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  • Dog Days of Summer

    Dog Days is the name for the most sultry and sweltering days of the summer.  Within the last week alone, many cities in the United States have set new records with their high temperatures.  While parts of the U.S. are dealing with a few hot days, the people of the south are setting records of their own with a heat wave that has brought temperatures of 100 degrees or more for over 20 consecutive days.  Whether you are experiencing a hot and dry heat or a sticky and humid day, you need to protect yourself from the elements of summer.  Remember to use sunscreen when outdoors, drink lots of water, avoid strenuous activity and try to stay in an air conditioned room if possible.  Not only do you need to protect yourself, you should also protect your vehicle from the damage that can occur from heat exposure.  These few steps will not only keep your vehicle looking like it just left the showroom but it could save you hundreds of dollars in needed repairs from heat damage.

    A car cover is a great investment that will protect your car and keep it looking its best by keeping it out of the natural elements.  A car cover for your vehicle will keep it cooler in the summer and will protect it from harmful UV rays, that can damage your paint job.  Coverking makes a car cover that is breathable yet highly weather resistant.

    Window visors offer protection from the elements in a sleek and streamlined profile.  You gain not only greater visibility and less wind noise, but these ventvisors are also perfect for keeping rain out and letting fresh air in. They will reduce heat build-up in your parked vehicle by allowing the windows to be partially open without leaving your vehicle vulnerable to thieves.  People who don’t leave their windows open even the slightest run the risk of cracked dashboards from the heat and the fading of interior fabrics and plastics due to sun exposure.  That should be reason enough to arm you vehicle with window visors, however, should you need further convincing think of the internal temperature of a vehicle sitting in the heat.  Dashboard temperatures have been known to reach as high as 198 degrees F which is hot enough to cook a chicken on.  That’s just plain fowl!

    Not only will a hard tonneau cover reduce your trucks aerodynamics and allow air to flow smoothly over the cover, it will also help protect your truck bed from extreme weather conditions.  The sun’s heat can damage your truck bed causing paint to bubble or crack.  Having a tonneau cover will preserve your truck’s bed and keep it in pristine condition.

    What is your best tip for keeping cool this summer?

  • The Ultimate List of Tailgating Accessories

    The Ultimate List of Tailgating Accessories. With summer weather upon us, and football season just around the corner, there are plenty of chances to tailgate with friends and family. From sporting events to concerts, it doesn’t matter what event you are attending as long as you have good food, good company, and the right supplies.  From the essential to the extravagant, here are the ultimate accessories for your next tailgating adventure.


    Tonneau Cover and Bedliner
    A nice tonneau cover will make a great addition to your next outdoor event. Keep your keg dry, or hide your beer cans. Bedliners are essential in protecting your truck bed from food, spills, or harsh weather (some even have cupholders!).


    Keeping your refreshments cool is mandatory on game day, but take it a step further and get a truck bed cooler or even a motorized cooler. The Rally™ Motorized Ice Chest will save you some heavy lifting, and keep your hands free. This awesome purchase will not only keep your beer cold, it’ll also go up to 15 mph when fully charged.

    Tailgating Games
    From ladder golf and beer pong to Frisbee and bocce ball, there’s plenty of tailgate games to choose from to add to the fun. Perfect for killing time while waiting for those burgers to cook.

    Your tailgating experience won’t be the same without one. Get a cheap one for about $20 from the supermarket for one-time use, or pitch in with your friends and invest in something a little more powerful.

    --Did you know that football tailgating menus are mainly influenced by regional traditions and specialties? Fans of different teams incorporate their own favorite flavors into the pregame feast. In the Upper Midwest, Bratwursts are standard fare at Wisconsin and Michigan tailgates, while at Louisiana State University, Tiger fans cook pots of gumbo to ward off the late-autumn chill. For many tailgaters in the South's SEC conference, a pregame feast without a plate of deviled eggs would be unimaginable--

    You don’t need a surround sound theater system to make yourself heard. Blast the car radio or hookup your ipod for some essential background music.


    What’s on your list of tailgating essentials?

  • Brand New Perrycraft Bed Rails

    Bed rails are a great addition to any pickup truck. They serve a variety of uses: protecting truck bed tops, securing cargo with ratchets or tie downs, even giving you a place to grip when you are climbing into your truck bed. Even if you never need them for a practical purpose, which I highly doubt, they also look really cool. Bed rails are available in a variety of styles, and is now carrying all the new Perrycraft bed rails!

    The Aventura Aluminum Truck Rails are very sleek, with styling that complements modern pickups. Each rail is constructed of T6 tempered aluminum, and each support s injection molded from glass-filled nylon. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included and installation is quick and easy. These rails are available with a black or silver powdercoat finish and can be cut down for a custom length if needed. For a complete look, be sure to add Aventura roof racks or rails and Mont-Blanc gripper bars.

    Dynasport Truck Side Bed Rails have a low-profile design for a more inconspicuous bed rail. They have self sealing stainless screws and pre-drilled components for a quicker and easier installation. They also include snap-in trim caps (to hide the mounting screws) and concealed rail ends for a cleaner appearance. Like the Aventura, the Dynasport also has matching Dynasport roof rack and rails and can increase carrying capacity with Mont-Blanc gripper bars.

    Mini Bullet Truck Tube Rails are smaller and sleeker with a contemporary design. They are low-profile, with 2.5-inch tall supports and rail diameter of 7/8-inches. That may seem small, but the mirror-polished stainless steel tubing is definitely sturdy! Each tube rail tapers at the ends to a “bullet”, which looks cool but prevents custom cutting, so be sure to order the right length of rail for your truck!

    Universal Truck Mini Tube Rails are similar to the Min Bullets. They also have low-profile design and 7/8-inch diameter rails. However, their ends are covered, so they can be custom fit! The Express and Impact models are available in 68-inch and 88-inch lengths. Torpedo models use heavy-duty stanchions, have stake pocket mounting, and are available in 68 and 96-inch lengths.

    LPS Slotted Truck Bed Rails have a distinctive, yet low-profile design. Each rail is a single piece of anodized, tempered aluminum with a bright finish. Multiple slots line the length of the rail to use as anchor points for cargo securing. Each set of rails include stainless steel fasteners and can be drill-mounted or stake pocket mounted, depending on the design of your truck.


  • Weekend Specials: Small Accessories Make a Big Difference

    This weekend (starting today 7/15 and running through Sunday 7/17) get special discounts on select accessories at We have great specials on big accessories, like toolboxes and nerf bars, but don’t forget about the smaller accessories, which can sometimes be just as useful!

    CoverKing Triguard Car Covers can keep your car, truck, or SUV protected from dust, sunlight, and light rain storms. The triguard’s triple layers (meltblown polypropylene and spunbond polypropylene) offer UV protection, while maintaining breathability. The covers are easy to put on and take off, and are easily folded and stored when not in use.

    Pilot’s Phantom LED Strips offer higher visibility for your car or truck. You can use them both indoors and outdoors to fill in the gaps around headlights and taillights, between grilles, and on dashboards. Their flexibility allows them to bend around curves and twist into circles, so you can customize your lights however you want! The LEDs shine brightly and last much longer than standard bulbs. These light strips are also very easy to install – just peel and stick.

    The Loading Zone Truck Bed Cargo Gate helps secure loose cargo in truck beds and SUV cargo areas. Each gate is designed to fit specific truck and SUV models, instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, so you get a better fit. The gate is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel that will not corrode even when exposed to the elements in a truck bed. Its center gridding holds the cargo at multiple points to hold items more securely while also minimizing the pressure at each point, lessening the risk of damage to your cargo. It is easy to use, with a locking handle that holds the gate in place, and unique side brackets that allow better positioning. No assembly or mounting hardware is required

    For more information on this weekend’s special deals and other sales and events, keep checking this blog, sign up for our Email List, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Myspace page.


  • 10-4 Good Buddy

    Due to my line of work I am often asked “what do you love about tractor trailers and the truckers that drive them?”  What is not to love about “10-4 good buddy?”  Remember as a kid, being in competition with a group of friends to see how many truckers would blow their air horns if you pretended to blow your imaginary one?
    If there is any doubt about the lovability factor of truckers and their vehicles, you simply can take a look at how they have been portrayed over the years in movies and television.  Smokey and the Bandit followed the escapades of a truck driver and his friend transporting a load of beer across state lines.  But without question, my love and loyalty with always be with none other than – B.J. and the Bear.  How could you not love a show that has a chimpanzee and a truck in it???
    Currently one of my favorite T.V. shows is Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel.  I love watching these guys risk it all and battle the elements at they drive across frozen lakes in the winter throughout the Northwest Territories in Canada.
    I am not a trucker nor do I pretend to be one on T.V.  However, I will tell you where you can probably find a few. On July 28th – July 31st, Quebec is hosting the world’s famous Le Rodeo Du Camion-Truck Rodeo.  This event which has been taking place for the last 30 years draws people from all over the world.  You see, tractor trailer driving sees no international boundaries.  Every country has truck drivers and Quebec honors their skills and the sheer power of their machinery at this event.  Truck pull competitions start on Saturday and are judged by engine classification for bobtail and loaded beds.  There is also a Show and Shine competition which include categories such as Trucks for Show only, Specific Transport, Antique Truck and Highway Tractor, just to name a few.  During these four days you will see parades, flea markets, fireworks, and truck shows that will even entertain the little ones.
    If you don’t make it there, Click Here to see these awesome machines in action.  It is really quite fascinating to see these monster machines, show off their power and the men and women who have mastered the skill of operating them.  There really is such a connection between these people and their machinery.  I bet after watching even a small portion of this contest you will have a new found respect for these vehicles and their drivers.  I know I did.

  • LEDs Make Perfect Emergency Lights

    Are you an EMT, maybe a tow truck driver, or a cop, do other drivers see you coming, LED's make perfect emergency lights. When you are speeding towards the scene of an emergency, it’s more important than ever that your lights are shining bright and unobstructed. That is why LEDs are such a great choice for emergency lights. They don’t dim and burn out like halogen lights, and are very long lasting, so you will not need to change them out often. They also have a bright and clear light that cuts through fog, rain, and snow. All these great features explain why new LED emergency lights are continually being released from all the top auto and truck manufacturers.

    The Optilux LED Warning Light Bar contains 8 high-intensity LED lightheads. It has a polycarbonate, UV stabilized dome with a sturdy black ABS base. The LEDs flash in 10 different patterns, including a steady on and a rotating function. These bars are available in 2 colors – white and amber – and with two mounting options. Fixed mount light bars have rubber mounting pads and a cable for hard wiring. Magnetic light bars include 4 floating magnets and a cigarette lighter plug with integrated on/off switches and pattern changer. They all have a 3-year warranty.

    Hella’s Mini LED Lighthead models feature 3 (MS3) or 6 (MS6) colored LEDs with a clear lens. Amber, blue, red, and white LEDs are available in both the MS3 and the MS6. The MS6 also has dual colored lights available – amber & white, red & white, and red & blue. These lightheads flash in 18 different flash patterns (including a steady on option), and can be synchronized across multiple units for an integrated look. Each light unit is very small (1-inch high and less than 1-inch deep) so they are able to be mounted in a variety of locations. Each of these mini light models has a 5-year warranty.

    Hella LED Beacons include the KLED360 Series, which are all heavy-duty beacons that can withstand 200G of shock force 10,000 times. They have a glass filled nylon base for durability and corrosion resistance and aluminum mounting towers for improved heat dissipation. KLED360 beacons have vehicle battery monitoring and 16 flash patterns. KLED360E beacons have double flash patterns and are fully encapsulated to protect from vibration and bad weather. KLED360BP beacons have a 35 hour battery pack with rechargeable batteries, a smart charger, and 16 flash patterns.



  • All Weather Cargo Mats by Highland

    Summer is here. Time to take the kids and the dog to the lake and get really dirty playing in the sun. The only problem is, how to transport those messy canines in your brand new truck. The solution is all weather cargo mats from Highland. They are available in a variety of colors, one size fits all and they even have raised lips to keep any spills off your factory carpets.

    cargo mat

  • Celebrate 4th of July with Truck Accessories!

    Show you care about your country by buying USA made accessories.If you want to celebrate the USA, you can fly your flag, wear patriotic garb, and throw festive parties. You can also support US industries by buying American-made truck accessories. At BuyAutoTruckAccessories we sell plenty of top-quality American made products that support manufacturing in the good old US of A. The following products are all proudly made in the USA.

    STK Pickup Truck Headache Racks have a flexible design which allows cargo and ladders to be safely secured, while also providing for easy mounting of toolboxes and lights. Its frame is constructed of tough 2x2-inch thick steel tubing and it has the heaviest wire mesh (3/16-inch diameter rolled steel) of all cab guards on the market. The mesh screening is robotically welded at each intersection as well as into the frame for the sturdiest possible construction. The nine step powdercoat process ensures superior durability, and all hardware is zinc-plated for greater protection against corrosion. These racks can be installed on trucks with bedliners, rail caps, and toolboxes, and no drilling is required for most applications.

    TruXedo Original Roll-Up Tonneau Covers have quite a few unique design elements. Instead of failure-prone snaps or adhesives, they use continuous Velcro edging for superior fastening. They also have special side and corner seals that keep water, snow, dirt, and grime out, protecting your truck’s contents. These TruXedos fit with most other bed accessories due to their innovative inside mounting. A quick-open driver’s side latch and automatic tension controller round out this tonneau’s features. This tonneau sits only 1.5-inches above the bed rails, and can improve gas mileage up to 10%. No drilling is required for installation, and a lifetime warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

    Carr’s Trailer Hitch Step is available in 14 eye-catching designs including a red, white, and blue American flag to show your patriotism. The steps are constructed of die-cast aluminum for a rugged and sturdy step. They will fit any 2-inch square receiver opening, and require a standard pin and clip (which are not included). They easily fold down when you need a step and lock back in place when you don’t. They are backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • 4th of July Trivia

    • Which Founding Father signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th?
    • Can you name the three US presidents who died on the 4th of July?
    • Do you know what the “Star Spangled Banner” melody was taken from?

    For answers to all these trivia questions (and more!) Click Here.

    The 4th of July is the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. Barbecues, pool parties, parades, festivals, and, of course, fireworks are all traditional ways to celebrate. But don’t forget what the holiday is really about, American independence, and make sure you are flying your flags, and wearing you red, white, and, blue! If you want to get your vehicle in on the action, check out some of these great patriotic accessories!

    Hammerhead has a Patriotic Sport Plate featuring an eagle, a flag, and the words “Proud to be an American”. The plate is precision crafted for strength and durability and is hand tooled for beautiful detailing. Wolo’s Juke Box Horn plays 34 preprogrammed songs including the patriotic “Stars and Stripes”. This electronic horn has a loud and clear sound and includes a convenient control panel to control which song is playing.


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