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  • Weekend Specials Fit for any Vehicle

    This weekend (starting today 4/29 and running through Sunday 5/1) get special discounts on select accessories at No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you will find a great deal on a new accessory suitable for you!

    If you''re a truck owner, check out Amp Research's Truck Bed Extender. It allows you to travel safely with your tailgate fully extended, without having to worry about cargo falling or rolling off the bed. With its solid T6 aluminum tubing and rugged glass-reinforced nylon composite uprights, the bed extender''s design is sturdy enough to keep cargo in, yet lightweight for easier installation and use. Extenders are available with black or silver powedercoat finish and have a 3-Year/36,000 mile warranty.

    If you own a work truck, check out our great deal on Phoenix Quickliner Wheel Simulators. They are all constructed of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish to give your truck some extra shine. They are very easy to install, requiring no lugnut removal, and snap on securely so you do not need to worry once they are installed. They are available in both front and rear designs for multiple work truck models, so take a look and see if they are available for your year, make,and model.

    For all you sports car enthusiasts,have you taken a look at the Derale Dyno Cool Electric Fans? They are powerful, long-lasting, electric fans that help cool down your performance vehicle. They are all fully reversible, allowing you to use them as pusher or puller fans with equal air flow. They are available with three different blade designs and as separate parts or kits. Curved blade fans are designed for efficiency and quieter operation. Straight blade models have an ultra-low profile design. Electra-Flex fans have efficient flexible fan blades and a high-torque, 160 watt motor for high-tech cooling. All designs are available in multiple sizes, from as small as 7-inches all the way up to 18-inches!

    If your vehicle doesn''t fit in to any of the above categories, no worries, we still have a great deal just for you. U-Cut Chrome Rocker Panels can be applied to any sort of vehicle: vans, SUVs, trucks, cars, trailers, even motor homes! Each U-Cut kit includes five 54-inch long strips of ABS paneling with bright chrome finish and three pieces of clear styrene pattern material. The paneling pieces are scratch resistant and coated to protect against UV damage and fading. No drilling is required to install, simply peel & stick. Kits are available in 5, 6, 7, & 8-inch widths and multiple kits can be purchased to cover larger areas.

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  • Celebrate Jeep's 70th Anniversary!

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first jeep. If you're a proud Jeep owner you may want to use this as an excuse to try out some new specialized Jeep Accessories!

    Go Rhino! manufactures specialized Jeep Bumpers for both the front and rear of your vehicle. They are robotically welded for a stronger construction and more precise fit. They are also easy to install, and use a bracket mounting system so no drilling is required. Each front bumper features two 3-inch tubular bars and a tubular grille bar. Each rear bumper includes two 3-inch solid tubular bars, a 10-inch slip-resistant step pad, and light tabs for optional auxiliary lights. These bumpers are available in a highly polished 304 stainless steel or an industrial strength black powdercoat finish. Matching Jeep side bars (in both polished stainless and black powdercoat) are also available for easier step-up entry and a complete an all-around look.

    Kargo Master's Jeep Roof Rack Systems help you get the most out of your Jeep! Each system includes a congo cage, a safari rack, and mounting brackets to attach the safari rack to the congo cage. All components are available individually, but if you need them all, save a little money by buying them as a package. The congo cage mounts to the outside of your Jeep without any drilling required. It has specialized hinged rear brackets that let you install and remove hard or soft tops without having to remove the safari rack or other cargo! Each congo cage has indented top rails to reduce height and make cargo loading easier. The safari rack has 1-inch diameter steel tube side rails and 1-inch square aluminum floor stiles for a sturdy construction The cargo area is 4.5 inches deep, providing a solid base to store your gear and cargo, and with a 500 lb. capacity, that's a lot of cargo to store! Safari racks are available in various sizes, so you can select the right size for your needs. Mounting brackets to attach the safari rack to the congo cage are included in each package. Additional accessory mounts are also available.


  • Top Deals on Tax Day

    Let today not be Tax day but find a good deal day. As I'm sure you already know, today is Tax Day so you must file your federal income taxes by the end of the day (unless you have an exemption!). If you're one of those unlucky folks who owe money, you could probably use a little pick me up right about now. To cheer myself up, I always like to buy a little something for my pride and joy: my truck! Of course, after sending in my income taxes, I don't have too much left to spend, but that's okay. At they have great accessories for under $30, a real Tax Day Deal.

    This Lund Hitch Step attaches to any 2-inch receiver hitch with no drilling required. It is constructed of die-cast aluminum for a long life and has a slip-resistant stepping surface for a good grip. It conveniently folds out when you need it, and back up when you don't. It's practical, useful, easy-to-use, and best of all, a good deal.

    These Pacer Tailgate Light Kits will provide extra visibility for following vehicles, increasing your safety. They have a distinct styling that is OEM on Dually tailgates, but will really look good on any truck. They mount with concealed screws and a neoprene gasket that prevents scratching. A wire harness and all mounting hardware are included. Light are available in sets of five or individually in red, blue, amber, and white.

    Pilot's Chevy Bow Tie Exhaust Tips are custom made for all you Chevy owners out there. They are fairly easy to install with clamping and welding and are available in 2 sizes to fit 2 1/8-inch and 3.25-inch exhaust pipes. They are 7 and 9-inches long, respectively and taper off to form the iconic Chevy bow tie logo. They are chrome and black nickel-plated for an edgier look, while still having a nice shine.


  • New Access Tonneaus for Quick Access!

    Access Truck Bed Covers are now being sold at! These high-quality, roll-up tonneaus are manufactured from reinforced polyester mesh that is coated with UV protected vinyl. They use Velcro hook and loops to create a tight seal and include specialized straps to hold the tonneau secure when rolled up. Access tonneaus are available in seven different designs, and each is briefly described below.

    Literider Tonneaus are roll-up tonneaus with quick clip storage straps to keep the cover securely rolled behind the cab. They also have a reinforced vinyl seal at the front and rear of the cover, as well as 6 tight bite clamps that create a superior grip. An easy release latch system helps the cover roll, and EZ-Dial controls the tensions without the use of tools. The tonneaus can be locked into place with the patented AutoLatch slide lock for maximum protection.

    Access's Original Roll Top Tonneau Covers automatically lock when the cover is closed and release with the pull of a cord. They have a high-strength seal against outside moisture and debris. They also have 6 to 8 easy-to-install Tight Bite clamps, the XT Dial tension adjuster, the AutoLatch locking system, and premium storage straps to secured rolled tonneaus.

    Toolbox Tonneau Covers are designed to fit behind most 20-inch to 21-inch over-the-rail toolboxes. The covers operate independently from the toolbox and will not interfere with its operation when loading or unloading items. Special features include 6 to 8 tight bite clamps for installation, the XT Dial easy grip tension adjuster, and the AutoLatch system that automatically locks when closed.

    Limited Tonneaus include the TrailSeal, which runs along the entire tonneau at the tailgate end. It seals the entire length of the tailgate, preventing dust, dirt, rain, or snow from entering. This tonneau includes 6 to 8 installation clamps, the patented AutoLatch II dual locking system, the XT-Dial adjustable tension system, and cargo tie-down rings for securing loads.

    TonnoSport Covers are extremely low-profile, rising only .5-inch above the truck box, for a smooth, streamlined look. They have a trigger latch release that can be operated with one finger, and two patented slide locks are included for additional locked protection. Easy-to-install clamps and a bolt-in tension control system are also included.

    Low Profile Vanish Tonneau Cover is so low profile that it seems to "vanish" when you look across your truck bed! These tonneaus sit a mere .5-inch above the truck bed top when unrolled (when rolled up, the tonneau is higher, and held with flexible, elastic storage straps). They also include high-quality components like a trigger latch opener, patented slide locks, EZ-Dial tension adjuster, tight gripping clamps, and a reliable sealing system.

    Lorado Tonneaus are low profile (though a little higher than Vanish and TonnoSports) at 1-inch above the truck bed. The tonneau locks tight with an automatic AutoLatch, with along with a tailgate lock creates the ultimate protection for your cargo. It also has perfect tension control for a longer-lasting tonneau and a tight seal running the length of the bed to keep water, snow, dirt, and debris outside your truck bed. Super-tough premium nylon straps are included to securely hold the tonneau while rolled up.


  • Car Care Tips: Car Covers

    Another way to take care of your car is to keep it covered up with  Car Covers. Whether it's rainy or sunny, a cover provides extra protection from the weather, and the thicker the cover, the more protection your vehicle has. Even if you keep your car or truck indoors, covers can still be useful for keeping dust and moisture out. Coverking makes three kinds of car covers: Coverguard, Triguard, and Coverbond 4, which have 1, 3, and 4 layers respectively. The Coverguard is soft and lightweight, while the Coverbond is thick enough to prevent minor nicks and dings, with the Triguard as a happy medium. Don't forget to take a look at the great Coverking accessories available to make car covers easier to use and store!

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  • Weekend Sale on Lund Tonneau Covers!

    This weekend only, BuyAutoTruckAccessories has a special deal on all Lund Tonenaus!

    There are many reasons to install a tonneau cover on your truck. They keep your cargo in and precipitation out, while adding a stylish look. Did you know that they can also save you money? Tonneau covers reduce tailgate drag which translates to more miles-per-gallon, and fewer dollars spent on gas. Some tonneau models can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 8%, especially in highway driving!

    Lund Tonneaus are available in five great designs. Hinged Tonneaus are easy to prop open for extended access. Snap Soft Tonneaus fasten up both sides with secure snapping closures. Seal & Peel Tonneaus eschew snaps completely with a unique, quick, and easy-to close system. Roll Up Tonneaus roll all the way up to the cab, offering versatility. Finally, Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers fold in thirds and use quick-release clamps for appropriate tension.


  • Car Care Tips: Wheel Covers

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  • Happy April Fools Day

    Today is April Fools'' Day. Have any of you pulled any good pranks yet? Automakers have pulled their fair share of April Fools' jokes in the past.

    For example, do any of you remember last year's Subaru prank where they promoted upcoming free clinics to teach dogs how to drive? It spawned a series of commercials of dogs "driving" around in their Subarus and generated great feedback for the company. Of course they included a disclaimer, because as we all know, traveling dogs should be strapped in to rear seats or housed in dog boxes for safety. Owens manufactures dog boxes that will keep your pet safe and comfortable. The Owens Hunter line includes optional storage for any extras you may need while hunting. The K9 Transport line has multiple sizes or entry points so you can find the perfect fit for your dog and vehicle. There is also a do-it-yourself kit where you supply your own plywood and 2x2s to make your own dog box!

    There are also some instances where auto manufacturers probably wish they had been joking. In 1999, Plymouth engineers designed a hot rod car that yielded a lukewarm reception. The Plymouth Prowler only sold 8,100 vehicles in its entire run. If you are one of those lucky 8,100 Prowler owners, has some accessories to fit your car, like Highland's All-Weather Floor Mats. These mats are made from durable rubber so they are unaffected by gas, oil, and mud. They are pliable so they will not crack or stiffen in extreme temperatures. They use anti-skid spikes to prevent slipping and are available in black, grey, and tan.

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  • Car Care Tip: Floor Mats

    While keeping your engine running smoothly is the most important step in maintaining your vehicle, don't forget to give a little TLC to the interior of your vehicle too. It's true that freshly vacuumed seats and floors won't get you anywhere (literally!) if your car or truck doesn't run. However, having a clean interior environment is definitely good for your state of mind and a well kept, stain-free inside also contributes to a higher resale value. Nifty Catch-All Premium Floor Mats protect the inside of your vehicle from stains and debris. They are custom molded to fit the exact contours of your vehicle's floors for the ultimate protection. They fit snugly and stay in place with a unique, patented protected snap system. These mats have plush OE nylon carpeting that provides a heavy-duty barrier from dirt, mud, snow, water, food, and liquid spills. They also have a raised lip to contain messes and prevent spillovers that are common with other products. The mats are stain resistant and easy to clean. They are available in black, grey, and tan. Center hump and cargo area mats are also available.

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