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  • Weekend Specials: Lights, Tonneaus, and More!

    This weekend (starting today 10/28 and running through Sunday 10/30) get special discounts on select accessories at  Get great deals on lights, tonneaus, and more!

    Each APC Replacement Tail Light Kit uses LED technology. LEDs are superior to other lights because they have an increased lighting capacity and a quicker response time. These lights use precision engineering for a custom look and are available with clear or red/clear combination lenses. These kits come complete with everything needed to install, so you can plug into your vehicle's existing connections, and you're ready to go.

    Optilux Xenon Driving Lights combine the flood beams of 4-inch lights with a pencil beam for improved illumination. They use lightweight yet high impact ABS housing and have free-form technology. The xenon bulbs provide a strong, high-intensity light that improves visibility at night and in poor weather conditions. Each Optilux light kit includes a lamp with internal ballast, HID capsule, clear lens cover, wire harness, and mounting instructions.

    TruXedo's TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover provides a sleek look at a low price! This tonneau has a heavy-duty leather-grain fabric and uses an industrial strength hook and loop system that reduces wear and tear on the tonneau fabric. The tonneau has non-arched bows for a smooth sleek look when closed, and sits only 1.5-inches above the truck's bed rails. It locks with a dual side latching system that also incorporates an adjustable manual tension control. The tonneau has a no-drill, clamp-on installation, and when installed properly, can improve gas mileage up to 10%.

    Westin's Tailgate Step Ladder is perfect for any pickup owner who wants an extra boost when climbing up to the truck bed. This full-fledged ladder is more accessible than traditional truck steps. Its first step is lower to the ground, and reduces stress on knees and ankles. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, so it's easy to unfold and use. It can be installed on trucks with tailgates up to 38-inches tall and uses self-tapping screws for an easier installation.

    Mont Blanc's Roof Top Ski Rack mounts easily to the top of you vehicle's roof. It can hold up to six pairs of skis and has rubber inserts to protect your skis and the roof of your vehicle. This rack is 31-inches long and lockable, so you will not have to worry about your skis getting stolen. As an added bonus, this rack can also hold snowboards too! Up to four snowboards can be stowed at one time.

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  • Proguard and Prorack Offer Protection

    Proguard and Prorack Offer Protection If you haul heavy cargo in your truck bed, it’s time to think about getting a cab guard. In collisions or extreme stops and starts, your cargo could accelerate into your rear window, cracking or shattering it. This means expensive repair costs at a minimum and even worse, potential injury to yourself or your passengers. Cab guards or headaches racks, as they are also called, provide necessary protection between your cab’s rear window and your truck bed to minimize any damage to your vehicle or yourself. Cab guards also provide a prime place to secure your cargo. Shifting cargo can damage your truck bed and the cargo itself, so minimizing shifting and sliding is a definite plus. STK manufactures two styles of cab guards that are both proudly made in the USA!

    Their Prorack is designed for optimum protection without sacrificing your truck’s look and style. The guard’s unique shape follows your truck’s contours and customized mounting brackets allow for a no-drill installation on most trucks. The frame is constructed of 2-inch square steel tubing that undergoes a nine step powdercoat process for superior durability and rust resistance. All necessary hardware for installation is included and it is zinc-plated to protect against corrosion. These cab guards will fit trucks with bedliners, rail caps, and tool boxes, but will not fit stepside, flareside, or sportside style vehicles. If you want your cab guard to better match your truck, you can get it custom painted to match the factory paint. You can also purchase accessory brackets that will allow mounting of lights, antennas, and truck tool boxes.

    The  Proguard cab guard has a completely different style from the Pro Rack.  A solid 2-inch square steel frame is still the base, but the interior is now filled with a wire screen. This design provides complete protection, and also allows cargo and ladders to be more easily secured.  The wire mesh screen is the heaviest on the market, while still providing good visibility out the back window. The screen is made of custom cut 3/16-inch diameter cold rolled steel that has been robotically welded at each intersection and onto the frame. A nine step powdercoat finish tops the steel to provide ultimate durability. Like the Prorack, the Proguard will fit trucks with bedliners, rail caps, and tool boxes, but will not fit stepside, flareside, or sportside style vehicles. You will need to purchase Pro Guard brackets – which are sold separately – to install your cab guard. They are custom designed for every truck and are available in both a standard mount and a 21-inch toolbox mount.


  • Halloween Car Costumes

    I cannot believe that Halloween is right around the corner and in my usual fashion I am still trying to decide who I will be this year.  The best part of Halloween is re-invention. Endless are the possibilities for transformation.  Whether you are looking to break out of your shell and try something different, or if you prefer to stay within your comfort zone, you get one fantasy filled evening which, done correctly, can be extremely liberating!   My quest for transformation is becoming a challenge.  With so many choices, I am having a hard time navigating in which direction I should travel.  In my search for the perfect costume I stumbled upon some pictures of people who have not only wanted to reinvent themselves, but who have also decided to restyle their vehicles with car costumes!  So I’m sharing them with you in hope of maybe sparking some creativity and possibly helping you reinvent yourself,  and maybe your car too!

    Haloween Car Costume

    Ghostbuster Car Costume

    Haloween Costume for Autos

    Pirate Ship Car Costume

  • Weekend Specials: On the Job

    This weekend (starting today 10/14 and running through Sunday 10/16) get special discounts on select accessories at Great deals on work vehicle accessories are the main focus this weekend.

    If you’re driving a work van full of expensive tools and cargo, you should think about extra security. Windows are easily broken by potential thieves to gain access to your van’s contents. Kargo Master Van Window Security Screens act as both protection and deterrent and are available for Chevy, Ford, and GMC vans. The screens are made of strong 7-gauge wire with a black powdercoat finish to minimize scratching, chipping, and annoying glare. They are available for both side and rear doors.

    If you have an emergency vehicle, you know how important visibility is. You need to be able to call attention to your vehicle and yourself for safety and efficiency. One of the most effective types of emergency lights is strobe lighting. Wolo Strobe Light Kits have four strobe bulbs that install in your vehicle’s headlights and taillights (10-inch hole required). The bulbs are enclosed in rock hard epoxy and have rubber grommet bases for easy installation. They connect via included wire leads and high-voltage cables (with locking connectors) to a heavy-duty 80 watt power supply. The kit also includes a control panel with 6 different flash patterns. These light kits are available with bulbs in amber, blue, clear, or red, and in various combinations thereof.

    If your truck is a work truck, you probably do a lot of hauling, which means a lot of wear and tear on your truck bed. Last week I wrote about the protection provided by a truck bed liner, and this week we’re having a blowout sale on the bed liner’s companion – the tailgate liner. STK’s Full Tailgate Protectors fit over your existing tailgate to prevent scratching, gouging, and minor dents. These tailgate liners are made of molded high-density polyethylene and have a protective lip to cover the top of the tailgate (unless otherwise noted). They are custom molded to fit your specific make and model of truck, and are extremely durable, so they should last as long as your truck itself.

    If you have too much gear or cargo for a regular van or truck bed and need a cargo or utility trailer, check out the Valley Hitch Receiver line. These receivers are made of heavy gauge steel for an optimum load capacity, and the receiver openings accept a variety of ball mounts. They are easy to install with simple hand tools, requiring no welding. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of receivers –from class I to class V – for all different makes and models of vehicles.

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    hitch receiver


  • 100 Years of the Indy 500

    2011 marks the 100th anniversary of The Indianapolis 500. For some, it’s an annual excuse to head over to Speedway, Indiana with your closest friends and cases of beer to watch the action live. For others, it's more than a race, rather a cultural institution and way of life.

    The Speedway was built in Spring of 1909 and originally was composed of 3.2 million bricks. Today, asphalt covers most of the bricks, but a 36-inch strip of original bricks still designates the start/finish line. The grandstands can hold 257,000 people, and millions more watch the event every year on TV.

    The first race in Indy 500 history was held on May 31, 1911. 80,200 fans were in attendance at this historic event and they paid an admission fee of only one dollar. Ray Harroun drove a “Marmon Wasp” and became the first winner ever in 6 hours, 42 minutes and 8 seconds.

    Harroun’s “Marmon Wasp” was filled with interesting details. It featured a cowled cockpit and a streamlined tail, something most racers of that time did without. The car featured a new invention, the rearview mirror. Harroun was also the only driver in the race to ride without a riding mechanic, who checked the oil pressure and let the driver know when traffic was coming.

    Many years and many races later, one thing remains the same. The Indy 500 continues to boast tradition, bravery, competition and speed year after year and remains a focal point for race fans worldwide.

  • Falling Leaves Require Bed Liners

    We’re well into the fall season now, and the leaves are finally changing colors and creating beautiful scenery. After the colors change, the leaves begin falling, and while raking them up may be a hassle, it’s always fun to take a bug jump into a pile of raked leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves don’t just fall on your lawn; they fall in your truck bed too. It’s not such a problem if you’re vigilant at sweeping them out, but after a rainfall, it’s not so easy. The leaves stick to your truck bed, creating a slipping hazard, and if you leave them long enough, they start to rot. What you need is something to protect your truck bed from leaves, rainfall, all of it! The perfect solution is Truck Bed Liners.

    Liners can be categorized into three distinct styles: drop-in, spray-on, and carpeted. They all help protect your truck bed from scratches, scrapes, dents, water damage, and rust, keeping your truck looking newer for longer.

    A great drop-in Truck Bed Liner is manufactured by Duraliner. It is custom molded to fit specific truck makes and models and is made of a durable and UV-protected material that lasts and won’t fade. It has a ribbed design that provides efficient water drainage and makes cleaning easier. Each liner has a skid-resistant surface that is co-extruded into the liner material so it will not harm cargo or wear off. It is available in both under and over-rail designs and includes a matching tailgate protector and all necessary hardware.

    BedTred Bed Liners have a spray-in look due to their contoured fit and unique texture. These liners maintain the original shape and features of the truck bed and allow full access to any factory tie-downs. They are made of ¼-inch TPO composite that is bonded to a layer of foam. The TPO composite gives the texture and feel of the liner and prevents cargo from sliding. The foam provides water-resistance, shock absorption, and a cushier surface for sitting or kneeling. These liners are easy to install and require no drilling, sanding, or prepping to your truck bed.

    If you’d like the look and feel of carpeting in your Bed Liner, then BedRug is the way to go. This liner is custom formed to fit the contours and shape of your bed for a perfect fit. It is made from 100% closed cell polypropylene fiber that looks and feels like carpet. The liner is bonded to foam (¾-inch thickness on floor, ¼-inch on bulkhead and sides) for extra padding that is easier on the knees and more comfortable for tailgating. The liner surface is also fade-resistant, will not retain water, and is unaffected by bleach, gas, oils, and chemicals. It provides full-access to factory tie downs, is easy to clean, and installs in seconds.

    So if you have an abundance of fallen leaves in your truck bed, make sure you get a liner. It makes clean up easier and offers protection from rotting leaves. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me in another month after the first snowfall of the season. If you think leaves are a problem, just wait until it’s snow and ice you need to clean from your truck bed!


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