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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #7

    Texans own what percentage of pickups in the US?
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    If you're a pickup truck owner, though not necessarily from Texas, you know how important it is to keep your truck bed organized. I've found the best way to do this is to invest in a truck tool box. You can keep all your tools organized and in one place, and won't have to worry about loose tools scratching up you truck bed. You can also take your tools with you wherever you go and don't need to worry about theft, since just about all tool boxes are lockable! At, there are over a hundred kinds of Tool Boxes available. There are multiple sizes and designs, including low-profile, single and dual lid, crossover, sidemount, wheel well, and underbed models. Most are made of steel or aluminum with a silver diamond tread pattern, but other materials, colors, and finishes are also sold.

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #6

    Some Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #6. Super Bowl Sunday has more alcohol related accidents than every holiday except...?
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    Unfortunately, accidents happen, and apparently they happen more often on Super Bowl Sunday. Be sure that you are prepared with emergency supplies like a first aid kit, water and non-perishable food, blankets, flashlight, and flares. With a Phoenix Safety Kit, you have the last two items on the list covered. This kit includes four orange batons with LEDs that have both flare and flashlight functions. Bases are also included to hold the batons upright, allowing them to be used as flashing marker cones and placed around your vehicle for extra safety. Each baton requires 2 "D" batteries, so double check your safety kit before heading out, and keep extra batteries on hand as well!

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #5

    During the previous Super Bowl, how many minutes of commercials did the 6 leading car manufacturers purchase?
    How much money did they spend on those commercials?

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    That's a lot of money spent on advertising! When you buy Accessories straight from your car or truck manufacturer, you're paying extra to cover the cost of that expensive advertising. If you want to pay a lower price, stick with, where you get the Lowest Price Guarantee. We carry thousands of products for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, as well as specialty contractor and emergency vehicle accessories all from many top brands like Hella, STK, Delta, Auto VentShade, and Steelcraft.

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl

    Fun Facts about the Super Bowl

    In what year did the first tailgate occur?
    How did "tailgating" get its name?

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    Who knew that tailgating predated the Model-T?! Thankfully, we've evolved since then to much sturdier and larger vehicles. But even with all that extra room, it can still be a struggle to cram everything you need into your car, van, SUV, or truck. What you need are Hitch Baskets to make transport much easier. They give you extra space for all the tailgating necessities like food and drinks, coolers, portable grills, chairs, tents, and bean bags. The rugged steel or polyethylene baskets are extra sturdy, and many have bars or pre-drilled holes for tie-downs that keep cargo secure. Most will attach to standard 2-inch receivers.

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #3

    Do you know how many parking spaces are at Cowboy Stadium, the site of Super Bowl XLV?
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    Can you imagine the post-game gridlock when all 12,000 cars are leaving the stadium? Just thinking about it makes me glad that I'll be watching the Super Bowl from the comforts of my couch. When I am stuck in seemingly endless parking lot lines, I remember two important things, patience and turning on my lights. Personally, I use Hella Lights. Hella is an industry leader, and they offer a wide selection of driving, fog, and auxiliary lights in many different sizes and styles. They have jumbo and compact models, halogen and Xenon models, as well as blue, white, and even "black magic" lights that shine bright white when in use, but appear black when turned off.

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #2

    Do you know how many gallons of beer will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday?
    Can you guess how many truck beds that would fill?

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    Hopefully you didn't try filling up your own truck bed with beer to solve the question, but if you did, I hope your truck has a Bed Liner! Bed Liners protect your truck bed's paint job from dents, dings, chips, and scratches that can be caused by hauling cargo. Liners also add a layer of protection to reduce the likelihood of truck bed rust or corrosion caused by spilt liquids (like beer!) or precipitation. They can also make cleaning easier, as many liners or mats can be removed, hosed down and laid out to dry. Many liners also have ridges that draw liquids down, making them easier to drain out. Finally, bed liners add extra cushioning to protect fragile loads from bumps or topples, as well as add extra comfort to yourself and fellow sports fans when tailgating!

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  • Fun Facts about the Super Bowl #1

    Do you know when the first Super Bowl was held?
    Do you know how much a gallon of gas cost then?

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    I'm sure I'm not alone in my love of football and dislike of high gas prices. Unfortunately I can't change the price of gas, but I can change how I'm using that gas. I know I can improve my truck's gas mileage, with a Tonneau Cover. Tonneaus reduce tailgate drag, which occurs when moving air flows down into your open truck bed and gets caught up on the tailgate. By adding a tonneau, you eliminate this open space, so air will flow unimpeded over your truck bed. In addition to their gas saving ability, truck tonneaus are also useful because they protect the contents of your bed from precipitation and keep cargo out of sight of potential thieves. They are a great addition to any truck!
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  • New Valley Brake Controllers has products for all your trailer needs. We are now selling two new Valley Brake Control systems, the Blackbird and the Phantom. We still have the older Odyssey Brake Control available too! If you want to be kept up to date on all our newest products, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Myspace page.

    Valley's Blackbird Trailer Brake Controllers are smaller, stronger, and faster. They are 33% smaller (3.75-inch x 3-inch x 1-inch) than their closest competitor, able to stop up to 8 brakes even faster than before, and can reach maximum output power twice as fast as competitors. They feature an easy-to-read digital display that uses comprehensive diagnostic error codes (disconnection, short circuit, charging errors, etc.). These brake controllers are polarity protected and do not require leveling. They can be used with electric over hydraulic trailer braking systems and also will not interfere with anti-lock brakes or other electric systems. The Blackbird is easy to install, using an industry standard adapter harness and an easy-mount bracket.

    Valley's Phantom Brake Controller Systems support 2 or 4 brake trailers. They have a small sleek design for an easy fit and a dual LED display with self-diagnostic capabilities. They are polarity protected and do not require leveling. These brake controllers have infinitely adjustable output and ramp time setting so you can make as many changes as needed. They also detect short circuits and do not interfere with anti-lock brakes, cruise control, or other vehicle electrical systems. Phantoms use an industry standard adapter harness and are easy to install.

    Valley's Odyssey Brake Control offers smooth, proportional braking on 2 to 8 brake systems. It has four levels of power settings, with each level reacting progressively stronger, so both light and heavy-duty trailers can be controlled with the same brake controller. The Odyssey is polarity protected and has auto-leveling. It features a manual override that offers stop lamp activation. It has an easy-to-read digital display and will not interfere with electrical systems like cruise control or anti-lock brakes.


  • Off-Road Lights for Brightness and Durability

    If you like to go off-roading, then you may want to invest in a specialized Off Road Driving Light. These off-road lights often emit a brighter light, which is essential on the poorly (or nonexistent) lit and rough terrain, but is not needed or allowed when driving in normal conditions on the road. They often have extra sturdy housing and shatterproof lenses that withstand abuse in off-road conditions. They may also include stone shields or mesh covers standard for additional protection.

    Hella Rallye Off-Road Lights have a rugged die-cast housing with a sleek chrome finish. These halogen lights have a revolutionary mounting system that aims each lamp without the use of tools. The system allows upright, pendant, and sideways mounting and will hold beams steady, even on rough terrain. These off-road lights include a bulb and stone shield with each lamp sold. Additional accessories like color shieldz are also available and sold separately.

    PIAA HID Shock Lights offer unmatched durability and illumination. They use HID (high-intensity discharge) lights, which have a brighter and whiter light than ordinary lamps. Their lamps feature a high tech black polyamide with glass fiber housing with a stylish white trim ring. They also have a sturdy polycarbonate lens with a multi surface reflector. These shock lamps use 12V-H3 HID 35 Watt Bulbs, and internal ballasts. They are available in 3 sizes: 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch diameters.

    PIAA 510 ATP Off-Road Lights are all-terrain pattern lights (ATP) that provide a beam with a perfect combination of height, width, and distance. Their housing is made of black stamped steel and they have glass lenses. They use 12V-H3 55 Watt XTRA intense white bulbs. These lights are available in kits which include 2 lamps, 2 black mesh protective covers, harness, relay, and switch.


  • Extra LED Lights Can Provide Extra Safety

    During periods of inclement weather and at nighttime, a good way to increase your safety is to increase visibility. It's important to have proper functioning lights so that you can see exactly where you are going. You may also want to invest in LED lights to improve your vehicle's visibility, so that other drivers can see you. Many new products are incorporating LEDs into their design because of their high output with low draw. All of the lights described below use LED technology.

    PIAA LED Daytime Running Lights use nine horizontal white LEDs and a light blue reflector to create a safe and stylish lighting option. These lights are ultra low profile and by using LEDs, they have a higher output with a lower draw, for an all-around practical light. Each light is 8 5/8-inches wide x 1 7/8-inches deep x 1-inch high.

    Pilot Phantom LED Strips are available in both 12 and 18-inch lengths. They can be used in a variety of ways, to fill in gaps around headlights or taillights, to increase visibility along running boards, or to light up the interior dashboard. The strips are flexible, so they can wrap around curves and corners or formed into a circle. Installation is a breeze, just peel off and stick.

    Bully LED Hitch Brake Light is a multi-purpose utility step. It's part hitch step, part brake light, and part bumper guard. It allows easy access to roof racks and truck beds and features a high impact non-slip step pad to minimize slipping. It also features 7 red LEDs along the front of the step that can be plugged in to act as a third brake light. Finally,the step's location on your vehicle allows it to serve as a bumper guard too. These steps are available to fit both 1.25-inch and 2-inch receivers and have a polished stainless finish for extra style.


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