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  • Light Up the Night with Driving Lamps

    In A Christmas Story, Ralphie’s father becomes the envy of the neighborhood (at least with the men) when he wins a glorious lamp after entering a sweepstakes. If you want your lamps to attract some major attention, take a look at our wide selection of high quality Driving Lamps!

    We carry lights from all the top manufacturers, including Hella, Optilux, Pilot, Westin, and PIAA. These driving lights are circular, ovular, rectangular, and even tear-drop shaped! We have a Micro Xenon Light, which packs a big punch into a small package. We have Rallye lights made specifically for off-road use. We have yellow lights, white lights, blue lights, and even Black Magic Lights that are sure to turn heads. Whatever you need, we have it!

    When your brand new lamps arrive, you will be just as excited as Ralphie’s father, though we cannot guarantee that our driving lights will arrive in a big crate stamped with “Fragile” (pronounced Fra-Jeel-Ay, of course!).

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  • Special Announcement and Weekend Specials

    With Black Friday a week away, it is time to announce our holiday plans! This year we are paying homage to the classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story”. We’ll have special deals that tie into the movie, as well as clips and more!

    While you’re waiting for the fun to start, don’t forget that we have great weekend specials starting today (11/18) and running though Sunday (11/20). This week end we have a great deal on the Extang Tonneau Cover. This tonneau can improve your gas mileage by up to 10%! It is engineered for strength, yet it is extremely lightweight to cut down on the bulk factor. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a honeycomb core. This tonneau attaches with nylon clamps, and the clamps nest inside the tonneau’s rails when not in use. It has a tri-fold design which allows the tonneau to fold out of the way for easier loading and unloading of supplies and cargo. Opening the tonneau is easy with the included Speed Klamps, which use spring-action technology. The cover’s top has a black textured finish that protects against UV-rays and fading, and WeatherTuff seals keep water out. The tonneau installs and removes easily, with no assembly or tools required, and includes a 3-year limited warranty.

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  • Winter Weather Will Be Here Soon

    Winter weather will be here soon, and in some places it's already here. It's time to take a good look at your truck and vehicle, and make sure it's fully prepared for the nasty weather ahead in the upcoming months. There are loads of auto and Truck Accessories that can make your life easier this winter.

    First up are lights, more specifically Driving Lights. You never want to be caught out in the middle of a snowstorm with burned out bulbs. That can make it hard to traverse the roads, as well as for other drivers to see your vehicle. Why not enhance your factory lights with Pilot Driving Lights. They improve visibility and distance viewing by casting a narrow, far-reaching beam. They are available in various shapes and sizes with differing lens and beam colors, and all necessary wiring and hardware is included in each kit.

    On to Nerf Bars. In many areas of the country, winter means snow, and melting snow is constantly refrozen to ice. Giant ice patches in parking lots, sidewalks, and even your own driveway can spell trouble, especially when trying to enter or exit your SUV, van, or truck. That's why it can be helpful to add an extra step via a nerf bar. These bars give you somewhere steady to plant your feet when getting into or out of your truck. STK's 5-inch Oval Bars are a great option because they provide one of the widest stepping areas available. These bars also have custom polyethylene step pads for maximum slip resistance even in icy weather.

    Finally, the all important Truck Bed Rail. This may seem like a strange choice for a winter accessory, but it's definitely when you are bringing home a Christmas tree. Bed rails give you something to secure your cargo to while adding some visual interest to your truck bed. Even after your Christmas tree is safely home, bed rails can come in handy for securing big ticket items for the ride home, luggage for the trip to grandma's house, and sleds and snowboards for a trip to the slopes. ICI's custom bedrails are constructed of high quality 1.9-inch stainless steel tubing with a chrome-like finish. These rails mount in the truck's stake pockets for a quick and easy installation.


  • Brand New Westin Running Boards! has been updating its store selection. We’ve heard your feedback wanting more accessories and more options. We’re pleased to announce that we are now carrying Westin running boards!

    Westin Molded Running Boards have an extruded aluminum base with a UV-resistant black molded polymer exterior. They have an OEM design including a channel step area that runs along the boards to prevent slipping. These boards are available with built-in lights if desired, which activate when doors open to provide extra visibility. They look pretty cool too! Most applications have a bolt-on installation, and some may require an extra gap strip for a more finished look. These molded boards have a 5-year Westin warranty.

    Another option is the Westin Sure Grip Aluminum Running Board. These boards are made of durable extruded aluminum, and come in one of three finishes: brite, brushed, and black. Brite boards are sure to grab attention, black boards are more subtle (especially on darker vehicles), and brushed are a happy medium, more noticeable than black boards, but with a more muted finish. All three board finishes include molded endcaps for a finished style, and rubber step areas for a slip-resistant step. If you’d like your boards to light up, an optional Running Board Light Kit can be purchased and installed. This light kit is exclusively made for Sure-Grip boards, and includes 4 LEDs and a wiring harness.  Like the molded running boards, these Sure-Grips have a bolt-on installation and a 5-year Westin warranty.

    No matter which running board you decided to buy, don’t forget to add a Westin Custom Bracket Kit to your shopping cart. These brackets are custom designed to offer a perfect fit for your specific year, make, and model of vehicle. They are REQUIRED for installing both Sure-Grip and Molded running boards from Westin, and include brackets and necessary installation hardware.

    Keep reading the blog for more updates on new products from Westin, as well as other auto and truck accessory leaders!


  • Camaros to Corvettes: 100 Years of Chevrolet

    2011 marks the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet. For some, this means taking your brand new Camaro for a spin or putting on another coat of wax to get some extra attention. For others, it means reminiscing about all the great memories from your ’53 corvette. Either way, it’s impossible to argue the fact that Chevrolet has established itself as a cornerstone of American culture.

    Throughout the past century, Chevy has created hundreds of different cars and trucks. Some were historical icons, others just icons of the brand; all bringing to life the style and dependability that has become the name “Chevrolet”. Here’s a look at some of the most iconic vehicles to sport the famous bow tie emblem.

    1914 Royal Mail Roadster
    The  1914 “Royal Mail” roadster was the one of the first Chevrolet cars priced under $1,000.  Its body was streamlined and attractive and its four cylinder engine with overhead valve design brought increased power. The car’s list price included a top, windshield and speedometer - items that had been accessories on more expensive years just a few years before. This model was the first of the redesigned models created to compete with Ford in the lower-priced market.


    1953 Corvette
    The 1953 Corvette was conceived by GM styling head Harley J. Earl. It was a two seat convertible built by GM aimed at capturing the small car market from manufacturers like Jaguar and MG. All 1953 Corvettes were convertibles with black canvas tops, Polo white with red interiors, and built by hand.  A powerful six cylinder engine and dual exhaust resulted in higher horsepower ratings.  The first twenty-five vehicles used the standard Chevrolet 'baby moon' passenger car wheel covers due to a shortage of wheel covers.


    1969 Camaro
    Recently voted the “best Chevy of all time”, the Camaro released in ’69 represented the final year of the Camaro's original iconic design.  The '69 Camaro paced the Indianapolis 500 for the second time. It's still considered one of the hottest-looking rides of the classic muscle car era. It had a 290-horsepower rating but tested at close to 400.

  • Different Tonneau Designs For Your Truck

    We’ve had our first snowfall in some areas of the country, and unless you want to be cleaning out your truck bed all winter long, it’s time to seriously consider a tonneau cover. Tonneaus are one of the best truck accessories out there. They protect your truck bed from rain, snow, and ice which can be damaging and lower the resale value of your truck. They also protect your truck’s cargo from both weather and theft by keeping it protected and hidden from view. Finally, having a tonneau can actually save you money: tonneaus eliminate tailgate drag, making your truck more aerodynamic and increasing gas mileage. Some tonneaus have been shown to increase gas mileage by as much as 10%!

    Now that I’ve persuaded you that you need a tonneau, it’s time to talk about what kind to get. They are available with both hard and soft tops and with many different tonneau designs. The most popular are hinged, roll-up, and tri-fold.

    Hinged Tonneau Covers have a hinge (usually hydraulic or quick release) that props up the tonneau, allowing quick access to your truck bed. These tonneaus are generally the easiest to operate. There isn’t a lot of technology or extra clamps to confuse you. Hinged tonneaus are often the most economical tonneaus as well. Their biggest drawback is that they lack versatility. If you are carrying bulky cargo that extends past the truck bed, you will have to remove your tonneau completely, eliminating its protective and fuel-saving benefits completely.

    Tri Fold Tonneau Covers offer much more versatility. They fold in three sections (hence, tri-fold), allowing more truck bed access when you need it. This design also allows you to carry tall cargo without having to remove the entire tonneau. You can leave the back third of the truck open, while still protecting the front. If you need more room, you can fold up both rear sections, leaving only the front third covered. Hand clamps are often used to secure the folded tonneau, and many include a quick-release feature.

    Roll-up tonneaus, like the Lund Tonneau Covers, have the highest versatility design. These tonneaus roll up completely to the front of your truck bed. This allows you to carry whatever you’d like without the tonneau getting in the way, and without the hassle of having to remove the tonneau completely. Many covers have a trigger feature that allows roll-up with a single finger, and many use clamps or ties to hold the tonneau in place.


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