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  • Creative Auto Advertising

    Chances are, if you turn on the TV or flip through a magazine, you’ll come across an ad from a famous automaker.  Everywhere you look, a new car or truck is being advertised and it’s tough to stand out from the competition.  Creativity is very important in auto advertising, and is necessary in order to be remembered. Here are just a few brilliant ads that are guaranteed to create a buzz.


    Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial: The Force

    Arguably the best commercial to come out of Super Bowl XLV, this spot features a child dressed as Darth Vader who struggles to use the force, only to successfully find it when he discovers the 2012 Passat in the driveway.  Even though you don’t learn much about the product, the well known Star Wars reference combined with a likeable main character hits home. Instead of focusing on a list of features or benefits, the commercial uses humor and a popular theme to make a lasting impression.

    Watch commercial here.


    Seat: Ibiza QR Code

    This ad uses the new concept of QR (Quick Response) codes. A QR code is a barcode that when scanned by a smartphone will take the user to a specific website or video. It’s a great way to add interaction to an ad. In this case, Seat (a member of Volkswagen group) cleverly illustrates the QR code as a street map. When scanned, the code leads the visitor to the dedicated mobile website of Seat’s respective models.


    MINI Cooper Yo-Yo

    A real size fiberglass Mini was attached to a ramp on the side of a building that would move the car up and down creating a Yo-Yo effect. Not quite sure what the point is, but it’s a fun concept that definitely sticks in your head.



    Honda: The Cog

    This commercial begins with a small cog rolling slowly and setting off a chain reaction. One by one, the bits of rubber, plastic and metal that make up the car collide with each other in a domino effect, in the end to reveal the brand new Honda Accord rolling off a steel seesaw. Everything you see happened in real time exactly as you see it. It took over 600 takes until the commercial was perfected.

    Watch commercial here.

  • Venture Tonneaus are Tough, Easy, Secure

    The New Venture Hard Tonneau Cover is branded as Tough, Easy, Secure.

    Tough - The Venture is made with a honeycomb material sandwiched between two sheet of ABS, which is the design for most OEM tonneuas. The ABS gives the tonneau its form and the honeycomb layer, its strength. When combined, you have an ultra durable cover, which is altogether lighter than a typical fiberglass cover. This lightness makes installation easier and provides better gas mileage.

    Easy - This tonneau is easy to install and only takes about 20 minutes with 2 people. The tonneau is easy to open with the aid of lift assist pistons, and a nylon strap helps pull the tonneau closed. Removing the tonneau is also easy, because of the quick release V-Hinge system. Unclip the pistons and move to the underside of the cover (they clip in place), then continue to lift until the tonneau disengages from the bracket, and it's off! It can be done in under a minute. Re-attaching the tonneau to the brackets is also a breeze, simply place the tonneau on the bed, line up the seal, and push forward. That's it!

    Secure - The Venture's unique and innovative latching system features a latch on each side of the tonneau that can be locked for safety. They are larger than other tonneaus’ latches, allowing for an easier grip. They also have a plastic cover and are semi-recessed to keep ice or snow from lodging inside.

    What more could you as for in a tonneau? How about great looks - the textured top has a slightly raised middle for a more interesting design. It also has a smooth underside, which allows for even more storage space. It definitely surpasses other Hard Tonneau Cover designs. And now, this weekend only you can save an extra $15 off your Venture Tonneaus. Just enter the promo code PROMO225 and you save $15 off orders of $225 or more (valid today 6/24 through Sunday, 6/26).


  • Top Tailgate Protection

    Top Tailgate Protection. When many people think about truck bed protection, they think only of the bed itself, not realizing that tailgate protection is a key component in keeping a truck looking new. Tailgates take a lot of wear and tear. Your tailgate gets smacked by unsecured cargo during fast accelerations and is almost always your first and last step into and out of the truck bed. When carrying long cargo, it gets folded down and serves as an extension of the truck bed. So it needs to be treated as such.

    We are now stocking three solid tailgate liners that will protect your tailgate's surface from scratches, dings, and other unsightly damage. Each liner fits over the existing tailgate and offers the same high level of protection as plastic drop-in liners. They are made of molded and durable high-density polyethylene, and will absorb more shock than a spray-in liner. They are also designed specifically for each application for a better fit.

    The STK Truck Bed Tailgate Liner matches the popular line-a-bed series of bedliners. Many of the applications include a protective top lip that wraps around the top of the tailgate for increased protection.

    The Duraliner Classic Tailgate Liner also includes the top tailgate protector (usually). It also features deep ridges that aid in protection, provide a better gripping surface, and allow for easier drainage.

    The new Duraliner Truck Tailgate Protectors include all installation hardware for a quick and easy install. Many applications also include a top lip cover and convenient cupholder indentations for tailgating or just grabbing lunch.


  • Weekend Specials for Road Trips

    This weekend’s specials offer plenty of great road tripping gear. If you’re going on a road trip this year, be sure to plan ahead. Here’s an easy 4 step guide to a successful road trip.

    Step 1: Perform all needed maintenance on your vehicle so you aren’t stuck with an overheated engine after only 2 hours of driving.
    Step 2: If you (and your vehicle) are not used to heavy driving, you may want to invest in some top-notch vehicle protectors.
    Step 3: Pack, repack, and double check to make sure you have everything.
    Step 4: Load and leave; get all your cargo stowed (you may want to do this the night before) and hit the road!

    Protect your vehicle on long drives with Pacer Universal Fender Flares and Powerflow Molded Mud Flaps. Long highways are full of loose gravel, stones and other debris that can dent up your vehicle in an instant. Less traveled back roads in the mountains and sandy unpaved beach roads can also damage your vehicle's paint job. The flexy flares install around the wheel wells and protect against mud, dirt, and gravel. They are manufactured from high-quality EPDM synthetic rubber that has a built-in curvature for a wrinkle-free fit. Each flare is pre-punched for easy installation and a complete hardware pack is included. The mud flaps have an OE look and fit the contours of the most popular modern vehicles. They protect against all kinds of road grime and stay flexible in extreme temperatures. They are very quick and easy to install, so you'll be on the road in no time!

    Need more space for all that extra cargo? Check out the Lund Rooftop Cargo Rack. It's available in two size, 39 x 44-inches and 39 x 55-inches, and it fits most SUVs and Minivans with factory or aftermarket roof racks. Each rack is made of steel with a black powdercoat finish for a sturdy and rust-resistant product. If you're traveling in your pickup instead of an SUV or van, you shouldn't have to worry too much about cargo room because you have a nice big truck bed! If you want to make loading and unloading easier (as well as digging through your bags at a rest stop to make sure you didn't forget the sunscreen/phone charger/tickets, etc.) you should invest in Bully Universal Truck Steps! These anodized cast aluminum steps support up to 300 lbs. They stay hidden beneath the truck when not in use, then conveniently flip out and lock when you need a little boost. They can be installed on the driver or passenger side and use heavy-duty integrated mounting brackets for a solid and sturdy stepping surface.

    cargo carrier


    Weekend Specials are good today (6/17) through Sunday (6/19). For information on our other weekend specials, as well as other sales and events, keep checking this blog, sign up for our Email List, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Myspace page.

  • Father’s Day Gift Guide 6-13-11

    If you're looking for the perfect gift for your auto or truck loving dad, look no further than We have the hottest gifts at low, low prices so you can please your dad without breaking your budget. Check out our brand new Fathers Day Gift Guide for a look at some hot new accessories and a few old standbys.

    The practical Extang B-Light Tonneau Lighting System illuminates an entire truck bed with the flip of a switch. The industrious Delta Champion Aluminum Portable Toolbox Chest will let your dad keep all his tools safe and in one place. The whimsical Bully Propeller Hitch Cover spins in the wind and is even available in a light-up version. For all these products and more, head on over to and make this Father's Day his best yet!

    hitch cover


  • Nascar Sprint Cup Camping Tips

    Ok, so you have your tickets for the upcoming 5-hour Energy NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway.  Purchasing the ticket is the easy part.  Making sure your weekend is foolproof, not so easy.   If you are attending the race, you will find a little planning goes a long way to ensure a good time is had by all.  Have you decided to camp at the track?  If so, check out my top 5 suggestions to make your NASCAR Sprint Cup camping weekend a success:
    1.    Do some research about the speedway.  You can check the track’s website to find all kinds of information and maps of the surrounding areas.  Most websites will have a fan section which will include parking, camping and the track's policy on prohibited items and reservations for camping.  Nothing like showing up to the big event and not being able to get a spot.  A great resource for more information is , here you will find news, track info and a whole lot more.

    2.    The best way to camp at a NASCAR event is ultimately with a RV.  Having your own bathroom in a field of port a johns, can be like a small slice of heaven.  Some campgrounds include electric and water hookups and some do NOT.  Suggestion here would be to come with empty holding tanks and fill up the water tanks.

    3.    You may want to invest in a flag pole or a GPS system.  Imagine a long hot day at the track, the thing you want most is to be able to find your home away from home.  After a few beers this may be a daunting task.  A flag pole can help give you a better sight advantage and make getting back to your RV a little bit easier.  You can also use a GPS and set your waypoint before leaving for the race.

    4.    Be advised to buy all of your food, snacks and drinks before you leave.  Who wants to spend hours driving around looking for a store that may have inflated prices or not have an item that you are looking for.  Pack lots of beer, I usually travel with a small brewery, some tracks are in counties that do not sell alcohol or have restricted times when you can purchase it.  Let’s face it, who wants to go on a beer run after you have started drinking?

    5.    Come early and stay late.  It is much better to hang out with friends than sitting in traffic for hours only to get nowhere.  NASCAR is not just a race, it is an experience.  Fans are like none other, you will always meet some of the most interesting people.  So sit back, start your engines and enjoy the ride!!!


  • New Towing Accessories for Boat Trailers and More! is now carrying the latest Curt towing accessories like Curt Towing Couplers. These couplers are available in multiple styles. Posi-Lock couplers are made of heavy-gauge steel, have lockable latches, and hold a gross load of 2,000 to 5,000 lbs. (depending on the model). A-Frame couplers are also made from heavy-gauge steel and are a-frame jack accessible. They have a gross load support from 5,000 to 12,500 lbs. (depending on the model). Adjustable couplers have a durable black powdercoat finish, an adjustable sleeve lock, and carry 7,000 to 15,000 lbs. (depending on the model).

    Curt Trailer Jacks are also now available in many designs and weight capacities. Marine jacks are specially made to be used with marine trailers. They have a zinc finish, come complete with bolt-on hardware and have a weight capacity of up to 1,500 lbs. A-frame jacks are made for a-frame trailers and can be welded or bolted on. They are available in both side-wind and top-wind designs. Swivel jacks are ultra convenient because they swivel away during travel, and thus do not need to be removed. They are available with weldable mounting pipes or mounting brackets, depending on the model. Lastly, the  heavy-duty square jacks are the toughest and strongest of all the jacks, with one model able to support  up to 10,000 lbs. They all weld on directly and include a pull pin.

    Where are the best places to go boating? Here’s a list of ten of the Best Boating Lakes and locales. Some of the usual places are on the list, like Tampa Bay and San Diego, but did you know that Benton County, Arkansas and Knoxville, Tennessee are also on the list? If you plan on traveling to one of these great sites, you need a dependable trailer and solid reliable trailer accessories.


  • Weekend Specials: Romik Blowout!

    This weekend we are having a Blowout Sale on all Romik Truck Accessories! Romik is well known for making high quality bull bars and nerf bars, including the exclusive Running Board Style Side Steps, which combine all the great features of both nerf bars and running boards. This closeout sale offers deep discounts, so if you’re in the market for side bars or bull bars, you should get them while you can!

    Due to the nature of this sale, there is limited product availability, but if you have your heart set on some new nerf bars, we’re running a great deal on ICI 3 Inch Round Nerf Bars too! They are crafted from 16-gauge, aircraft grade, hand polished stainless steel or durable, black powdercoated carbon steel. They have custom molded step pads pressed into the bars for a slip-resistant stepping surface. Most applications use custom brackets that require no drilling and are easy to install.

    Weekend Specials are good today (6/3) through Sunday (6/5). For information on our other weekend specials, as well as other sales and events, keep checking this blog, sign up for our Email List, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Myspace page.


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