have you trimmed your truck? This weekend we have special deals for all things truck!

    The Access Roll Up Sport Tonneau Cover is a stellar addition to any truck! It’s a sleek, streamlined, low-profile cover that lays only ½-inch above your truck box. It uses hook and loop fasteners to provide a high strength seal that runs the entire length of the truck bed, and includes 2 slide locks for extra protection. With the trigger latch, you can open the tonneau with a single finger, and you can also adjust tension with the easy-to-use controls. When you need to use your full truck bed, there is no need to remove this tonneau. Simply roll it up to the front of the bed and fasten with the included tight-bite clamps.

    With Bully’s Truck Bed Side Step, you can save time and eliminate hassle. Think of all the time you  waste walking to the back of your truck, lowering the tailgate, stepping up to the bed, walking to the bed’s front, digging through your toolbox, walking back, jumping down, and raising the tailgate back up. What a long process just to grab a simple tool from your truck box. With this new truck step, all you have to do is flip out the step, and grab whatever you need!  This step can be installed on either the driver or passenger side, and supports up to 300 lbs. It is made of anodized cast aluminum and has heavy-duty, integrated mounting brackets for a solid construction. It easily flips out when needed and locks into position then conveniently slides back underneath the truck when not in use.

    To better protect your cargo, you need a Loading Zone Truck Cargo Gate. This easy-to-use gate has unique side brackets that allow for positioning anywhere along your truck’s bed. It divides from the floor to the top of the bed rails and is easy to lock into place. Its design holds cargo in place while allowing air to flow through to reduce resistance. This gate is made of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel and requires no assembly or mounting hardware. There are models available to fit compact, mid-size, and full-size pickup trucks.

    For keeping errant rocks and big puddle splashes to a minimum, Splash Guards from Powerflow are the way to go. These guards are molded and contoured for better fitment and protection. They have a curved top for easier alignment and are guaranteed to be unbreakable. Installation is easy and corrosion-resistant mounting hardware is included. These flaps are available for many late model pickups and are sold in pairs.

    U-Cut Chrome Rocker Panel Trim lets you add some custom chrome to your truck’s rocker panels. Each universal kit includes 5 strips of chrome-finished ABS and 3 pieces of clear styrene pattern. The panels are available in 5, 6, 7, and 8-inch widths, so you can pick the perfect size for your particular vehicle. Each chrome pieces is scratch-resistant and has a UV coating that prevents fading. Once you measure and cut your pieces, they are very easy to install, using the included 3M adhesive backing.

    Finally, with an APC LED Tailgate Light Strip, you can improve your truck’s visibility and safety. These durable, water-resistant lights use LED technology for brighter lights and a faster response. They can be used as running lights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights, and some models also include white reverse lights. These tailgate lights have a plug and play installation, are available in 49 and 60-inch lengths and stick on with automotive-grade tape.

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  • Car Covers for Christmas

    Car covers for Christmas will not shot your eye out. In the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story, everyone remembers what Ralphie wants for Christmas - a Red Ryder Carbon Action 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle. But can you remember what Mr. Parker got for Christmas?

    If you guessed a can of Simoniz and a blue bowling ball, you're right! Now we don't sell Simoniz here at, but we can help you protect your car with a Coverguard Car Cover.

    These Coverking car covers are made of spunbond polypropylene called "coverguard". This fabric is lightweight and soft so it will not scratch your vehicle. It also has a high level of breathability and repels water. When not in use, the cover folds up easily so it can be stowed away until needed again. These Coverguard covers are recommended for indoor or occasional outdoor use. They are a good choice for the budget minded consumer, and now they make an even better choice because they are one of our Weekend Specials! Starting today (12/9) and running through Sunday (12/11) you can get a special deal on Coverguard Car Covers.

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  • Bringing Home the Christmas Tree

    The tree lots in my area are still chock full of evergreens waiting for the right family. But we all know that picking out the perfect christmas tree is only the beginning. Once you’ve paid for your tree, you have to get it home, prepared, and decorated. Now I can’t offer advice on the decorating, but I can give some pointers on getting the tree home. With a truck, it’s fairly easy, just stow it in your truck bed and tie it down securely. In a car, SUV, or van, however, you’ll need to secure the tree to the top of your vehicle. This is where roof rails come in handy.

    Aventura Aftermarket Roof Rails are versatile and sturdy. They are available in standard lengths that can be easily cut down for a custom length without ruining the good looks of the rails. These rails have a durable, protective powdercoat finish with a choice between black and silver. Rails are easy to install, but do require drilling, so have your drill at the ready.

    DynaSport Low Profile Roof Rails have a low-profile and aerodynamic design. These rails are made of high-strength tempered aluminum extrusion with a black matte or anodized bright finish. These rugged rails are UV stabilized and pre-drilled for easy installation. They include self-sealing stainless steel tapping screws and self-adhesive roof slats.

    If you like the look and function of a roof rack, and want to convert your rails, be sure to check out Load Bars. They increase stability, support, and load capacity on your roof rails. They will fit both Aventura and DynaSport rails, as well as many other raised side rail style racks and rails. These load bars are adjustable along the length of the rails and have rubber-padded clamps to protect from damage. They are available in two styles, steel rectangular and aluminum aerowing, and have a 220 lb. load capacity for most vehicles. Make Christmas easier with a Roof Rack.


  • Weekend Specials: Odds and Ends

    This weekend (starting today 12/2 and running through Sunday 12/4) get special discounts on select accessories at  This week we’re dealing with the odds and ends, you know the little touches that make your car or truck a little cooler.

    First up are DynaSport Low Profile Truck Bed Rails by Perrycraft. The bed rails are designed to mimic the sleek lines of today’s pickups. They also provide the perfect complement to Perrycraft DynaSport Roof Racks and Rails. They have a low-profile design that maintains good visibility, while remaining solid, heavy-duty rails. Their concealed rail ends make cutting down even easier, so you will always have a perfect fit. Pre-drilled pieces and self-sealing stainless screws provide an easy installation and snap-in trim caps conceal the screws for a sleek, clean appearance.

    Next, check out these CCI Chrome Door Handles. CCI is a leading manufacturer of chrome auto accessories, and these door handles are guaranteed to get heads turning. They are constructed of durable ABS that is triple chrome-plated for longevity. Each handle is custom designed and there are hundreds of applications available. They are super easy to install using pre-applied double-sided tape. No drilling, cutting, or removal of factory handles is required.

    Finally, the JSP Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame, coolest of all plate frames. It is made of tough genuine carbon fiber for a stylish custom look. It serves as an accent to your other carbon fiber accessories, but looks good on its own as well. This plate frame will fit all standard US license plates.

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