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  • New Work Van Equipment Adds Security

    The previous blog focused on products that help keep your equipment organized, now it's time to focus on security. Work vans often house expensive tools, equipment, and technology so it's important to keep these items safe and secure. Having the proper storage units will definitely help, as they can keep cargo from becoming damaged in transit. Storage drawers and lockers can also help, by both keeping cargo in a confined space as well as shielding it from view. Partitions or bulkheads also can keep expensive equipment hidden and restrict access. If a van's front is broken into, the rear will be blocked and inaccessible. To protect side and rear windows, window screens can be used. They are a great deterrent, and will prevent entry even if windows are broken. Any and all of these accessories would make a great security addition to work van.

    Kargo Master Van Interior Equipment includes a cabinet locker, long drawer storage unit, and driver data file. All are made of steel and have a grey powdercoated finish. The cabinet locker has a lockable door, 2 removable shelves, and arrives assembled. Its top is contoured to allow it to sit flush against the van's walls. The long drawer storage unit has 3 52-inch long drawers with a 250 lb. load capacity per drawer. The unit can be installed above the wheel well using the Pivot Pro, which rotates slightly to allow the drawers to clear the van's rear door jams. The driver data file has a hinged top, a clip to gold papers, and built in rails for hanging folders. It is lockable to protect any confidential or sensitive information.

    Kargo Master Van Partitions are made from 16-gauge steel with a black matte powdercoat. Each panel is hemmed with contoured corners and individual wing kits are sold for a perfect fit for different van makes and models. The center panel has a top brace for extra strength and a removable hatch allowing transport of longer cargo. It can be converted with the optional handle and latch kit as well.

    Kargo Master Work Van Screens are manufactured from 7-gauge wire for both the frame and gridding. The wire is powdercoated with a black matte finish to minimize scratching, chipping, and glare. Screens are available to fit Chevy, GMC, and Ford vans for both rear and side (sliding or hinged) door windows.


  • New Work Van Equipment Helps Organization

    If you have a work van, you know how quickly its interior can devolve into chaos. Supplies can become jumbled, tools misplaced, and cargo broken, costing both time and money. What you need is an organization plan with specialized storage areas for everything you need. Kargo Master is ready to help! They manufacture all kinds of storage equipment specifically made for use in work vans. Shelves, racks, drawers, cabinets, and bins can be customized to your van's space requirements to provide an effective and efficient organizational system.

    Their Van Shelving units arrive already assembled, for a quick and easy installation. The shelves and end panels are welded together to eliminate annoying rattling. This welding also provides extra support for the unit, to keep it extra rigid and strong. Each unit has a contoured top, allowing it to fit flush against van walls and take up less space. Shelves are supported by half shear buttons for strength and support, and 2.75-inch shelf lips keep cargo from falling during bumpy commutes or sharp turns. Four sizes of shelf units are available, all with a grey powdercoated finish that resists scratching and chipping.

    Numerous shelving accessories are available to help you customize your shelves and organize your tools, supplies, and cargo. Doors can be added to turn shelving units into cabinets with lockable t-handles for extra security. Steel drawer units can be used to organize and store smaller supplies, and are available with two, three, or four drawers. All shallow drawers include small parts dividers for easier location. Each unit is 20-inches long, allowing two drawer units to be placed side by side on a 42-inch shelf. Shelf dividers divvy up space on shelves and are available in sets of five. Plastic bins are sold individually and provide small parts storage. Utility J-Hooks attach to the outer side of shelving units and can hold cords, tools, or even clothing. Each unit has 3 individual hooks with bent over ends to prevent snagging.

    A Van Refrigerant Tank Tower Rack provides specialized storage for large tanks. Each rack is made from solid 14-gauge steel with a sturdy design. Up to four 30 lb. or three 50 lb. tanks can be stored, depending on the model. Each tank is held securely by integrated cradles and nylon retention straps.


  • Truck Boxes + Tonneau = CBT System

    Two of the most popular truck accessories are truck tool boxes and tonneau covers. Tool boxes give a truck owner somewhere to safely store tools and equipment so they can have them wherever they go. Tonneaus keep you covered, so to speak. They protect truck beds and their contents from inclement weather and debris and provide an extra measure of security by hiding cargo from view. Typically, it can be hard to combine these two desired accessories because tool boxes tend to extend past the side of the truck bed, and tonneaus often cover the entire bed, leaving no room for tool boxes. Now, however, these two accessories have been combined into one integrated system with the Deflecta Shield CBT System!

    CBT Truck Storage Boxes are low profile, side mount boxes designed specifically for your truck's make, model, and bed length. Each box has 2 dual catch rotary latches for extra security, as well as ventilation holes for improved air transfer. Dual gas shocks make for an easy-to-open lid, and a large lid opening makes retrieval of large or oddly shaped tools easier. These boxes can be used individually,in pairs,and of course, as part of the CBT system.

    A CBT Integrated Tonneau Cover is available in either a soft black material or a hard diamond plate. Which is better? That's for you to decide. The hard tonneau has improved security, a weather resistant seal, and a rugged diamond plate finish that blends perfectly with the truck boxes. The soft tonneau has unique corner caps for a low profile fit and an integrated rubber seal that keeps out moisture and debris. These tonneaus are to be used with the complete CBT system exclusively.



  • New GPI DEF Products

    GPI, an industry leader in flow meters and fuel pumps, has begun manufacturing a new line of meters, pumps, and accessories designed specifically for use with diesel exhaust fluid. All these GPI DEF products are proven to perform in tough conditions.

    DEF Fuel Flow Meters have easy to read digital displays with two models to choose from. The nylon digital turbine model has a flow rate of 3-30 GPM with 150 PSIG and 10.3 BAR. It has a 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet and uses 2 AAA batteries. The PBT polyester electronic disc model has a flow rate of 2-20 GPM with 50 PSIG and 3.4 BAR. It also has a 1-inch NPT inlet/outlet, but uses 9V alkaline batteries.

    Each DEF Electric Fuel Transfer Pump delivers up to 12 Gallon per Minute (45 LPM) and is constructed of sturdy plastic. Each model has a 2-inch tank connection and includes an adjustable suction pipe. Pumps are available in 115V AC or 12V DC models. Specialty DEF hoses and nozzles are also available. The nozzles have a .75-inch automatic shutoff and hoses are 12 ft. long and include an NPT fitting.


  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide has compiled a list of great gift ideas for your valentine in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

    For the Sports Lover, there are Hammerhead hitch covers, sports frames, and license plate holders featuring teams from the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NCAA. There are also BedRug Bed Liners, which definitely come in handy when tailgating, as they protect truck beds from spills, as well as provide a more comfortable surface for sitting. If your valentine prefers hitting the slopes, there is a sturdy ski and snowboard rack that conveniently and securely stows 2 snowboards or 4 pairs of skis.

    For the Pet Lover there are useful products that will protect your animal (and your vehicle!) during travel time. Coverking makes Car Seat Covers that prevent pet hair and dander from getting all over the seats of your car or truck. Highland's Universal Pet Barrier installs in the cargo area of your car, van, or SUV to keep your pet out of the seating area while you are driving. Dog boxes keep your pets safe and secure for travel, and are available in many different designs so you can find the perfect fit for you and your pets!

    For the Commuter there are sensible gifts that can save time on a long commute. Pacer LED Map Lights provide a bright light with a long neck that can be bent to shine right where it's needed. Bully Center Consoles are full of compartments, enclosures, and all-important cup holders that will keep driving essentials organized and easy to reach. Torza Weather Busters protect windshields from frost buildup. They attach to the outside of your vehicle, so they provide a layer of ice and snow protection and reduce the amount of brushing and scraping needed after a snowfall.

    If your valentine is one of those people who is very hard to shop for because he or she has EVERYTHING, try one of these practical extras. Phantom LED Light Strips can jazz up the interior or exterior of any vehicle, and are flexible so they can wrap around curves or bend into a circle. Nifty manufactures many types of cargo and floor protection including the Cargo Logic, which protects vehicle cargo areas from dirt and debris and is custom made to specific vehicles for a perfect fit. Finally, storage chests and utility boxes keep tools and supplies convenient and safe. Owens Garrison Series ATV Boxes are designed specifically for ATVs and are available in three sizes and two colors.

    Hope all these gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for your valentine! To stay up-to-date with all of our newest products and sales be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace pages!

  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #10

    How many different languages is the Super Bowl broadcast in?
    Click here for the answer!

    What is the universal language of driving? The horn of course! Though some cultures apply it more liberally than others, everyone knows what a beeping horn means. If you'd like to upgrade your horn to a louder, fuller sound, check out all the new Hella and Wolo Air Horns that are available. They are manufactured from plastic or metal, and some are chrome-plated for extra shine. Most air horns are double or triple tone, but train horns have up to four tones, and some musical horns use up to six. A single toned hand-held horn is also available, and is great for use on boats, campsites, or sporting events (though some arenas, including Cowboy Stadium, prohibit them). Remember that air horns need a compressor to work, so double check that your new horn includes it, otherwise, you may have to purchased it separately.

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #9

    How many pounds of guacamole are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday?
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    How many pounds of food (guacamole or otherwise) are consumed in your vehicle? Between fast food drive thrus, snacks during long commutes, and breakfasts on the go, you probably do a lot more eating in your car or truck than you realize. All that eating can lead to a layer of crumbs and pattern of stains on your vehicle's floor. Avoid this unappetizing sight with vehicle Floor Mats. They are available in both rubber and carpet-like materials and most are custom designed to fit the specific contours of your car, SUV, truck, or van. They have raised edges to keep crumbs and spills contained, and are often water-resistant so liquids won't seep through the mats. They are also easy to clean and can be removed quickly for vacuuming or hosing off. Matching cargo floor mats are also available for SUVs and crossovers!

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #8

    How much does a single Super Bowl ring cost?
    How many rings are given to the winning Super Bowl team?

    Click here for the answers!

    That's a pretty pricey piece of jewelry! If you're looking for more affordable (and practical!) bling, check out all the great CCI Chrome accessories available for your cars and trucks. Some of their accessories just add a touch of shine, like door and tailgate handle covers, gas door covers, or mirror covers. Other accessories are much larger, giving a much bigger impression, like grille inserts, rear door molding, or heavy-duty replacement grilles. Some draw attention to specific parts of your vehicle, including headlight and tail light bezels, pillar posts, window sill trim, and fender trim. Still others are intended to project a high-end look like wheel skins and side vents. No matter how you combine these accessories, you are sure to end up with a classy and sleek looking vehicle, all for less than the cost of a single Super Bowl ring!

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