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  • April is National Car Care Month!

    A vehicle is a big investment, and if you want to keep your investment in top shape, you need to take care of it! One of the easiest ways to take care of your car or truck is to service your vehicle according to schedule. Change oil and air filters when recommended to keep your engine running smoothly. Have your tires rotated and wheels aligned for slow and even wearing. It's also important to service your vehicle when its warning light is activated. I know it can be annoying when that little light come on, but it's really better to be safe than sorry!

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  • March into Green Madness

    2011-03-28 14:33:55
  • March into Green: Mission Go Green

    2011-03-21 11:16:16
  • March into Green: First Day of Spring

    Will an egg really stand on its end on the first day of spring? Check out some more fun trivia by clicking here.

    Speaking of spring, have you heard of SuperSprings, the manufacturer of self-adjusting suspension products? Their Suspension stabilizers prevent sag and reduce sway by up to 30%. Their SuperSway Stops use micro cellular poly-urethane foam, which retains memory, to absorb road shock impact and limit rebound. Their SumoSprings are high-quality and heavy-duty, specifically designed for the tough truck underbody environment. Finally, their SuperCoils have a linear constant spring rate that levels up front-end sag.

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  • March into Green: St Patrick's Day

    Did you know that blue used to be the color associated with St Patrick's Day? Check out some more interesting trivia by clicking here.

    Go green with green under car lights manufactured by Pacer! The 20-805 lights include 4 LED light bars that scroll through 7 different colors (including green!) and have 9 different sequential modes including music pulse, strobe, pulse scatter and more. The lights operate with a master control panel from inside the vehicle or a remote switch when outside the vehicle. A cigarette lighter socket is all that is required for electrical hook-up!

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  • Get Ready to March into Green!

    2011-03-15 20:42:44
  • TruXedo Truck Bed Accessories

    After the last blog about all the benefits of the new TruXedos, I'm sure everyone out there ordered themselves a brand new tonneau! Now it's time to learn about the great new tonneau accessories also available from TruXedo.

    The Tonneaumate Toolbox is a sturdy toolbox with an aluminum frame and composite design that will support up to 200 lbs. of tools. It mounts to the bed sides so the entire truck bed floor is still useable, and it stays under the tonneau (when rolled down) for extra protection. Its adjustable mounting allows for front, middle, or rear placement, adapting based on where you need extra bed room. This toolbox works great with the TruXedo Deuce, Lo Pro QT and many other tonneau covers. It fits most full size beds, though a clamp kit may be required (sold separately). Each box has an easy, no-drill installation and has a 2-year warranty.

    B-Light Truck Bed Cargo Lights have 8 lights with 6 high-intensity LEDs per light. The lights are mounted under the bed's rails for extra protection and illuminate the entire bed with a single switch. The switch is mounted in the truck cab for easy and safe access. These truck bed lights work with all TruXedo tonneaus and have a universal fit. They are easy to install and come with a 1-year warranty.

    TruXedo TruxSeal is a Truck Tailgate Seal that creates a tight seal between the tailgate and the truck bed. This seal keeps moisture and dust out to further protect any cargo you're carrying. The seal is very easy to install and uses 3M acrylic foam tape for a tight grip. It has a universal fit, and is available in single use length, as well as a 200 ft. spool for many uses.

    Stake pocket covers snap into a truck's stake pockets to keep dust, debris, and moisture out when they're not in use. They have a smooth sleek look and are very easy to install. Stake pocket coves are made for specific vehicles for a perfect fit.

    Cargo anchors from the TonneauTraX system are available separately in sets of 2. They can replace lost and broken anchors, so it's a good idea to have a spare set just in case!


  • TruXedo Tonneau Covers is now carrying TruXedo Tonneaus! TruXedo is a leading manufacturer of tonneau covers and tonneau accessories. They have six lines available with hundreds of make and model specific applications available. All TruXedos are made with an industrial strength leather-grain fabric that withstands extreme temperatures without cracking or warping. They require no drilling to install and are backed by a 5-year or limited lifetime warranty (depending on the line). TruXedos are proudly made in the USA!

    The Original TruXedo is a roll-up tonneau with a single latch system. It uses a superior fastening system with Velcro instead of failure-prone snaps or adhesives. It also has an automatic tension control system, special side and corner seals to keep the elements out, and inside mounting for better compatibility with other truck bed accessories

    The TruXedo Deuce is a roll-up AND a hinged tonneau all in one! This tonneau rolls up from the back to access cargo in the bed's rear or to keep the bed open. It also has a hinged front panel for quick and easy access to the front of the truck bed. The tonneau sits .75-inches above the bed rails, has a unique inside mounting system, and uses automatic tension control to keep the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures.

    The Edge is a roll-up tonneau with a new, cutting-edge design with inside mounts and an aerodynamic arched back. The Edge has manual tension control, which requires no tools to adjust. It works well with most bed accessories and includes a driver's side latch that is very easy to open and roll back.

    The TruXedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover is the #1 selling tonneau in North America. It is a soft roll-up tonneau with a quick-attach header for easy installation. It has a patented automatic spring tensioner, free-floating hook & loop system, special side and corner seals, and a single latch with one finger trigger. The cover is pre-assembled and its bows roll up within the cover for easy storage. A Harley Davidson Edition Lo Pro QT is also available and features an embossed Harley Davidson logo on the tonneau.

    The TruXport Tonneau is the most economical of the six tonneaus. It is a roll-up tonneau that uses non-arched bows to give a smooth and sleek look when closed. It has adjustable manual tension control that is integrated into the dual side latching system. The tonneau sits 1.5-inches above the bed rails and has a top mounting install.

    TonneauTraX is a Cargo Management Tonneau that includes a soft roll-up tonneau and cargo rails with built-in anchor points. The anchor points adjust to fit cargo of varying sizes and lock into place to secure. The number of anchor points vary based on the length of the truck bed and rails and there is a 1,000 lb. load limit. The tonneau sits only .75-inches above the bed rails, and a single easy opening latch is on the driver's side of the tonneau.


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  • Nerf Bars and Boards Give You A Boost!

    When you have a higher sitting truck, SUV, or van, you may need an extra boost up into your vehicle. If you find that this is the case for you or your family, there are plenty of products available to meet your needs. Running bars, nerf bars, and side bars can all provide this function, and some of our newer models (and their features!) are listed below.

    With SteelCraft's 5-inch Truck Nerf Bars you get one of the widest step areas available. If you are concerned about getting some solid footing, these are definitely the bars for you! Their giant size also adds some gravitas to your vehicle, for a rugged and tough look. Custom brackets provide a perfect fit and custom polyethylene step pads give maximum slip resistance. These bars are made of 304 polished stainless steel, are sold in pairs, and have a no-drill installation.

    STK's Oval Side Bars are 4-inches thick, and so provide a substantial step without the heft of the 5-inch bars. These 4-inchers have customized mounting brackets that are designed to give each vehicle a proper fit. They have custom steps underneath all doors for a slip-free step. They are available in pairs in mirror polished stainless or 5-stage black powdercoat finish.

    Owens's Commercial Running Boards differ from the previous two products because they are actual running boards, not bars. They attach along the entire length of the board, unlike the bars, which leave a gap between bar and vehicle. These running boards may be less obvious than thick nerf bars, but they still provide a boost up and add some ruggedness with their diamond tread pattern. They are manufactured of heavy-duty aluminum with a rugged diamond tread pattern. Boards can be purchase with the optional star burst grip, if you think you may need some extra traction, and stone guards may also be available to limit denting along board ends.


  • More New DC Sports Performance Parts!

    More New DC Sports Performance Parts! DC Sports is a leading manufacturer of performance parts and many of their top selling products are now available at! See below for a quick description of some of these new products. Note: most DC Sports products are legal for use in all 50 states; however you should check local, state and federal regulations before purchasing and using.

    Performance Exhaust Systems are made from T304 stainless steel for a solid and rust-resistant construction. They are individually tuned, dyno tested for performance, robotically welded, and CNC Mandrel bent to achieve the highest quality of exhaust system. They are available in single canister, dual canister, and single canister with dual tip designs.

    Air Intake Systems provide heat protection and improved breathability for higher efficiency. They improve throttle response and increase horse power without increasing fuel consumption.  Each system includes a performance filter (requires no oil and filter as small as one micron), intake tube (aluminum alloy), silicon hoses, clamps, screws, and washers. Some models also include a CAD designed air box to shield the filter from engine temperatures and the environment. To install,no modifications are necessary,simply bolt-on.

    The Sports Header models outperform all comparable header systems. Their high quality design includes robotic welding, precision CNC bending, and equal length primary piping. Both stainless steel and ceramic coated headers are available in multiple styles. 4 into 1 headers emphasize mid to top end power, 4-2-1 headers emphasize low to mid range power, and 3 into 1 headers give a broad increase in power across the RPM range.

    The Race Header models are for off-road use only. They eliminate catalytic converters for minimum restriction and are tested to outperform all comparable systems. They have a CAD rendered design for an easy installation and are available in stainless steel or ceramic coating.


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