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  • Weekday Specials for Trucks, Van, and Cars

    This weekend (starting today 9/30 and running through Sunday 10/2) get special discounts on select accessories at We have great deals no matter what you’re driving!

    For trucks, we have Stainless Steel Tailgate Bed Caps. These custom fit bed caps are made from 22-gauge stainless steel. They are available with or without stake pocket cutouts to meet your needs and install easily using 3M Adhesive. Matching bulkhead and tailgate protectors are also available to complete your look.

    The CBT Toolbox Tonneau system is also a special this weekend. This revolutionary system includes two diamond tread tool boxes that attach to the sides of your pickup truck. These boxes use dual gas shocks for easy opening and have lockable, quick-release stainless handles. They have a single lid running the length of each box for easy storage and access of longer items. To fill the gap between the two tool boxes, choose between a soft black tonneau or a hard diamond tread tonneau. Both options keep your bed completely covered to keep precious cargo safe. If you need extra room, you can remove the tonneau, allowing tall objects to sit between the two storage boxes. This versatile system is available for a variety of makes, models, and bed lengths!

    For vans, we have Van Equipment Packages from Vistas. They are available for full-size vans, mini vans, walk-in vans, step vans, cube vans, as well as specialized for the Dodge Sprinter and Ford Transit Connect. These custom packages are made up of the most useful Vistas products and are geared towards contractors. Each package contains shelving units of the appropriate lengths to fit your van with shelf supports included as needed. Many of the packages also include a van partition kit that separates the front seating area from the cargo are for additional safety and security. Of course additional Vistas equipment and accessories can be purchased to customize your work van to your exact specifications.

    Timbren Suspension Enhancers are also available for a wide variety of vans (as well as SUVs and trucks). They use rubber cushions to absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven roads or road conditions. This improves handling and eliminates sag and sway, two of the annoying side effects of heavy haulin’. They do NOT use problematic air lines or fittings, so they don’t leak and need replacement. They are also easy to install, requiring no drilling or routing, simply bolt on the part using basic hand tools.

    For cars, we have super cool Ground Effect Kits. These kits are made with specially formulated ABS that can be painted to match your vehicle’s factory color. Each kit typically contains 4 piece - front air dam, rear air dam, and 2 side skirts – but kit components can vary. Other accessories are also available, including light kits, exhaust extension kits, and cat-back performance exhaust systems. Pieces also may be sold individually to give you the look you desire. Some truck models also have ground effect kits available.

    Finally we have Car Floor Protection (and trucks and SUVs) by Nifty. These mats are made from a tough Vyram material that resists mud, snow, and chemicals. Their design includes raised blocks to wipe your feet on, as well as drip channels that move liquids to the bottom of the mats, away from your shoes, socks, and pant legs. Their raised lips contain spills and their rolled edges make them extra durable. They are easy to remove, clean, and restore. They are available in black, grey, and tan to allow matching of vehicle interiors.

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  • STK’s New Guards and Bars

    STK’s New Guards and Bars. STK has begun manufacturing all new products for the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle!

    STK’s Truck Bull Bars provide protection to your truck’s front end. They are constructed of durable 3-inch tubing that is polished to a mirror finish or covered with a black powdercoat. All bull bars come complete with a matching skid plate and mounting hardware for a complete front end restyling. Pre-drilled holes allow for mounting of fog or driving lights to complete the off-road look. A license plate relocator kit is sold separately and may be required in states that require a front license plate.

    Their 5 Inch Oval Nerf Bars are made of premium 304 polished stainless steel. These 5-inch bars provide a wide stepping area and custom polyethylene step pads for maximum slip resistance. They use custom fit brackets that bolt on for easier installation and no drilling is required. Each bar is custom designed for specific makes and models resulting in a perfect fit!

    You don’t want your truck’s back to feel left out, so Rear Bumper Protection is what you need. This guard has a sturdy one piece design with 1.5-inch diameter tubing that runs near the top and bottom of your rear bumper. Rubber rub strips cover the .25-inch thick plates that wrap around the tubes and connect the guard to your vehicle. The tubing is available with a polished mirror finish or a black powdercoated finish. Matching taillight guards are also available for a complete look.



  • College Food Trucks 101

    It has been about a month since the college kids have returned to campus and hopefully have gotten settled.  One thing these kids know besides what they are learning in class is what tastes good.  College kids LOVE to eat and here are just a few famous food trucks and some of their outrageous offerings which are rolling into college campuses everywhere.

    How can you talk about food trucks and not mention Rutgers Grease Trucks?  Famous for the “Fat Darrell”, consisting of chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, lettuce, tomato and marinara sauce on a single sub roll, which has been listed as one of the top 10 sandwiches in the nation by Maxim magazine.

    If you are looking for Hawaiian style food and have a love of Spam, get to the University of Washington for the Spam fried rice or Spam sliders. Not a big fan of Spam, try the Kahlua pig sliders or the Korean BBQ chicken.

    Serving the MIT crowd is Clover, entirely vegetarian/vegan with locally sourced ingredients.  Check out the blog posts on to get all of the latest information on the happenings at MIT.

    At the Brown campus, “Like No Udder” serves up all vegan ice cream.  They are all about serving delicious products that are free of all animal products.

    Students from Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College can get their gourmet on at the “Ghetto Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Urban Cuisine”.  Try the “Greg Brady Can’t Surf” which is a grilled cheese sandwich with barbecue sauce, pineapple, smoked provolone and bacon.

    Miami Culinary Institute has a food truck called Alphabite.   This truck is unique because the menu is created around the letter of the day.  You can find out what the letter is by following their texts, tweets, or seeing the letter on the side of the truck itself.  They also have a map on their website which shows where they are located for the day.

    So, this writer’s recommendation to the college student is to ditch the rude roommate, the boring text book, the crazy professor and motor right past the dining hall straight to the food truck.  You’re in college now.  It’s all about trying new things.  You may never have another chance to try a sandwich with mozzarella sticks on it or Spam fried rice.  Seize the opportunity.  Grab hold of your future and make it a heartburn worth remembering.

  • Weekday Specials: Accessories for All Angles has accessories for your whole vehicle. Whether it’s a car, truck, van or SUV, we have you covered both inside and outside, up top and out back, and even beyond! Check out the great accessories that make up our Weekday Specials this week. Deals start today (9/20) and run through Thursday (9/22).

    For your insides, we have Hella Twin Tone Horns. For one low price, you get both a high and low tone horn with frequencies of 500 Hz. and 300 Hz., respectively. Housed in black and red coated metal with protective grilles, these 12V horns emit 118 decibels of sound with 5.5 Amp currents. In addition to the two units, each kit also includes a relay, mounting brackets, and mounting instructions for an easy installation.

    For the outside, how about Car Covers? CoverKing’s Coverguard is made of a single layer of spunbond polypropylene, which has high breathability and water repellency. It is soft and lightweight, so it won’t damage your vehicle and is easy to fold up and store when not in use. A definite deal!

    Up top we have Truck Sun Visors to keep the sun out of your eyes when driving. STK’s ProVisors have an aerodynamic design that is custom fit for each application. These visors can be pained to match the factory color of your vehicle for a seamless look without the add-on effect. All necessary mounting hardware is included, as well as paint-to-match caps to cover the screws.

    For the back of your truck we have brand new Tailgate Ladders. These ladders can be used on trucks with tailgates up to 38-inches tall. They are made of strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy and conveniently fold up compactly when not in use. They install right to your truck’s tailgate using self-tapping screws, and unfold easily when needed to give you an easy way to climb into your truck bed.

    And what can possibly go “beyond” your vehicle? A Hitch Rack Truck Bed Extender, of course! Lund’s model is made of steel for extra durability and features 4-way adjustability. The extender arms can widen from 30-inches to 50-inches so they can carry smaller wood planks or large pieces of plywood. The arms also extend vertically up to roof height, so they can be used to help support long items on your vehicle’s roof. This extender can support up to 750lbs. (when distributed evenly) and mounts to your vehicle’s hitch for convenience.

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  • Weekend Specials: Going on a Trip

    This weekend (starting today 9/16 and running through Sunday 9/18) get special discounts on select accessories at Shield your vehicle from bugs, add some lights for a safer drive, and give your entrances and exits a little boost with our Weekend Specials!

    After a long drive, you know how nasty the front of your car, truck, or SUV can look. A good washing can help, but if you want to reduce the amount of bug splatters, try out a Bug Shield. Wade’s platinum shield is a great pick, because it is has a state-of- the-art, computer-aided design for a perfect fit. So not only will it protect from road debris and bugs, but it also gives a sleek aerodynamic look to your vehicle. These big shields are easy to install, and most applications require no drilling. They are also easy to clean and wax around because of their off-the-hood design. They are available in a smoke or clear finish, and can also be painted to match your vehicle’s factory color for a cohesive look.

    Also helpful on a long drive, especially during a snow fall, rain storm, or foggy day, are fog lights. Pilot manufactures an OE Fog Light Kit that is custom designed for specific makes and models to give them an OEM look. Each kit includes engineered brackets for easy mounting and uses 55 watt halogen bulbs. Kits are available with either clear or smoke lenses, and some kits also include a remote wiring harness.

    This last accessory isn’t necessarily used during a long trip, but it can sure come in handy at the end of the trip! When your legs are stiff from all that driving, it is helpful to have a nice sturdy side bar to step onto when climbing out of your truck or SUV. STK’s 4” Oval Nerf Bars are a perfect example. Their 4-inch size makes them big enough to get a good grip on, without being so big that they are obtrusive or overpower your vehicle. They use custom mounting brackets for a proper fit, and have an easy, bolt-on, no-drill installation. They have polyethylene step pads for extra grip action that reduces slipping or sliding when stepping out. These bars are available with a mirror polished or black powdercoat finish and are sold in pairs.

    For more information on this weekend’s special deals and other sales and events, keep checking this blog, sign up for our Email List, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Flickr page.


  • Drive Into Fall

    Drive Into Fall. Just because the weather is turning cooler doesn’t mean you can’t take a road trip. Beaches and lakes might be out of the question, but there are plenty of other destinations to choose from. Here are some great autumn road trip ideas – whether it takes you one tank of gas to get there or more, all you need are a reliable set of wheels and your closest family and friends for a guaranteed good time.

    Starting in September, much of the northern part of the United States begins to change from green to many shades of red, orange, yellow, and gold. A great idea for a fall road trip is to follow the foliage changing through New England, from Maine to Massachusetts.  Check out this map displaying peak times for the best fall colors, and don’t forget your camera!


    Halloween may only be one night, but many towns continue the celebrations through the fall months. Salem, Massachusetts, once made famous for the Salem Witch Trials, goes all out for Halloween during the entire month of October. Choose from haunted houses, special events at the Witch Museum, the House of Seven Gables, and the Witch House, street performers (often dressed as witches), parades, and costume balls.


    Pile into the back of your pickup and head out for a night of nostalgia. Romantic for adults and great for kids because they are not restricted to their seats – they can even sleep in the backseat if they get tired. Plus, most drive-ins offer two movies for the price of one, a much welcomed perk in today’s society where one movie can run a family of four over $80 plus the price of snacks.

  • Interior Upgrades

    We all know chrome accessories, upgraded lights, and fancy spoiler bars can enhance the appearance of our vehicles. What do these all have in common? They are all for EXTERIOR of your vehicle! I suppose it makes sense, who doesn’t want to be the envy of the neighborhood or catch a jealous eye while waiting at a stoplight? However, I spend far more time INSIDE my vehicle rather than admiring the outside, so I want my vehicle’s interior upgrades to be equally clean and attractive.

    With Leather Seat Covers, I can upgrade my vehicle’s interior with a comfortable and classy style. Leathercraft SeatSkinz turn cloth seats into luxurious leather seats! They are available in black, gray, and tan and include a seat cover for all rows of seating in your vehicle.  The covers are engineered for a perfect fit and cover the entire seat, including headrests and armrests. They are double stitched for durability and use memory foam for extra comfort. They are very easy to install, and once you have them on, you will be amazed at how stylish they make your vehicle look.

    Okay, seats are taken care of, so what else needs an upgrade? Definitely the floors. We track all kinds of things into our cars and trucks, drop crumbs, and spill drinks, so floors can get dirty quickly. To protect my vehicle I use Carpeted Floor Mats. Nifty’s Catch It series features custom molded mats in black, gray, and tan. These mats are made of ultra durable materials to resist seepage from mud, water, or chemicals. Heavy-duty ridges in the carpeting scrape debris from your shoes and trap loose rocks, sand, and the occasional french fry. Each mat has a rolled edge for durability and a raised lip to keep spills from rolling onto you vehicle’s carpet. When your mats are full of dirt or debris, you can simply hose them off, let them air dry, and reinstall.

    Floor mats are installed, but what about the cargo area? Nifty has an answer for that too with their Cargo Logic Cargo Liners.  They are made of heavy-duty thermoplastic, which is water resistant and protects from dirt, mud, snow, and water. Their tops have a looped polyware surface that looks and feel like carpet, but can repel moisture, and resist stain, scratches, and scuffs. Each liner includes 2 cargo loks which velcro to the liner and can be positioned around grocery bags, bottles or jugs, potted plants, or anything else that should stay upright while driving.

    seat covers


  • New T-Max by Westin Winches is now selling winches! There are five types of T-Max by Westin winches now being offered for sale. Westin and T-Max are known for products that work, look good, and last. All of their winches definitely match this description! These winches are geared low for increased power and safety and reduced chance of overheating. They have constant high power and torque and use standard bolt patterns. All of these winches are backed by a 3=year warranty on mechanical parts and a 1-year warranty on electrical

    An ATV Series Winch is the most economical, with either a 2,000 or 3,000 lb. single rate pull depending on model. Both models have a 153:1 gear ratio, EBT brake, 4 way roller fairlead, steel rope, and included control switch.

    The All Terrain Winch is a step up from the ATV, with a 3,500 or 4,500 lb. single rate pull depending on the model. The ATW-3500 has a 153:1 gear ratio, 1.1HP motor, 4 way roller fairlead, steel rope, and handlebar switch. The ATW-4500 has a 189:1 gear ratio, 1.3HP motor, 4 way roller fairlead, hand-held control, and a choice between steel or synthetic rope.

    Off Road Winches are available with an 8,500 or 11,000 lb. single rate pull and with either steel or synthetic rope. They all have 5.5HP motors, 3 stage planetary gear trains, automatic in-the-drum brakes, and hand-held controllers.

    If you’re in need of Heavy Duty Winches, the Performance Series is a great option. It has a 9,500 lb single rate pull, 6.6HP motor, 218:1 gear ratio, and 3-stage planetary gear train. It also uses an integrated solenoid module (ISM), automatic in-the-drum brake, synthetic rope, and a wireless controller.

    Outback Winches are the highest rated of all the T-Max winches, with a single rate pull of 9,500 or 12,000 lbs. depending on the model. Both models have 6.6HP motors, integrated solenoid modules (ISM), 3-stage planetary gear trains, automatic in-the-drum brakes, 4-way roller fairleads, steel rope, and wireless controllers.


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