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  • Weekday Special: Save $15 off $200 Purchase

    This week’s special is a big one: Save $15.00 off purchases of $200.00 or more! This promotion starts today, May 31st and runs through Thursday, June 2nd, and does not include taxes or shipping. So, now would be the perfect time to invest in one of Delta’s brand new Champion Gear-Lock Toolboxes. These boxes have a revolutionary locking system called the Gear-Lock, which is a ratchet that tightly holds the multiple latches in place for maximum security. The Gear-Lock withstands up to 500 lbs. of prying force without breaking. In addition, these new boxes also have 3-layer rigid structural lids to add extra strength and structural integrity. Aluminum lids can become bent when repeatedly slammed shut, but with the foam insulation layer, lids are much stronger and resist bending. The lid also includes a reverse bevel inner lid liner as well as full perimeter weather stripping. Other notable features include self rising lids with heavy-duty gas spring lifts, leak-proof stainless steel paddle handles, and wide top flanges for better cargo protection. A removable storage tray and small parts storage bins are also included for easier access and organization. These new Delta toolboxes are available in Single-Lid and Dual-Lid Crossover Boxes, Innerside Tool Boxes, and Full-Size Toolbox Chests.


  • Learn More About Memorial Day

    This Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day, the day we honor and remember the men and women who gave their lives for our country. Click here to learn more about Memorial Day customs and traditions.

    If you want your vehicle to show your support for those in the armed service you can always get one of those ribbon magnets, or for a more permanent declaration and decoration check out these Armed Forces Bug Shields. They are made of sturdy polycarbonate and are available in 5 different designs: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Support our Troops.

    Memorial Day is also when The Indianapolis 500 and the Coca Cola 600 are run, so if you’d like to show off a new accessory featuring your favorite driver, take a look at these Valley Hitch Receiver Covers. They are durable, rust-resistance and manufactured of heavy-duty, chrome-plated, die cast metal.

    hitch cover


  • Weekday Specials: Work Truck or Play Truck?

    I’ve found that you can generally categorize trucks into two categories: Work Trucks and Play Trucks. That’s not to say that you can’t work in your Play Truck, or have fun in your Work Truck, but how many people out there spend time waxing their work truck? Thankfully, has great deals this week on accessories for both kinds of trucks. Deals start today (5/24) and run through Thursday (5/26).

    ICI Nerf Bars will give you an extra boost into your truck by adding an extra 3 inches to your step. They are made of premium grade 3-inch stainless steel tubing with a bright mirror finish for a sleek look and molded plastic step pads for a good grip. They are simple to install, with no drilling required and have a limited lifetime warranty. Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

    STK Pro Rack Cab Guards are proudly made in the USA! Their frames are made of 2-inch thick steel tubing for superior strength. All brackets and rail plates are reinforced with steel and all hardware is zinc-plated for protection against corrosion. The Pro Rack has a unique shape that follows trucks’ contours, avoiding a boring boxy look. Many accessory bracket kits are available for mounting auxiliary lights, antennas, or toolboxes. The Pro Rack uses a nine step powdercoat process for superior durability and can be painted to match factory colors. Verdict: Work Truck (unless you throw particularly raucous parties in your Play Truck’s bed)

    Pacer’s Truck Cab Lights are teardrop shaped for a more modern look. They are made from all plastic, so they are a very economical option. They can be used for front or rear mounting, so they are versatile as well. They use standard bulbs, and are available in amber or red colors. Lights can be purchased individually or as sets of 5, for better savings. Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a truck with rally wheels before, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to start a new trend! CCI makes both rally wheels and Rally Wheel Center Caps. They are made of durable chrome ABS, for both sturdiness and shine. They are sold in 4 piece sets and available in 4 distinct styles including a cool spinner variety. Verdict: Play Truck (although maybe your Work Truck could use a little levity?)

    Hella Map Lights are a particularly useful addition to any vehicle. They use optically patterned lenses for a bright and dazzle-free light. These lights have flexible gooseneck arms (anywhere from 6 –inches to 20-inches long) that allow you to aim the light wherever you need it for the best possible visibility. They all have convenient on/off switched located at the top of the light head so they are easy to operate. There is a cigarette-lighter power model that can be stashed away when not in use, as well as a permanently-mounted, hard-wired Xenon model.   The LED Day Flex is surface mounted and available with red or white LEDs, or get both colors and put on your own amateur light show (Play Truck only). Verdict: Work Truck and Play Truck

    Amer-Rac’s Full Size Van Racks are for work vans, not trucks. They are strong and versatile and have wide clamp-on mounting plates that attach to van rain gutters. They are available in 2 or 3 piece sets, as well as single racks that can be added on as needed. The aluminum versions have a capacity of 400 lbs., and the stronger steel models can hold up to 600 lbs. Amer-Rac truck ladder racks are also available. Verdict: Neither (Oops!)


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  • Gearing Up For Camping Season

    When the temperature rises over 70 degrees, most people start day dreaming about flip flops, ocean waves and ice cream. They head to the beach in hopes of spending all day on the sand and in the surf. They pack up their car trunks or truck beds with beach chairs, umbrellas and sun tan lotion. At the end of their trip, they return sunburned, exhausted and happy. My warm weather fantasy takes a bit of a different turn. Although I also start the camping season by packing up my car or truck, it ends up getting filled with tents, food, flashlights, tarps, bug spray and sleeping bags.  At the end of my trip, I return with bug bites, awkward t shirt tans, and a huge smile. I am a camper.

    Every Memorial Day weekend, around 25 to 30 of us meet at a campsite in western Pennsylvania. Some travel from down the street, others (like me) end up driving 2-3 hours to make the trip. No one ever complains. Tents are set up and campfires lit. And what transpires over the next 48-72 hours ends up taking on a life of its own. There is something about sleeping under the stars with only the sound of crickets to distract you, and waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs on the campfire. And best of all, doing nothing with the people that matter most. (If you have the right company but are searching for the perfect destination, check out this list of America''s best campsites.)

    Since my first camping trip, I have encountered a ton of clever tips and tricks that make the experience as smooth and fun as possible. Each year someone introduces a new gadget or recipe to the mix and I add another item that just cannot be left behind.

    Here is a very basic list of my top ten camping essentials.
    1. Tent. Ranging from tiny pods to huge multi-room tents with front porches, there is plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. Just make sure it will keep the water out if it rains!
    2. Bottled water. When in the woods, water is used for everything. From boiling water for cooking, to cleaning dirty hands and feet to staying hydrated, this is probably the most versatile and important item on the list.
    3. Flashlights. A necessity once the sun goes down.
    4. Bug spray. Spray your tent, spray your friends, spray yourself. Bring extra bottles just in case you run out or your friends forget to bring some.
    5. Food. I have  seen everything from simple burgers and dogs to filet mignon and bananas foster. Whatever your appetite, make sure the cold food stays cold with plenty of ice.
    6. Hand wipes. Your hands will get dirty within the few minutes of your arrival and will stay that way unless you bring some hand sanitizer or wipes.
    7. Sleeping bag. If you are camping in the summer, buy for comfort. If camping in cooler temperatures, buy one that is heavily insulated.
    8. Rain gear. Unless you want to spend the entire trip in your car, be prepared for rain with hooded ponchos and tarps.
    9. Spare batteries. Very handy when your only flashlight batteries die in the middle of the night.
    10. Camera. Try not to bring your most expensive one with you to avoid having it ruined by rain or dropping it. Water proof disposables work best.


  • Weekend Specials on Easy Upgrades

    This weekend (starting today 5/13 and running through Sunday 5/15) get special discounts on select accessories at Among the deals are some easily installable upgrades that will give your vehicle a new touch in time for the new week.

    Bully Universal Truck Steps are an excellent addition to your truck and will definitely come in handy when you need an extra boost to reach any cargo in the truck bed. The steps are made of anodized cast aluminum and support up to 300 lbs. They use heavy-duty integrated mounting brackets with a black powdercoat finish for durability and to protect against rust. The steps can be mounted on either the driver or passenger side (some drilling may be required. For extra convenience, get 2 steps and mount one on each side! The step will flip out and lock in place for a secure stepping surface, and flip back underneath the truck when not in use.

    Powerflow Molded Splash Guards are available in multiple sizes and profiles to fit many cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. They have a curved outer side and a large sweeping bottom, which allows for a much easier alignment. They are made of sturdy material and are guaranteed unbreakable. Their mounting hardware is corrosion-resistant, which is an important feature for an area exposed to so much water, snow, mud, and debris. Each set includes two guards, and of course, multiple sets can be ordered for front, rear, duallys, etc.

    Go Rhino  Chrome Exhaust Tips are all constructed from chromed stainless t-304 steel. This advance material will not discolor or corrode, guaranteed! They are very easy to install, using stainless steel clamps with no welding required. They are available in multiple models and lengths so you can get the right fit and look for your vehicle. All Go Rhino exhaust tips have a lifetime warranty.

    chrome exhaust tips


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  • Truck Enthusiasts - Mind of a Trucker - Vision and Sound

    Truck enthusiasts want to be seen and heard, especially when we are driving our trucks. So what is  the best way to be seen and heard? Bright lights and loud horns: two important areas in the Mind of a Trucker!

    At we have a wide range of Truck Fog Lights from all the top manufacturers like Hella, Optilux, PIAA, and Pilot. They are available in multiple styles, shapes, and sizes, from the 9-inch rectangular Hella Model 220 Fog Lights to under 3-inch circular Optilux Model 1100 Projector Fog Lights. They also can be found with white or yellow beams and white (clear) or blue lenses for a traditional or modern look. Whichever fog light you decide to get, you will be increasing your visibility, making it easier to see obstacles on the road, especially during inclement weather. Of course, more lighting will also make your truck easier for other drivers to see, providing a safer environment and some much needed stimulation to the Vision lobe of a truckers brain.

    If you find yourself needing a little stimulation in the Sound lobe, you may want to think about getting your truck a new air horn. Truck Air Horns push pressurized air through a valve, which often creates a louder sound than regular electric horns. So if you are looking to get your truck (and yourself) noticed, then an air horn is the way to go. They are available in both metal and ABS plastic varieties, with single or multiple horns depending on what sound you want the horn(s) to make, as well as how much room you have in your truck. Many models are sold as kits, with air compressors included, but additional or replacement air tanks and compressors can also be purchased.

  • Weekend Specials: Practical, Flashy, or Both?

    For all you practical folks out there, check out the Navigator Aerodynamic Cargo Carrier. It mounts to the crossbars or side rails of your vehicles roof and can hold all your extras, leaving more room inside your car, truck, SUV, or van. These carriers are available in 13, 15, & 18 cubic ft. models and conveniently fold flat for easy storage. They are water resistant to protect your belongings from inclement weather.

    cargo bag


    If you are more interested in a flashy accessory that draws more attention to your car, take a look at the super blowout sale we are having on the MVS Super Style Car Wing. This universal wing is 52-inches from tip-to-tip, 46-inches from post-to-post, and 45-inches from hole-to-hole. It is 10.75-inches high, a substantial height,and can be painted to match the factory color of your vehicle for a seamless look!


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  • Body Restyling takes on a New Meaning

    After the insane weather and harsh winter weather of the northeast, I think it is safe to say the coming of summer is highly anticipated.  Living in New Jersey we have had our share of snow this winter and rain this spring, I can only imagine that everyone in this area is itching to get outside and enjoy all of what this area has to offer.  As the weather starts to warm up,  some of the things I am looking forward to are street fairs, enjoying the Jersey Shore and summer concerts.

    I actually had the opportunity to attend the NY Auto Show at the Javits Center this weekend.  The Auto Show has always been an event that helps kick off the season, checking out the concept cars and some of the hottest trucks and cars all in one place definitely get the juices flowing and excited for putting the top down and hitting the highway.  As I reached the Mini Cooper booth, I was reminded of the upcoming concert season as Mini Cooper and the rock band Kiss have teamed up to support UNICEF and help the children of Japan.  MINI has 4 officially authorized, custom painted, KISS inspired and autographed MINI Countryman cars that will go on E-Bay auction starting on May 29th and running through June 7th 2011.  Mini Motoring Graphics also have made each design available in tear resistant vinyl wraps that can easily be applied to any make or model year MINI and donating part of the proceeds to this worthwhile charity.

    For those of you who are not quite ready to add a face to your ride, why not upgrade it with some chrome door handles, a chrome gas tank cover and some chrome wheel skins. It is an inexpensive project which takes less than 30 minutes to complete and can dramatically enhance the look of your vehicle. With a fresh new look, heads will be turning as you roll to the next venue!

    Where will you be this summer?

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